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Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Self, We have graduated from college and now we are getting ready to start our life as a working adult in this world. I know there have been so many ups and downs throughout these last 4 years but we have overcome them. As we go on to the next chapter in our life, I want to look back on freshman year, which was an interesting but fun year. In literature class, some of the readings that stood...
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My Future Plans Essay

I am currently a Management senior-year student at the Academy of Public Administration. First, I would like to express my desire to be a specialist in the field of Management. Therefore, I am applying for Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, to continue my studies for a Master of Science in Public and Nonprofit Management. After reading up on the content of the master’s program, I felt sure again that, it would have a strong impact in enriching and developing...
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My Future Plan Essay

My career goal is to be a registered nurse. Ever since I was little I always wanted to be a nurse, I like helping people get better. The College I want to go to is Georgia Southern University. The other jobs I was looking into were Veterinarian, police, and teacher but I did extra research on all of them and I narrow it down and saw that I wanted to be a Registered Nurse. The other Colleges I was looking...
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Pathway To My Future Dream

It was a whole new world for me. Coming to Kyiv International School has turned my life around. The new educational environment was absolutely different from what I’ve done for the last 17 years in Korea. My self-confidence used to be significantly lower when I was in a Korean high school, as I felt forced to work against my will, regurgitating information I cared little about, instead of actually comprehending and learning. I often compared myself to others since the...
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Art Of Creating My Future

Each morning my father would express that it was a new day. To my father, this was a means to slight the conversation of “how are you?”. To many, this was a mundane answer. Call it what they may, but to me, it was thought-provoking. I gained comfort in the fact that each day was a new chance for me to grow as an individual and shape my future. There would always be time to discover new commitments; nothing in...
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My Struggle From The Past Into My Future

By the time I was 16 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. I disliked reading and writing, but I had no problem verbally communicating with others. Never realizing how oblivious I was toward the way I would speak, read, and write when communicating in the past. I was setting myself up for failure and embarrassment. I thought my literacy levels were overall good. After a while, I started to notice, I was...
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My Life Story and the Person I Need to Become in the Future

Human is the best creation of the world’s creator. I think that I am fortunate to get a human life. I’m very thankful to my mom and dad for giving me birth to this beautiful and fascinating world. Myself, you, my mom, my dad, my brothers, my surrounding, trees and animals, we all are sons and daughters of the mother nature. She looks at us with equality, care and love. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect the mother nature,...
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Essay on How Does an Optimistic Mindset Change My Tomorrow

Optimism is the hope and desire for the future and the belief the outcome is going to be successful. Optimism is key to success and the accomplishment of dreams. Think of someone you look up to that is successful. Think about everything that it took for them to be able to achieve their goals and dreams. Imagine if they would have been pessimistic. If they would have doubted themselves. If they had not been positive and believed in their own...
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Where Do I See Myself in 10 Years: Essay

Personal and Professional Goals As an international student, my ultimate goal for me is to live in the USA within the next 10 years. In order to achieve this goal, I have already broken it into small personal goals and professional goals. As for my personal goals within the next 10 years period, I have made the plan for the following Completing and obtaining a university degree Find the girl I love and get married (in 5-8 years) Purchasing my...
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Educational Philosophies and Their Application to My Teaching Future

Philosophy of education provides a framework for thinking about educational issues and also can guide our actions as a teacher. The four philosophies are perennialism, progressivism, essentialism, and social reconstructionism. The knowledge gained about the philosophy of education helped me to develop a certain framework that I can use in my classroom. It helped me answer questions like ‘What do I teach my students?’ and ‘How do they study?’. I feel personally connected to each of the four philosophies, each...
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My Major Philosophies as a Future Teacher

Being a teacher is not an easy job, so you have to work sincerely and have passion to make student a good learner. I am as a future teacher I will try my best to give my students a comfortable environment with no stress or pressure, so in this report I am going to concentrate in 4 major philosophies: my role as teacher, teaching method, dealing with students and classroom environment. First, my role as a teacher is to make...
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How Do You See Yourself as a Nurse in the Future Essay

My chosen career for this assessment and my future is nursing. My plan is to work as a licensed practical nurse, or LPN for short. Not only does nursing offer a vast array of job opportunities and a decent salary, but it also gives you the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. The education required to become a licensed practical nurse is not as tedious as some other jobs, but becoming a nurse is more than just going...
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Medicine: My Experience In Developing The Qualities Needed To Be A Successful Doctor

Studying religious studies at GCSE level introduced the concepts of medical ethics. This and my passion for structure and function of the human body allowed my interest in medicine to flourish leading me to undertake valuable work experience and activities in order to develop the qualities needed to be a successful doctor. The problem-solving nature of medicine appeals to me. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to relate symptoms to possible illnesses and this was extended further when attending the...
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Conservation Of Energy For A Better Future

‘Energy,’ which includes physical movements such as moving something from one place to another, warming something, or lighting something, can also be explained. There are many forms of energy such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical energy, or several other types. In our everyday lives, we use energy in various forms and cannot imagine about surviving without it. We use energy to illuminate our residences and also for street lighting, to be sufficient to activate machinery...
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My Autobiography and Future Plans

My name is Tharun and I was born on the 18 of December, 2004 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My parents were Suresh and Karolina. Both of my grandparents are deceased. My grandmother died when i was 4 years of age, at the age of 65 in 2008 from lung cancer which was the result of smoking her whole lifetime even though as a kid i tried convincing her to stop smoking but she wouldn’t listen. My grandfather died at the...
4 Pages 1638 Words

Is College Necessary for a Successful Future: Essa:y

What are the consequences of going to a large university? College is a significant part of life for each person who is planning for a successful future, and students are looking for the right place to complete this part. There is around 4,000 college in the United States (Asthana, 2016). Some students decide to go to a small university and others to a large university. The ones who chose large universities don’t know what is beyond this decision, whether it’s...
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A Letter To Myself In The Future

I didn’t know what sadness was when I was 4 years old. I used to scrape my knees and burst into tears and now I burst into tears because I don’t scrape my knees. I found a vice more torturous than wanting a physical pain. I found you. My shoulders are softer, my cheeks rounder. My hips don’t go up to the size 2 jeans you pushed me into buying, I think you called it visualizing. My skin and I...
2 Pages 757 Words

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years: Scholarship Essay

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing, you can name many new terms that our parents never heard in their childhood. It is truly the era of technology. Every new innovation that made the impossible possible makes you salivate just imagining how they work. It is just like childhood magic. Yes, you can also say it is the era of magic. In this new era catching up with a developed country as a developing country is a big hurdle. Every little...
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Preparing for the Future or Focusing on the Present Essay

‘What day is it?’ asked Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh. A.A. Milne1 We often seem to focus on the present. People say things like “seize the day” (or Horace’s “carpe diem”) or “live in the moment” and, most pertinently, that “there is no time like the present”. But is this actually true? Is the present any different from the past or the future? Albert Einstein certainly did not think so. In a letter to the...
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What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Essay

I want to be a film director when I grow up… Can you imagine a world without films and television shows? Well, I sure cannot and do not ever want to try. Movies and television shows have always been a large part of my life. I did not have a childhood that looked like most others and the television set provided a constant that I did not receive in a broken home. The characters of Barney were my best friends...
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Teacher Training Personal Statement

I enjoyed my education which led me to gain a 2:1 in my Biochemistry degree. Since gaining my degree I have wanted to transfer my skills and the knowledge I have gained to the future generation. This led me to my current role where I work for a teaching agency, Teaching Personnel. I have had the opportunity to work within both primary and secondary schools as a teaching assistant and get hands-on experience within the classroom. Through observing lessons, I...
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Medicine Personal Statement: I Desire To Study Medicine To Benefit Others

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age made medicine fundamental to my wellbeing. I have been under the care of consultants who demonstrated a sympathetic attitude throughout my time under their care. My dieticians kept meticulous food diaries which imparted to me the importance of an eye for detail and displayed diligence. The way that a multidisciplinary team came together to ensure my wellbeing and to improve my health outcomes, inspired me to join a rewarding career...
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