Medicine: My Experience In Developing The Qualities Needed To Be A Successful Doctor

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Studying religious studies at GCSE level introduced the concepts of medical ethics. This and my passion for structure and function of the human body allowed my interest in medicine to flourish leading me to undertake valuable work experience and activities in order to develop the qualities needed to be a successful doctor.

The problem-solving nature of medicine appeals to me. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to relate symptoms to possible illnesses and this was extended further when attending the Liverpool University Medicine Summer School. Here I was able to gain the skills needed to identify illnesses presented to me by the patient and thus deliver the necessary care in order to alleviate their pain.

During a 6 month placement at my local GP, I was able to experience primary care in an urban environment. I was lucky enough to observe a number of healthcare professionals in different clinics, showing me the realities of medicine along with the unpredictable developing nature of the profession. They adapted to each patient to allow them to feel at ease thus strengthening the doctor-patient relationship which is a vital aspect of healthcare. During this, it occurred to me that many people were unaware of the dangers of Deep Vein Thrombosis and what it could lead to; leading me to create a theoretical research leaflet in order to display and educate those at the GP on the condition as well as how to avoid it.

Volunteering as a St. John Ambulance Cadet, I interacted with children as young as 9. This included leading sessions and controlling large groups of children safely whilst achieving my purpose of ensuring that each child felt confident to provide first aid in the community. This role allowed me to encourage those younger than me to excel, alongside developing my leadership skills to both direct the group and ensure that they were all heard individually. This is expanded further when mentoring my peer, allowing me to both further my own knowledge and help them to engage with the content. By doing this I have created a reliable resource as well as allowed for adaptation to different learning styles and tailoring myself to help in the most appropriate way. To balance my studies, I have taught myself how to knit which I find very challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding.

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I decided to develop my community interaction further by volunteering as a youth leader at my local Youth centre, working with young people with special needs. This allows me to develop empathy and ????? which are vital in a medical environment as well as build rapport and trust with the young people of the area. As well as this, it has allowed me to learn how to handle difficult situations by consulting with my team and working effectively to find solutions. This is extended further when working as a sales assistant.

I am currently a first aider for Chorley's Angel's First Aid. This entails attending a range of local events to provide basic first aid care, allowing me to interact with a wide range of people frequently whilst providing the community with care and dedication. This role enables me to experience the pressures of healthcare professionals due to the fast paced care often required, this has provided me with essential communication skills allowing me to correspond with a range of ages effectively and under pressure.

Being a keen reader of the new scientist introduced me to the new advances in medicine as well as interesting studies and articles. One article that particularly interested me was Dementia: A silver lining but no room for complacency. This article accepted the idea of no current cure for dementia though also suggested that prevention is possible. This inspired me to delve deeper into this topic by becoming a dementia champion. This allows me to inform people on dementia and how to help those living with it allowing increased recognition of the disease.

Whilst attending the Lancaster University Summer School I was introduced to PBL and the concept of Gillick competence. I debated this subject, furthering my knowledge when attending the Ethics strand of the Nottingham University Summer School and thus introducing me to the doctrine of double effect. A topic that arose during this was obesity within healthcare. I therefore wrote a report and delivered a presentation on the role of diet on depression as I found this to be an intriguing r4subject. During my time in the debating team I debated the topic of vaccination delving into the subject which interests me greatly.

During NCS, I led a team of 12 to create a campaign on racial integration, working with both the local council and youth centres we boosted this and encouraged increased recognition of integration in the community, this being a success inspired me to take this further by highlighting it at my college during my role as deputy student representative. I also created an app with my team in order to allow those with limited mobility to experience the outdoors

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