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Essay on Trojan War: Critical Analysis of the Ancient Conflict in Iliad

The Iliad During ancient times, kings used battles to extend their kingdoms. The stories told of ancient battles mention kings and heroes as the central pillars of conquest in a battle of kingdoms. Indeed, this explains why cities of old were high-walled. The Trojan War is an ancient battle featuring the Trojans and Achaeans (Greek forces). As it was customary in every battle, soldiers of the winning army took spoils, including gold and animals. During the Trojan War, the Achaeans...
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The Archetypical Character of The Trojan War: Its Reflection in Art

There have been many iterations of the tale of the Trojan War, with the Iliad being the most referenced account of the heroes that fought. William Shakespeare, having borrowed heavily from fellow writer Geoffrey Chaucer, recounts the Trojan War with the same events and heroes. However, in true Shakespeare style, the famous playwright offers his own spin on such events and heroes, introducing a very distinct sense of realism throughout the conflict in his play Troilus and Cressida. The Greek...
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Research on The History of The Trojan War

Thesis The Trojan War started in c.1200 BC when Aphrodite offered Paris of Troy Helen of Sparta for the apple of discord, He accepted her offer. Aphrodite made a plan to make Helen of Sparta fall in love with Paris; She disguised Paris as a diplomatic emissary. Then he went to Sparta, Helen welcomed him with open arms, while Menelaus was away in Crete, The god of love Eros, shot an arrow at her making her fall in love with...
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Analytical Essay on Ancient Greek Gods and Trojan War

King Laius of Thebes received a shocking oracle from the God of Truth, Apollo, that his son would slay the father and marry the mother. Immediately after his son was born, Laius left it on an isolated mountain. Several years later, the King was killed during an encounter with robbers. At that time, Thebes was troubled by a Sphinx that nobody investigated the particular murderer. This Sphinx had the head of a woman, the haunches of a lion, and the...
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The Iliad Essay: Research of Medicines and Doctors during the Trojan War

The project I chose was the science/ medicine project. I decided to do this project was because the thought of how medicines and doctors helped cure people has always amazed me, and during my research, I found out that a lot of the home remedies we use today are actually from the Trojan War. For example, during the Trojan war obviously, they didn’t have sunscreen to put on before they went to fight so after a long day filled with...
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What Caused the Trojan War: Essay

The Iliad by Homer showcases the god’s obsession with controlling humans for their own personal gain. The Iliad centers around the Trojan War which legend has it that was started because Paris, a prince of Troy, had to choose who was the most beautiful out of three goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena. Paris was given gifts to sway his decision from the goddesses and he rewarded Helen from Aphrodite who was Menelaus’ wife. This led to Menelaus waging war on...
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The Trojan War by Barry Strauss: Critical Review

The Trojan War The Trojan War is a book by Barry Strauss in which he describes the Trojan War in a more modern view. The Trojan War is a highly controversial war that scholars debate over today as some believe it occurred while others believed it was made up by the ancient Greeks. Within the book, Barry talks about what he believes actually happened in the war and I will be taking a closer view on what the soldiers’ lives...
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Trojan Horse: an Analysis of Accepting

One of the main stories told throughout Greek mythology is the story of the Trojan War. In the story, the Greeks and The Trojans battle for the fair Helen. When it appeared that the Greeks had lost, they set sail, leaving behind a wooden horse. When Troy decided that they were victorious, they accepted the giant wooden horse into the gates of the city. Little did the Trojans know that inside the hollow horse, Greek soldiers were hiding, awaiting nightfall....
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History Investigation on The Legend of the Trojan Wars and Its Heroes

The legend of the Trojan wars with its heroes like Achilles, its tale of a wooden horse, and Helen the most beautiful woman in the world has fascinated people for thousands of years. The historical evidence from archaeology and modern scholarship has been unable to conclusively prove accounts of the war left to us by poets such as Homer. Written evidence from the Hittites tablets suggests it’s possible that the Greeks attacked Troy, whilst the field research of greek archaeologists...
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