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Personal Strengths That Allow Me to Become a Member of the National Honor Society

It is an honor that I am eligible to apply for National Honor Society. I have been looking toward to be part of National Honor Society since the beginning of my high school year. Being a member of this organization is not a right but a privilege. This prestigious organization does contribute a lot of services to our society such as helping people in need regardless of race, age, financial status, and religions. Thus, I can grow more as a...
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My Personal Strengths and Use of Them

Personal strengths. We all have a set of personal strengths and weaknesses. These are a person’s everything. These strengths and values are what make each and everyone of us unique. Some strengths and values are more important to us than others, and some we display more than others, but all play their own individual role in growing and developing. Before taking this test I thought about and reflected on what some of my personal strengths and weaknesses are. There were...
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My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Throughout this essay I will be discussing both my personal strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of highlighting strengths and weaknesses is to reflect on ways in which I can solve my weaknesses and ways to make my strengths even stronger. I have never been a confident person, so it is hard to think of any possible strengths of mine. However, a strength that I believe I have is being able to be well organised. Having good organisation skills is important...
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The Importance of Determining Personal Strengths

Being able to identify and utilize your strengths is something that can help you advance in your daily life, and will allow you to reach your full potential. Once you are able to determine your own strengths, you become able to apply them for your own good and for the good of others. When you recognize your strengths you are able to also determine some of your weaknesses, and then have and idea of things that you can work on...
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The Importance of Finding Personal Strengths for a Leader

It seems to be human nature to contemplate on our weaknesses rather than our strengths. It appears natural to ponder upon our weaknesses and search for methods to bridge this deficit area. Although, it is imperative to understand and substitute one’s weaknesses we must also actively examine or strengths. Leaders must effectively utilize their strengths to create new and innovative ideas. According to Buckingham and Clifton (2005) each person’s greatest area for growth is in the areas of his or...
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Me as an Aspiring Hospitality Leader

During this course I have taken various types of self-assessment tests and the results to those were very thought-provoking. Never have I thought that these types of tests would be so accurate and interesting. The most significant key learnings that have stuck with me are the personality assessment tests called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the measurement of locus control. I believe that acknowledging these assessments can help me to understand myself more deeply and to become a great leader. This...
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What Is a Creative Leader and My Potential and Ability to Become One

Regarding forgiveness, research find that an individual with forgiveness ability can contribute to beneficial relational connections, achieve better cooperation, work fulfillment, individual resolve, innovative problem-solving, a feeling of adaptability when confronting changes, and productivity. For instance, there are frustrating things occur such as someone affronts me at work or the undesirable result comes out in the project as someone doing wrong. The strengths of forgiveness can let me learn to forgive those who I have held a grudge against for...
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Leader in Today's Challenging World

Rapid and unprecedented changes are taking place in the business world as humans develop in their cognitive abilities, and these are further fueled by the advancement in technology, leading to increased dynamism in humans thought process. Global provocations in the print of climate change and the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic are also crucial factors that are impacting business landscapes and how people react. These altering phenomena, in no doubt, have piled up immense pressure on leaders to be more proactive, calculative...
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Reasons Why I Am the Ideal Student Exchange Candidate

Youth often get underestimated. Our thoughts and opinions are often disregarded and we are seen as too young to effect social, environmental and political change. The reason I decided to apply to this program is to break away from that stereotype and prove that teenagers can help create prosperity in the world. In an attempt to utilize all the energy I had as a child my mom encouraged me to immerse myself in activities like sports and dancing. By experiencing...
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Diversity of Cultural Roots as a Personal Advantage

As a student who is considered to have a mixed culture, I used to find myself in a circumstance where I had to identify myself as one culture or another. Growing up it was a mouth full when I explained what my ethnicity was to friends and coworkers. It was a struggle for me to figure out what and who I really am after I supposedly spoke about what I am. It made me stop in my tracks and profoundly...
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Why Do I Want to Study Cyber Security Engineering at TalTech Information Technology College? Essay

I humbly wish to further my educational career on the field of Cyber Security Engineering with TalTech Information Technology College. I sat down to look at our world from the past, present and visualize the future of information technology, how advance it has grown over the years. Everything in our day-to-day activities is computerize through the help of information technology, the mode of communication in text messaging services, voice service, documents service, banking services etc. of our present day cannot...
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Role Model in Life

We all know someone in our lives that is virtuous. Someone that they look up to and mimic their style of doing things or handling any situation. A role model is someone who has influenced your life in such a huge way. My role model is Dorothy Jackson my grandmother. There are many reasons I have chosen my grandmother as my role model. Since I can remember my grandmother has been a hard worker and a nurturer to our entire...
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Expression of Interest in Pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication

I am writing to express my interest in pursuing the Master of Arts in Communication. I am excited by the prospect of performing research and broadening my knowledge of communication theory, political economy, policy, the study of culture and media, and technology, communication systems, media and practices, and data studies. I believe I would make an excellent master’s candidate. I decided to pursue my Master’s in Communication because during the course of my studies, I have had the opportunity to...
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Child Nursing Personal Statement

I want to study ‘Child Nursing’ because I have a very adaptable approach in speaking to children and adults. I am a caring, committed and motivated individual who has also a good understanding of equality and diversity. I am able to solve and respond to stressful and hectic situations confidently and calmly. Although the role of work can be difficult and demanding at times, I am ready to challenge my abilities and meet the requirements of the course. Therefore, I...
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Desire to Study Adult Nursing

My desire to study adult nursing started when I volunteered at Keech Hospice for my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award in year 11. At this end of life care home, which looked after my cousin in his last moments, I realised how extraordinary nurses really are as I witnessed it first-hand. Nurses that would do everything in their power to make a patient feel better emotionally and physically. That is what I hope to be able to do and provide...
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Experience of Participating in the Soccer Community as a Personal Advantage

I have been playing soccer since I was at the age of six. Over the time, I learned so many skillful attributes that are not only helpful for the team but also have been useful in my life. The soccer community enabled me to practice great work ethic, a closer bond between my teammates, and valuable life skills. I can bring these attributes to strengthen the Deerfield community. Playing soccer developed various attributes such as concentration, focus, dealing with failures...
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An Opportunity That Only Comes Once in a Lifetime

Opportunities come across once in a lifetime and could possibly never happen again. Within High School, many opportunities come and go each and every year sometimes people have to give it there all to get the best out of the opportunities they receive and to get. With National Honor Society essays is an opportunity that could only come across once in my whole High School Career that I’m going to give it my best to get this opportunity. Within this...
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Joining the NHS as a Great Opportunity for Personal Growth

The National Honors Society was established to recognize outstanding high school students. It allows you to strengthen your abilities and grow as a person through school and community activities. Having said that, I am extremely honored to be nominated for this organization. The National Honors Society is said to represent four pillars; character, leadership, service, and scholarship. Over the course of the years that I have attended both Glen Este and West Clermont High School, I have displayed several examples...
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National Junior Honor Society Essay

National Honor Junior Society would be a great opportunity for me, as I have exemplified each of the four characteristics listed as qualities of a NJHS member. Leadership is an important quality and I believe that I’ve contemplated that trait. I’m part of an orchestra, where leadership comes as an important trait. Based on my experience in orchestra, I can say that it’s very important to be able to use your leadership aspect. Although I’m not always leading my entire...
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What Makes Me a Strong Candidate for the National Honor Society

To begin, I am honored just by being one of few students to be nominated to take part in the National Honor Society. I’d be delighted to join a society like this one because of the countless opportunities it would offer me. Joining this society would help me improve as a person. It would also help my abilities grow as well as encourage me to help out others. I believe that my great character and academic determination, leadership skills, and...
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Ambition to Become a Member of the National Junior Honor Society

Scholarship is a commitment to learning. Scholarship means academic study or achievement or learning at a high level. A good scholar is willing to spend lots of time in important reading and study, as they know the lasting benefits of a learned mind. Learning should be lifelong and continuous. Lifelong learning improves our understanding of the world around us and provides us with more opportunities. Going through the process of learning helps to develop valuable life skills, such as time...
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Motivation to Become Part of The National Honors Society

National Honors Society is an organization I would like to be apart of because I would like to gain more leadership and volunteer skills than I already have. National Honors Society can also help me look forward into college and get more insight as to where I want to go in life. Character traits and personal skills I have that will contribute to the success of National Honors Society vary from having willingness to being a strong leader. I will...
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Reasons Why the National University Can Be Proud of Me

I can make the National University proud of me after finishing my degree by letting them know that their vision and mission for students like me were effective. Their mission for students is to mold them into ethical, spiritual, and responsible citizens. Letting the NU community know as a graduate, I am already an ethical, spiritual, and responsible citizen. Another thing that I can make the National University proud of me after finishing my degree in college is by letting...
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Analysis of My Personal Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

A personal evaluation of strengths is a tool that must be understood to effectively lead people. An effective leader must know how to reach goals by motivating the team. There are many strengths that translate to leadership styles used to motivate teams. Identifying and using a formal Leadership style will aid in becoming an effective leader. Using one’s own strengths while leading comes natural for most. Weaknesses need to be mitigated with actions to gain results. The purpose of this...
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Personal Self Reflective Essay on My Strength

At the end of the CyberCorps scholarship application review process, if I am selected as one of the beneficiaries of the awards, a position in the government would mean a lot to me but would also make my parents very proud of me for the accomplishment. As an immigrant from Togo, a third-world country, getting such a lifetime opportunity would be a dream come true for me as it is not a chance that one gets in my country of...
1 Page 467 Words

Review of My Personal Improvement Project

“When someone isn’t talking, my brain tends to fill in the blanks with how I feel about myself.” (Whitney Cummings). We have probably all experienced getting caught up in our own thoughts at some point while communicating. It is when those thoughts interfere with our capability to communicate that you begin to run into problems. In my life, I have experienced significant hardships. Consistent traumatic events plagued my childhood causing a fundamental change in my perception of self. Consequently, my...
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Personal Management and Communication

This write up covers mostly the impact of the topics that we have learned in PM&C in our personal life and analysis of our strengths and weaknesses and goals. Patience of a person describes a person. A person who don’t have patience cannot be successful in life. I am a very patience person. I do my work with patience and in time. Because if you do you work fast then there will be a mistake but if you do your...
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An Overview of The Personal Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses of an Effective Counsellor

Counseling and therapy is not about solving people’s problems but helping people to cope with living life, problems and all. In the contents of this essay, I will be reflecting on the personal and effective characteristics, core competencies, personal strengths and weaknesses that I have as a future counselor. Furthermore, I will also be looking into the principles, theories, practice of counseling in South Africa and how they relate to me as an individual and a future counselor and/or psychologist....
2 Pages 783 Words

A Narrative of My Strengths and Weaknesses

No person on Earth is perfect. If this were true, then the world would be a very boring place. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some people know how to handle their weaknesses in the right way and try to learn from them. Others keep hiding their own weaknesses and do not want any help with them. I am one of those who has been keeping my weaknesses inside and hiding all the time. I realized that I need to...
2 Pages 921 Words

Strength And Weakness While Communicating With People

I believe one of my own characteristics in correspondence is that I can banter with essentially anyone. I value speaking with people. In correspondence, my quality would be that I can tune in similarly as respond. I value having discourse with people of different social orders, since it enables me to consider their lifestyle. I have made sense of how to talk about well with people, since I am an amicable person. I confer better one on one. I have...
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