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Being a member of the National Honor Society is a great honor for me and I believe I truly deserve it. I am a very dedicated person who likes to give everything a try. Throughout my life, I have done my best to get involved in everything I can. When I was younger, I joined the swimming club. I really enjoyed it up there since I met many people that I didn’t know who was older than me, they didn’t treat me like a child, they treated me as if I was the same age as them. As I got older I started losing interest in swimming, I began to like cooking, hence the reason why I took cooking as a GCSE subject in Year 9.

I am very hardworking and always keen to help out at school in any way possible. Throughout my time at school, I have helped at various charity events by baking buns and brownies for the bake sale which took me a few hours after school; this shows that I am dedicated to whatever I set my mind on, I will complete the task to the best of my abilities. I helped out at the open evenings at school in food technology where I had to stay at school until 8 p.m. and show the parents of Year 6 what we do in each subject.

I’ve done various other things at school, for example, I volunteered to transfer to the primary school and support selected Year 6 students with their upcoming SATS; the aim of this was to support them and encourage them as well as reassure them that they were capable of passing. In Year 9, I also volunteered to do reading buddies. It was a session held at tutor time where I had a 7th or 8th grader whom I would help with their reading. This was because their reading was either really weak or they rarely read, meaning they had difficulty when they had to read long books. My role was to support them and correct their mistakes when they were wrong. I also took part in the enrichment evenings where on my half day I would go to the primary building and help the staff, the children would be doing various workshops and I would support them in any way needed.

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I’ve also done many things for art. The reason behind this was the fact that my form tutor is an art teacher. In Year 8, I helped collect water bottles from the whole school, then I proceeded to help Mr. Frost who would chop the bottom bit of the bottle off to dip it in red paint and create a poppy out of it. I also helped my form tutor with the lolly pop sticks. Every form group was given a lolly stick per person. The aim was to become creative and do whatever you wanted on the lolly stick. It was then put together to create a display out of lolly sticks. This was done for the national art week.

The next thing I got involved with was math enrichment. I volunteered to go to one primary school to help with math enrichment due to the fact that there was less staff down to do one of the math activities, hence the reason why I volunteered to run an activity with my friend. In my opinion, it was a great success. At first, I was a bit nervous since I thought the kids wouldn’t behave, but to my astonishment, they were all well-behaved and didn’t complain or moan like most young people instead they got on with the task at hand and loved asking questions.

I have very good attendance and punctuality. In all my time at school, I was never late and my attendance was never below 95%. The only time I take a day off is if I’m seriously ill, or when my grandfather died. I like to be at school as many days as I can. My attitude towards studies is very good. I dedicate myself to completing all assignments in class and do my best to get the best grades.

Since childhood, I have always wanted to contribute to the betterment of society. My values and beliefs have already guided me and I am sure will continue to guide me on the path to achieving this. My personality and my experience, in my opinion, perfectly confirm that the National Honor Society is a good fit for me and I truly deserve to be a member.

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