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Diversity of Cultural Roots as a Personal Advantage

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As a student who is considered to have a mixed culture, I used to find myself in a circumstance where I had to identify myself as one culture or another. Growing up it was a mouth full when I explained what my ethnicity was to friends and coworkers. It was a struggle for me to figure out what and who I really am after I supposedly spoke about what I am. It made me stop in my tracks and profoundly think about what my roots are and who I truly portray. When you think about a certain ethnicity you might believe in its stereotypes as well as imagining and remembering someone you once met who was that ethnicity as well. I came to the conclusion that I should be proud of all the cultures I am. The Mexican, Italian, Peruvian, and Japanese side. It was a relief in some way since being asked about ethnicity has been a daily routine. I felt like it was a constant reminder of what I have to portray. In the end of the story I am still me with all the little parts combined. Personally I endured the ideas of each culture because at home it’s a mix of all of them. As well as where I live, outside opportunities were affected as well. Being a very artistic human being, having a fondness to try new things, exploring what is beyond that thin line in the distance and being able to meet new people all ready with a big smile on my face and positive energies. Back then I didn’t realize that my japanese culture was in affect. How my Hispanic roots came out here and there. The European side was trying to reach the outside layer of my skin. Knowing Japanese culture, music, art, food all of which is retained by older artistic and literary traditions, as well as many themes and styles of presentation is traced to traditional art forms. In addition to asian roots, hispanic roots are the same. Since its tradition to still live with older generations of your family. In that case, I live with my mother, father, little brother and grandmother. I’m so grateful to have my whole family still with me supporting my decisions and always being there for me and having my back.

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Throughout the process of pursuing a college degree I believe that one out of the many challenges faced might be thinking outside the box and thinking big, setting goals for yourself in the future and the upcoming. At the same time it may seem like major challenges can often appear unachievable when viewed as a whole but I believe that everyone and including myself should find a way to overcome the struggle and make sure we accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves from the start. It takes time and patience to set out for that goal that may seem miles and miles away but if we move fast enough and strategize we’ll get there in no time. Since I have a good feeling on my career path on being certified as an ultrasound technician and more in the field, I feel as if I am able to reach the goals I set out for myself. I currently think about how much of an impact I can make to a mother to be, or a patient whose really going through it. With the help of my cultures I can be able to take the time and patience to help each of the patients out. As well as relate to my patients due to knowing different cultures even if they’re not mine. I know my place in this world is to help others and I feel like I’m about to make it happen, with time and patience I will reach my dreams and goals.

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