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Why Do I Want to Study Cyber Security Engineering at TalTech Information Technology College? Essay

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I humbly wish to further my educational career on the field of Cyber Security Engineering with TalTech Information Technology College. I sat down to look at our world from the past, present and visualize the future of information technology, how advance it has grown over the years. Everything in our day-to-day activities is computerize through the help of information technology, the mode of communication in text messaging services, voice service, documents service, banking services etc. of our present day cannot be compare to the 70’s, money transaction can be made between two persons from different countries, likewise email messaging and phone calls. However, without securing your information’s on the communication platforms you will be vulnerable to threat of theft from cyberattacks, which is why I want to study cyber security engineering to help the security information technology in my country as we are slow growing nation in information technology and vulnerable to attacks.

Estonia is a digital society doing 99% of all daily activities online with high literacy ranking in the world according to the World Atlas. Estonia has variety of programs of over 150 degrees taught in English with low-cost tuition fee, international scholarship fee waiver program and low cost of living with an international student friendly environment. TalTech IT College is a modern and internationally successful institute known for best in information technology and they offer the exact program I was looking for, and so many people on social media have recommended the institution for study. While interacting with some graduate from the institute I was convince I will acquire all is needed to secure my country from cyberattacks.

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I currently work as a volunteer with an individual as a private driver for over 6months now as a part time job which gives me time to freelance my IT self-acquired skills to individuals and firms, I freelance online and offline in assisting individuals and firm in documentation and computer repairs. I have learned but not executed any project with C# because my present location has not seen the need for it and I intend to master more programming languages. I have experience with Microsoft Windows, Apple, Android and Linux. I have knowledge and executed some jobs done with some application packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDraw. Installation of application packages for system and networking of computer system, and repair/replacement of damage computer systems as I have worked as a computer operator and instructor in time past with some local firms and organization.

I have not been recognized by any organization or contested in mathematics, physics competition as I have graduated from secondary school since 2003 and the knowledge of IT back then in my country was very poor, and immediately, I left my secondary school. I have striven to learn computer all by myself searching for materials online and offline giving that I was not having a strong financial backup to further my education, aside computer. I love to drive vehicle, swimming and mostly chatting with friends about innovations and inventions. It has been my utmost desire to help my country with electronic voting system as it’s been done in Estonia to avert violence and killings whenever its political year.

If given the opportunity to become a cyber security engineer, with the skill and knowledge that will be acquired from TalTech IT College, I will make my country a better place by working selflessly with like-minds to make my country a digital society, preventing it from cyberattacks, making daily activities less stressful and increase the knowledge base and importance of information technology to young and old of my beloved country that alone will reduce the crime rate and insecurity and pose a good image of Nigeria to the world at large.

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