Cybersecurity and Countermeasures Awareness

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Cybersecurity is the system used to protect software, hardware and data from many cyberattacks, application security is the system that protects the application and PC from external threats. When considering software design, security has become an increasingly important concern during development as the apps have become more accessible to the network and as a result, it has become vulnerable to various threats. Built-in security measures and a good application security routine reduce the likelihood that unauthorized codes will be able to access applications to access, steal, modify or remove sensitive data. Steps have been taken to ensure that workplace safety is sometimes called countermeasures.

The most basic software is to limit data handling of firewall files that broadcast or transmit special programs. Basically, hardware measurements protect the personal computers IP address from becoming a router that is easily visible on the Internet. Common firewalls include other counters, encryption/decryption programs, anti-virus programs, adware detection/removal programs, and biometric authentication systems. Application security can be increased by defining assets, identifying what each asset door will recognize these assets. In addition, detect all changes in the assets and create a security file for each application. Checking threats and documenting adverse events and actions taken in each case, this process is called threat modelling.

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Countermeasures is an action, process, device, or system that protects or mitigates the effects of computer or network threats. That can compromise company assets or a computer or network integrity. Countermeasures can be taken in various forms such as software, hardware, and behavior modes. First, there are five different countermeasures in software, including personal firewalls, application firewalls, antivirus software pop-up blockers, and spyware detection/removal program. Sometimes, personal firewalls called a desktop firewall. It is used to protect a single Internet-connected computer from intruders. For the user with always-on connections such as DSL or cable modem, a personal firewall is mostly useful. Such links use a static IP address, which is particularly vulnerable to potential hackers. Compared to frequent anti-virus applications, personal firewall devices (connection layer) and malicious computer code from the computer to protect background work integrity by controlling Internet connections from a user's computer, inbound and outbound traffic filtering, and alerting the user to attempt an intervention.

Access to an application firewall is an enhanced firewall that restricts a computer's operating system (OS). Traditional firewalls simply test each packet and determine if it is a special destination to proceed to control data from the central processing unit (CPU). An application provides additional protection by executing firewall files or by specific application-controlled combined data applications. For best performance, the user must configure a traditional firewall. The user needs to know which port is likely to enter or exclude unwanted data. An application prevents tampering with the firewall execution program or the DLL (dynamic link library) files. Although an intruder can get past a traditional firewall and does not allow any suspicious malicious code to enforce the firewall of an application, such destructive activity can be performed because a computer, server or network has trouble.

Pop-up blocker is a program that prevents pop-up displayed in a web browser. Pop-up blockers work in several ways: some windows have been mirrored, you can disable the pop-up call to receive commands, and change the window's HTML source. One problem with pop-up blockers is that they cannot distinguish between unwanted pop-up windows and user-requested windows. Those programs that are often called smart pop-up blockers. Free pop-ups such as STOPzilla and Panicware are readily available for download. Both the Google and Yahoo toolbars include the ability to block pop-ups, which is also enabled by default for Internet explorer in Microsoft XP service pack two (SP2) settings.

Spyware is a software installed on a computer device without user knowledge. Any software can be classified as spyware if downloaded without user authentication. Spyware is controversial because it is set up for relatively flawless reasons, it can violate the privacy of the end user and is likely to abuse it. Spyware detection can be difficult; often the first sign is that a computer device has been infected with spyware, which is a lack of processor or network connection speed and a noticeable lack of mobile devices-data usage and battery life. The most common hardware countermeasure is a router that can prevent an individual computer's IP address from being directly visible on the Internet.

Other hardware countermeasures include: biometric authentication system; physical restriction of access to computer and peripherals; intrusion detectors and alarms.

Behavioral countermeasures include:

  • Often delete and store temporary files from web browsers;
  • Regular scanning for viruses and other malware;
  • Regular installation of updates and patch for the operating system;
  • Refusing to click on incoming links in e-mail messages;
  • Avoid opening e-mail messages and attachments with anonymous senders;
  • Stay away from suspicious web sites;
  • Regular data support on external media.

There are several ways to tackle different types of attacks in application security to protect user data and application from many attacks. Such as increasing security by defining assets, detecting each asset does or will recognize these assets and creating the security file for each application. The problem is not a cybercrime issue, therefore, is aware of cybersecurity. Awareness of countermeasures such as software, hardware, and behavioral modes. Sometimes the user loses their personal data because they are not so aware of these countermeasures that all people are aware of cybersecurity and its benefits and usage.

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