The Characteristics of Ethics Awareness

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When it comes to ethics your thought process becomes increased because every decision you made or ever decided is based on what are your beliefs or presumably what is you ideals or goals perhaps or certain things, for example, you may be a person that believes in analytical ideals such as the results of person that tends to do the greater good for the society rather per person analytical Method seems more research and studies base things like that in the psychological order ethics is very dependent results and what can you do for the greater good in most situations (Cherry,2019). as I can continue discussing this certain topic may lead to a certain understanding as we all know how important is Ethics in the world of Psychology because the rule is to be maintained.

Ethics guidelines

With most Careers in the world usually has some code to keep things regulated in some sense their rule violation and every sanction so with that said it won't be broken again also to add there is a standard that must be kept in line with all the guidelines with the intent, organization, procedural considerations, and scope of the applications of the ethics code. although the ethic code applies only to psychologists areas covered include but are not limited to the clinical, not counseling and School practice of psychology as it comes with certain assessments.ethics codes/guidelines are intended to guide the psychologist (American Psychological Association. 2017).

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Ethical style

I believe that my general role is to determine that results do matter in a sense for example if your problems are starting to leak out you must at the beginning where the problem started like patient Zero for someone who has or had a serious threatening illness it gotta start somewhere where my belief lays believe that we each have a moral right to experience the 'good life.' One way to measure how good life is would be to determine how satisfied the majority of the people in our society seem to be. If most people are unhappy, something is morally wrong and needs to be fixed(American Psychological Association,2017). Therefore, my approach to ethics is likely to focus on what could be done to improve the well being of the greatest number of persons. One approach might be to develop rules of ethical conduct for people to follow, along with corresponding sanctions, to achieve what is best for society as a whole. Another quite different approach might be to improve overall satisfaction by creating a more pleasant environment in which people enjoy learning and working together for the betterment of society(American Psychological Association,2017). With either approach, that is where my ethical style demands that you must achieve measurable results as one saying goes 'No Pain No Gain'.

Fitting perspective. My tendencies are to based on results or consequences of others actions mostly believe that the conduct should ideally be directed towards promoting the greatest good for the greater number of people it's the judgment whether an individual actions perceive there the concrete evidence is never enough for an individual's who's talking the right way but the results need to follow by my estimation or the so-called walking the walk that's my sole opinion also, in my opinion, the true goal of ethics is to achieve the greatest possible good for society as a whole for additional research I also love the fact that great philosophers such as Jeremy Bentham & John Stuart mill think this way because of utilitarian knowledge.with my tendencies.

Frustrations. Frustrations in the workplace tend to happen quite often depending on the field or subject of at hand realistically I believe in my expressive opinion I tend to frustration myself with the inability to adequately measure the far-reaching impacts of an ethical decision may compel you to focus my decision on men to compel the focal point of my decision on the immediate scope of the actual problem thereby creating conflicts with those are the same way of being results-oriented.

REsults Based. There one thing about Ethical style I believe is accurate that Results & Equity which describe matters frustrated by the wide variety of competing views regarding what is good for society as a whole and by the process used to determine whose view ultimately prevails. In attempting to maximize the general good, will, at some point, the need to measure whether my true goal is to improve the total benefit to society as a whole (the aggregate)or the total benefit per person within society (the average). Which means I will have a direct impact on my subtle approach to ethical decision making.

People who cling to the idealistic notion of protecting the interests of some minority of the population may stand in the way of achieving the good life for the majority.People you work with may not share your ethical approach, thereby interfering with your ability to achieve the desired results what is best for the greater good of society may not be best for you.

Changes for the better. Change is always better because of the considerable notice an evolving process you could changing you're of critical method way of thinking or improve certain ethical skills in key focused areas that might help the thinking surplus 9f how I should achieve my ethics goals with my ethical style it's Simple all about productivity and efficiency I think that most jobs are based on that certain performance. With the standards as it stands now equity seems like most stress subject at equity is simple more about being the human being in me believe that fairness is the true make of all of us we believe fairness is only if true coming from the heart most of want the true fairness at least for all because with equity it meant to from the heart true fairness thought seamless seen as the whole group of people.

Conclusion if this statement makes any sense in the world…it's very common for us as humans to make mistakes your average human makes the typical mistake every day the good side that change possible for the better. when changes are made something more than others are seen as more simpler(Cherry,2019). With the said all of my learning with my ethical style has the tendencies to either favor the results more than fact All EAI Results in all in the psych field and also attend every aspect as well but also I feel as efficient oriented person Results-oriented perspectives are based on the consequences of actions taken. Those who score highly on this perspective find value in the bottom line. They measure the success of ethical decisions by seeking concrete evidence that a given approach provides the greatest good for the greatest number of persons.With that data means Outcomes that are positive for demonstrate the 'greatest good,' based on sound assessments of facts and process are good decisions.EAI has proven that with whatever reasoning you have behind a decision it's seen, heard or memorize in some way so I guess you can whatever is greater good in your definition do it(McLeod,2019).


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