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Voluntarily Saving The Planet

Humans are highly intelligent beings capable of generating ideas and stimulating impossible dreams into reality. Ever since Thomas Alva Edison invented the first commercially practical incandescent light in the form of a light bulb in 1879, to the twenty-first century when people carry around smartphones and other electronic gadgets as if those are the extensions of their hands, humans have repeatedly proven to the world what once known to be impossible can be made possible and breakthroughs are inevitably needed...
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Earth, Making A Life On A Tough New Planet Review

The novel “Eaarth, making a life on a tough new planet” focuses on the topics involving global warming written by Bill McKibben. It looks in depth of global warming causes, solutions and ideas to stop or slow down global warming. The novel was published by Henry holt and company on the April 13th of 2010 and the book itself contains 276 pages. My reason for choosing this book was mainly the title of the book. The way he spelled earth...
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Could A Habitable Planet Orbit A Black Hole?

Paul M. Sutter – astrophysicist at Suny Stony Brook and the Flatiron Institute – published an article last Friday (6), in Space, in which he affirms the possibility of life on planets that orbit supermassive black holes in fast rotation. According to him, the forces around a black hole are capable of heating a planet, however, for life to exist, the celestial body must orbit at the speed of light. Sutter’s study took as its starting point the life we...
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The Future Of Our Planet

The future of our planet lies within our hands. The earth is 4.5 billion years old and yet it is now in the most troubled condition it has ever been. Just a slight increase of global temperatures by 1 degree celsius could be catastrophic. Temperature increase is predicted to be at least 1 degree celsius but some scientists believe that we can stop this increase at 2 degrees celsius. Some scientists say that we can avoid a 2 degree celsius...
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Climate Change And Its Effects On Our Planet

Can you imagine a world without any ice? All land around the ocean would be flooded, and at the rate we are polluting the atmosphere this would happen very soon. The earth’s surface temperature would significantly rise and important plants and animals that we rely on, would die. Global warming has been happening for a long time and is increasing faster due to the increased population. Because of significant global warming, weather is becoming more and more unpredictable and surface...
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Why Our Planet Is Considered To Be Dying

If Antarctica were to completely melt it could raise sea levels by 200 feet. Antarctica contains ninety percent of earth’s fresh water so if the ice sheets and glaciers were to melt it would be a huge potential contributor to sea levels rising rapidly. For decades human activities have been contributing to global warming and climate change by increasing the levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere causing many drastic changes on earth. For example Antarctica hit a new...
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Why Is Mars A Red Planet?

For this Investigation we are trying to figure out what turned Mars red/how did it turn red. All BU had to create their own experiment with some of the teacher’s help. This experiment was called the “Her Deshar the Fire Star”. For the experiment we had to create a physically or a chemically change. Since we know that there could’ve been life in there and the sand is an alloy iron and oxygen it would be easy to say that...
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How The Greenhouse Effect Changes The Planet

Every day, our planet becomes infused with photo voltaic radiation, which with the aid of result, warms the planet giving the world the very characteristics wanted to make existence itself possible. However, our planet is not absolutely succesful of absorbing all of the solar energies given off by the Sun, leaving a large amount of residual radiation turning into mirrored and then reabsorbed by way of each clouds as well as gases within our outer atmosphere. This normal technique is...
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Why Are Planets Important

Humans are the only creatures on Earth that will cut down a tree, turn it into paper, then write “Save the trees” on it -Sustainable Human. The planet is more important than humans because we depend on the planet. The planet is the source of all living things. Without the planet, everything that is living on it, including us, would be wiped out of existence. We depend on the planet and its resources. The planet’s needs are more important than...
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What Would You Say To Humans If You Were Planet Earth?

Earth nowadays is a very hot and humid place.It is also the most polluted planet.This is all because of our own attitude.So if we can help our planet to be more healthy then we will be able to save the Earth from this problems.I think that there are many ways to solve this problem but one them is the most difficult thing to do which is change our attitude towards the environment.We should not only focus on the negative aspects...
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A Healthier Lifestyle For A Healthier Planet

Many people are unaware of how the food they eat and their choices regarding food affect the environment. Everything, from the food people consume, the groceries they buy, and the restaurants they eat at places a massive strain on the environment that manifests in a multitude of detrimental consequences. This major ecological impact associated with accommodating for people’s food desires is attributable to the fact that producing any type of food requires some form of land, water, energy consumption, and...
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Why NASA Has Not Sent Humans To The Red Planet

NASA, also known as the National Aeronautics and Space Agency has been widely known as one of the most successful space agencies in the world. They conducted many space expeditions, projects, and breakthroughs in space travel and its history. When President Kennedy spoke to an audience at Rice University in 1962, his speech popularly entitled “We choose to go to the moon” stated that the United States of America shall reach the moon by the end of the decade, he...
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Saving Our Planet: Are Vegetarianism And Veganism The Ways To Fix The World’s Environmental Issue?

Introduction The reason I picked this question is because the world’s current climate crisis has been a very topical and controversial subject amongst my peers. Vegetarianism was the solution that came up the most, so I decided to dig a little deeper into it and see if it was really true. The planet is in a dire condition. Carbon emissions have increased drastically since 1970 by more or less 90%. There has been an immense influx of natural disasters, a...
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Global Warming: Is Planet Earth Under Threat?

Abstract More than 25 years have elapsed since it was reported that: “There is now overwhelming scientific evidence to suggest that Mother Earth cannot cope … for very much longer.” (The European, March 19-25, 1992). This paper explains a few of the causes which put our planet in peril and stresses out the magnitude to which we should heed such warnings and act promptly else our beautiful green planet may eventually be sandwiched in a catch 22 situation. Introduction Global...
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What To Do For Saving The Planet

As years go by, the earth just keeps getting warmer and warmer, air and water pollution continues to increase, new viruses and diseases are being discovered, and more species are being endangered; all these harmful effects came to be because majority of the population aren’t socially responsible or aware of certain human activities that affect the environment particularly the human health. The main reason that lead to the problems stated is because of excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Coal-fired power plants...
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Borrowing Analysis Of Eight Planet Names In English Terms

ABSTRACT This research analyzes the name of eight planets in solar system that aims to describe of forming words in English. The theory that used in this research based on some linguists such as Rochelle Lieber, Mark Aronoff, Kirsten Fudeman and Richard Nordquist. The method will be used to describe the name of planet in solar system. The data were collected frm astronomy websites. The results of this study concludes that latin or romanic language is used to naming the...
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Will We Find Planet Nine?

What if every science book became outdated at the same time. The long thought constant that there are eight planets in our solar system could be wrong. A completely theoretical ninth planet may lie at the edge of our solar system. This theory all originated in 2017 when scientists absorbed that some asteroids in the Kuiper belt were orbiting the wrong direction(Sako). The only thing that they could think of is that there is a planet looming at the edge...
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Reaching Space: On The Search For A Better Planet

Introduction Is planet earth the only planet we can live in? or can we explore our external space to find another planet that may fit the environment we live in? to address life beyond our solar system require an instrument with truly unique capability and complex telescopes and more space-traveling missions. The previous breakthrough was possible by missions like Hubble space telescope and more (Andrews, 2019). Hubble, for example, the space telescope was sent to orbit the earth in 1990...
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The Significance Of Australia’s Contribution Towards Climate Change And Its Impact On Our Planet

Influenced by anthropogenic climate change, the complex nature of the human-animal interface is continuously threatened and zoonotic diseases are rising. Domestic animals themselves are reservoirs of zoonotic diseases (e.g. Avian influenza) and poor livestock practices endangers both humans and animals. Encroachment of human settlements increase the interactions between humans and wildlife species which helps facilitate the spread of zoonotic diseases. Atmospheric carbon dioxide in the environment also influences the animal-plant interface with invasive species dynamics fluctuating (Naicker 2019). A One...
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Is It Possible To Sustain The Planet By 2050?

This study delves deeply into the current state of the earth, as well creating a clearer image of the future, provided that countries act collectively, to restore the planet before the impacts are irreversible. The Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration released a statement declaring that “human civilization will crumble by 2050 if we do not combat climate change now.” There are many solutions to eradicate the main causes of climate change: greenhouse gas emissions and human behaviour. This study...
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Pluto Argument: Is It A Planet??

I think Pluto, in my opinion, is a planet. That might be an unpopular opinion. Here is my reasoning, and here is my argument.Pluto has been classified as a planet since 1930 when Clyde Tombaugh discovered it. As well as it fits a description of the planet during Roman times examples include Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. So it could be a problem that is classified differently just because it’s in the Khyber belt with its icy brethren. The...
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Global Warming: Saving The Planet With A Simple Technology

Global warming is destroying wildlife, the environment and the human race. Due to unsustainable human activity, such as coal burning, plastic production and transportation, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are higher than ever before. A study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change uncovered that over 75% of the greenhouse gases causing global warming is made up of purely carbon dioxide produced by human activity (2014). These activities which contribute mostly to this increase in carbon dioxide levels include...
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Historical Development Of Astronomy

What is Astronomy? Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in the external parts of the atmosphere of the Earth including stars, planets and what they are made of and lastly how they move. Early indigenous knowledge lunar calendar solar calendar constellation star lore Astronomy is one of the sciences that having lived for a long time. Ancient civilisations globally observed over a period of time the night skies, noting the patterns they observed in the sky. These patterns are...
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Can Social Media Save Our Planet?

“Twenty-five years ago, people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much about climate change. Today we have no excuse” -Desmond Tutu Research shows that six in ten Americans receive their news from social media (Gladston, I., & Wing, T. 2019). Social media is a fast and effective way to inform its users of the status of the climate change crisis; With such an abundance of articles and information on social media platforms regarding our planet’s health, it...
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