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Planet Essay Examples

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Is It Possible To Sustain The Planet By 2050?

This study delves deeply into the current state of the earth, as well creating a clearer image of the future, provided that countries act collectively, to restore the planet before the impacts are irreversible. The Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration released a statement declaring...
6 Pages 2829 Words

Borrowing Analysis Of Eight Planet Names In English Terms

ABSTRACT This research analyzes the name of eight planets in solar system that aims to describe of forming words in English. The theory that used in this research based on some linguists such as Rochelle Lieber, Mark Aronoff, Kirsten Fudeman and Richard Nordquist. The method...
2 Pages 1040 Words

Global Warming: Is Planet Earth Under Threat?

Abstract More than 25 years have elapsed since it was reported that: “There is now overwhelming scientific evidence to suggest that Mother Earth cannot cope … for very much longer.” (The European, March 19-25, 1992). This paper explains a few of the causes which put...
5 Pages 2341 Words

Why NASA Has Not Sent Humans To The Red Planet

NASA, also known as the National Aeronautics and Space Agency has been widely known as one of the most successful space agencies in the world. They conducted many space expeditions, projects, and breakthroughs in space travel and its history. When President Kennedy spoke to an...
3 Pages 1334 Words

Climate Change And Its Effects On Our Planet

Can you imagine a world without any ice? All land around the ocean would be flooded, and at the rate we are polluting the atmosphere this would happen very soon. The earth’s surface temperature would significantly rise and important plants and animals that we rely...
1 Page 433 Words

Why Our Planet Is Considered To Be Dying

If Antarctica were to completely melt it could raise sea levels by 200 feet. Antarctica contains ninety percent of earth’s fresh water so if the ice sheets and glaciers were to melt it would be a huge potential contributor to sea levels rising rapidly. For...
5 Pages 2157 Words

Could A Habitable Planet Orbit A Black Hole?

Paul M. Sutter – astrophysicist at Suny Stony Brook and the Flatiron Institute – published an article last Friday (6), in Space, in which he affirms the possibility of life on planets that orbit supermassive black holes in fast rotation. According to him, the forces...
1 Page 478 Words

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