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One Titanic Uprightness For Mankind: The Moon Landing And Neil Armstrong

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said Neil Armstrong. There is still uncertainty prevailing around the ‘supposed’ moon landing in 1969. The moon landing took place when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins made history as the first humans to land on another celestial body on July 20, 1969. It marks a substantial leap in the technological advancement of humanity. Yet according to some conspiracy theorists, the moon landing never took place and it...
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The Extreme Conditions Of Moon

At this stage, it is not possible for humans to terraform the Moon as the conditions on it are extreme. There are some basic considerations or needs for any long-term colonisation: breathable air, water, food, temperature, pressurised shelter and power, gravity, protection from radiation [2]. Breathable air The moon’s atmosphere is so thin that there is no oxygen able to be utilised for breathable air or local production of rocket fuel. At sea level on Earth, one cubic centimetre of...
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Essay about Moon Phases

The moon represents many things to the Witch; goddess, divine feminine, feminine power, and cycles of energy. You may well have heard the term ‘Drawing Down the Moon which is an important ritual in many pagan traditions. Where the spirit of the Goddess is invoked. Harnessing the power of each moon phase can help connect with your powers. And makes for some beautiful spells and rituals. The moon is our closest neighbor. Our ancestors would have gazed up at its...
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How are the Moon and Earth Similar? Essay

This report is all about how God made the moon and how the moon contributes to making the earth habitable for us, Just imagine if we didn’t have a moon well there would be no light at night that’s for sure. Anyway let’s get started on some reasons on how the moon helps the earth be our home. In this report, I will tell you the three main reasons on how and what the moon does to make the earth...
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Will Humans Have A Settlement On The Moon?

Rationale Well if the scientist is going to the moon they would have to prepare themselves to think that they may never come back because if they go to the moon to stay there the scientise probably won’t have a lot of fuel to come back. Also, on the moon, all of them would have to build and take with them a lot of materials so they can have a settlement on the moon. They would need to have a...
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Should We Go To The Moon In 2024?

We imagine that in the future, the human species will expand and learn to live on other worlds, creating life where there was nothing. For years we have thought that it would only be the subject of one’s fantasy, but now, NASA is attempting to make that dream a reality by trying to send a crewed mission to the moon in 2024 and seeing the conditions that are required to live there. However, what implications will this have on other...
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The Correlation Of Moon And Venus Behaviours

“Venus” went through cycles similar to that of the moon (from fully illuminated to crescent shaped). However, in saying this, I want to point out at this stage that although the phases of the moon and Venus are in fact similar, from my understanding, the reason that Venus looks bigger during crescent shaped cannot be applied to that of the moon. Why? Well although it seems rather intuitive that we may be able to apply the same principles as did...
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Moon Landing: Fake or Truth?

In my first source there is a man who claims to know why the moon landing was fake. He has thirteen arguments why. In the bio below the video thera are contacts which is an indicator that the source is somehow trustworthy (at least serious). If you have any questions about the moon landing you can contact him to get answers. But he is not a specialist in this area, he has no education that makes him trustworthy to question...
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Yes, We Really Did Go To The Moon

On the 16th of July 1969, three courageous astronauts, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong began their perilous journey to the Moon, the latter two becoming the first humans to walk on its surface. America’s then president John F. Kennedy deemed the Apollo program as “…the most hazardous… and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked,” stretching our limits with unending perseverance. Why then, do so many believe it was a hoax? The answer is none other than...
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The Dark Side Of The Moon

Going to the moon had always been my ambition. I had dreamed of this intrepid feat my whole life, despite being told countless times by my family that my attempts would only end in futility. However, I never gave up. Instead of being discouraged, their demoralizing comments spurred me to keep trying. It took me 20 years to construct a spacecraft that would be able to travel to far places like the moon. The process was long, tedious and arduous....
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Using Autonomous Robots To Build Commercial Buildings And Homes On The Moon

Construction is a complex process involving many operations with each operation requires manipulation of physical objects. Before introduction of technology used in construction industries, it mainly relies on humans to operate the tools and equipment. Automation of construction industry by use of autonomous robots coordinating with each other is intensely gaining momentum. According to Kirstin,, (2011) the introduction of automation in construction has the potential to improve measures like speed and efficiency, as well as enabling construction in settlings...
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Neil Armstrong And Significance Of Moon Landing

The Apollo 11 mission trip to the moon was very significant in american history. Everybody stopped what they were doing to watch or listen to history being made in the United States. For once in the United States history everybody honestly came together as one to root on the astronauts. The Apollo 11 mission trip brought the United States together as they sent astronauts to the moon and safely back. Apollo 11 was the very first time in all of...
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Why We Choose To Go To The Moon

Albert Einstein remarked, “Once we have a tendency to settle for our limits, we have a tendency to transcend them” (Einstein). within u. s., the first 1960’s drawn up pushing the bounds of imagination to win the house Race with archrival country. because of the conflict intense, the Soviets boasted a transparent advantage; they were initial to place a satellite in orbit and first to send man to house. The u. s. painfully required a primary of their own–to reach...
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NASA’s Artemis’ Program Will Send The First Woman To The Moon. Why Is This Important?

Space is a place full of unsolved mysteries for humans to solve, setting endless goals; meanwhile, there are a huge number of possibilities for humans to make other discoveries in space. Government agencies and private companies such as NASA and SpaceX are leading the way towards the unknown universe. However, NASA, one of the most important agencies, has been sending mostly male astronauts for decades, leaving women as minorities in the space programs. Starting with Yuri Gagarin, 565 male astronauts...
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Space Race: A Mission To The Moon

Tens of thousands were huddled across the television. Everyone was holding their breath. The date was June 24, 1969, and the United States of America was about to achieve a huge feat: Land a man on the moon. For more than a decade, America and the Soviet Union were competing against each other to be the first astronauts on the moon, and finally, on this day, we would get to know the truth. Not long after that, everyone let cries...
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