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Essays on Astronomy

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Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus: Descriptive Essay

Catch wind of this- Venus has it all when it comes to extreme weather conditions, and high temperatures, the atmosphere is literally crushing insane lightning storms and on top of all of that super powerful winds, space probes have been sent to Venus successfully since...
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Descriptive Essay on the Essence of Astrology

There are many places today where you can check the daily horoscopes in newspapers, magazines, and online websites. The astrologers carefully research horoscopes by analyzing and interpreting the position of the planets and the stars during a specific day. The study of constellations has contributed...
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Essay about Moon Phases

The moon represents many things to the Witch; goddess, divine feminine, feminine power, and cycles of energy. You may well have heard the term ‘Drawing Down the Moon which is an important ritual in many pagan traditions. Where the spirit of the Goddess is invoked....
3 Pages 1458 Words

Why is the Sun Important To the Earth? Essay

First and foremost, the sun, moon, earth, and gravity all play crucial roles in our solar system. Second, the Sun is the primary star of the Solar System. Next, the Moon is the only true celestial satellite of Earth. Then, the Earth is the third...
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How are the Moon and Earth Similar? Essay

This report is all about how God made the moon and how the moon contributes to making the earth habitable for us, Just imagine if we didn’t have a moon well there would be no light at night that’s for sure. Anyway let’s get started...
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Comparison of Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Techniques on 2001 Mars Odyssey, MESSENGER and Dawn: Verification of the Presence of Ice Water in Mercury

Abstract: Gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques have proven to be useful in mapping the surface composition of bodies in the Solar system. This paper reviews three space missions that made use of gamma-ray spectroscopy and their contributions to space exploration and planetary science endeavours. Keywords: Gamma-ray spectroscopy,...
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Planetary Comparison Paper: Analysis of Earth and Uranus

Introduction Solar system includes nine planets each of them is a unique space object which possess features that make them different from each other. Probably the most particular planet is Earth, which is the only planet where various forms of life co-exist. At the same...
3 Pages 1349 Words

A One Day in Space

My hero of all times and one who inspire me to set my aim to become an astronaut was “Neil Armstrong”. First man to the Moon. He said that “Pilots do not take any special joy in walking but Pilots like flying”. I love to...
1 Page 503 Words

Apollo 11: a Detailed Look at The Program

Apollo Eleven was the historic space flight that landed the first humans on the moon. Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the lunar at surface on July twentieth 1969 at 20:18 Universal Coordinated Time or UTC. Armstrong became the first man to...
2 Pages 924 Words

Should Money Be Spent on Space Exploration? Essay

As we know that necessity of humans always come first. People have three essential things first in their life, nourishment, haven, and garments however these days most individuals don’t have these fundamental things for enduring. The greater part of the created nations confronting destitution issues....
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The Mesopotamian Contributions To Astronomy

The Mesopotamian civilization was incredibly influential to the development in the human understanding of the functions of the universe, because they laid the foundations for the study of astronomy. There can be many parallels drawn between the conclusions on the workings of the universe that...
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Cultural Imprints Of India

In pre-vedic periods in India, Ayurveda was found according to Ayurvendantana, stated to be divine revelation by Lord Brahma. The valuable knowledge was imparted to Dakhsha prajapati and Lord Indra in the form of shlokas. This knowledge was learned by Bharadvaja from Lord Indra himself....
3 Pages 1582 Words

The Issue Of Women In Astronomy

Beginning with the invention of the telescope over 400 years ago, the field of astronomy hasprogressed rapidly, allowing humans to see distant celestial objects and study these to develop adeep understanding of the structure and evolution of the universe. Many notable astronomers havebeen crucial in...
4 Pages 1684 Words

The Evolution Of Chinese Astronomy

Abstract In this paper we will discuss the relationship of Chinese astronomy in ancient china, Chinese astronomy is fascinating because it has developed largely from the Indo-European atmosphere and has developed its specific methods and nuances. The Chinese were so good in keeping astronomical records,...
3 Pages 1196 Words

The Role Of Astronomy In Different Spheres

Astronomy is the oldest natural science in the world. Since ancient times, humans look up to the skies to navigate the vast oceans, to mark the seasons, to measure time and to answer the unusual and unexpected. It has played a fundamental role in shaping...
2 Pages 868 Words

Multiwavelength Astronomy: Tool To Probe The Universe

Abstract It is impossible to study all astronomical objects at a time, that is why one of the main task of astronomers is to search and find those particular objects that will provide a lot of understanding of the physics of objects and phenomena. In...
6 Pages 2794 Words

The Effects Of Astronomy In South Africa

The History of Astronomy and how it affects the society we live in Before we can start talking about how particularly Astronomy affects South Africa I would like to talk about the effects Astronomy has had on our society and its development of human civilization.Firstly...
2 Pages 727 Words

Astronomy As The Future Of Mankind

Introduction [1] Astronomy is defined as the study of Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Comets, Galaxies, Gas, Dust and other non-Earthly bodies and phenomena. Astronomy is defined by NASA as as the study of Stars, Planets and Space. A common historical misconception is that Astronomy and...
4 Pages 2007 Words

The History Of Astronomic Science

Astronomers have begun one of the most far reaching efforts ever undertaken to study the universe. They are forging giant new lenses and mirrors while marshalling vast computational power. These new technologies are at the centre of a historic quest to peer into the deepest...
5 Pages 2178 Words

Astronomy And 21st Century Culture

Astronomy is all around us. Not just in the sky but even is your pocket. Yes, your pocket. Your cell phone in your pocket has a camera which uses technology based on charge-coupled device or CCD, for short (Rosenburg and Russo). CCD’s are imaging sensors...
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