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Brahmagupta And His Contributions To Astronomy

Indian mathematics can be dated all the way back to 400 AD with intelligent mathematicians who have developed the way we solve math equations in geometry and number theory today. One of the geniuses who contributed greatly to not only mathematics but astronomy as well is Brahmagupta. A man way beyond his time, academically, whose claims in astronomy and mathematics is pondered upon by math historians and astronomers to this day. I will review his very vague early life, his...
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Statement Of Purpose For Space Astronomy Summer Program

“As Men and Women, we should proceed as if the limits to our abilities do not exist. We are all accomplices in creation.” I came across this quote when I was in high school and it has been a perennial source of inspiration ever since. I originate from a family that has always stressed Education to be the flagpole of growth. With a strong fascination for electronics and penchant for Mathematics and Science, I applied for my undergraduate studies, to...
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Ancient Astronomy Vs. Modern Astronomy

Ancient Astronomy Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences, dating back to historic period. Ancient astronomers had the ability to distinguish between stars and the planets. Stars remain relatively fixed over the years whereas planets move freely. Astronomy is arguably the oldest science. The night skies & astronomical bodies have been a source of wonder & speculation since the development of early civilizations. The term ‘Astronomy’ derives from an ancient Greek phrase meaning the laws or science governing the...
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Astronomy As A Career Path

When you look up into the night sky you can spot thousands of stars, the moon and maybe other planets like Mars and Venus. This is the working place for astronomers and astrophysicists. Their job is it to solve the secrets of the universe, collect information and try to answer important questions (Department of Astronomy University of VIrginia) like “ Where do we come from?” and they try to find out the concept of the universe. But many people are...
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The Evolution Of Chinese Astronomy

Abstract In this paper we will discuss the relationship of Chinese astronomy in ancient china, Chinese astronomy is fascinating because it has developed largely from the Indo-European atmosphere and has developed its specific methods and nuances. The Chinese were so good in keeping astronomical records, allowing modern historians to determine that Chinese astronomy remained largely unchanged from 1800 BCE. Astronomy was a real reserve, and the emperors hired astronomers directly to follow the sky and record the phenomena, with the...
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Exciting Camping Activities: Astronomy & Stargazing

If you had to think about a family activity in which everyone could participate and enjoy, the chances are someone would put forward stargazing and astronomy. There is never a dull moment when a group of amateur astronomers looks up at the sky on a camping trip. That’s because the heavens are blazing back at their observers with electromagnetic radiation from over 5,000 stars. An exciting new activity is fast becoming one of America’s favorite pastimes: Astronomy and Stargazing. You’ll...
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The Mesopotamian Contributions To Astronomy

The Mesopotamian civilization was incredibly influential to the development in the human understanding of the functions of the universe, because they laid the foundations for the study of astronomy. There can be many parallels drawn between the conclusions on the workings of the universe that early Mesopotamian civilization drew and what later societies adopted in their own beliefs; most notably, the integration of religion and mythology into astronomy. The idea of years, months, and days was heavily influenced and defined...
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Which Ancient Civilisation Had Better Technology And Was Overall Better In The Field Of Astronomy?

The technology that will be analysed for this task is equipment used for astronomy in the ancient world, it will be more a general topic and focus more overall on their astronomy rather than just one piece of technology used, also a lot of the technology isn’t necessarily machines. They created a lot of models of the earth and space which helped them with their observations and discoveries. The 2 cultures I will be comparing this technology between are the...
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The Astronomy Of Ancient Egyptian

I address the Old Kingdom of Egypt in the lower Nile region in the following responses. As expected, astronomers observed the sky. They noted the rising and setting of celestial bodies and measured time by them (Ruiz 276). Certain religious rituals were held at specific times of the year as denoted by stars’ movement (Ruiz 276) and because of stellar importance, priests were often astronomers. Typically, there would be at least one priest specifically “representing stellar wisdom” and named “Horoscopus”...
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Historical Development Of Astronomy

What is Astronomy? Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in the external parts of the atmosphere of the Earth including stars, planets and what they are made of and lastly how they move. Early indigenous knowledge lunar calendar solar calendar constellation star lore Astronomy is one of the sciences that having lived for a long time. Ancient civilisations globally observed over a period of time the night skies, noting the patterns they observed in the sky. These patterns are...
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The Role Of Astronomy In Different Spheres

Astronomy is the oldest natural science in the world. Since ancient times, humans look up to the skies to navigate the vast oceans, to mark the seasons, to measure time and to answer the unusual and unexpected. It has played a fundamental role in shaping our views and beliefs on the world surrounding us. It continues to revolutionize our thinking and to inspire our pursuits for the truth of the unknown. Science and Technology The scientific and technological developments in...
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Astronomy: A Lost Tradition Of Islamic World

In the emerging world with the advent of technology, it is extremely easy to prove and provide an account for the universal phenomena those are beyond our reach. ‘Astronomy’, the scientific study of celestial bodies is one of them. Human race possesses an era of ancestors who were able to unveil the secret of stars with a pair of naked eyes and a bunch of calculations. If we trace the roots of these scientific revolutions, a crucial part of it...
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Should We Spend Valuable Resources on Space Exploration: Argumentative Essay

Do you agree or disagree? It is a waste of money to spend funds on space travel or space exploration. When first set sail into the unknown, the early humans took incredible courage. They have to conquer the nagging rumble of the stomach, threatened with the fear of hunger. They have to accept the challenges of the tremendous and utterly unaccountable tempest that put their lives at stake. They have to surmount the dolefulness from within. All these ventures are...
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How Are the Moon and Earth Similar: Analytical Essay

Introduction The aim and reasoning of this report relate to and is to determine whether life can be held on the moon by research and knowledge. It will discuss the necessary information that evolves around the topic (can we live on the moon). This assignment will focus on the essentials of life as well. We would consider living on the moon for many reasons. There are six main essentials that living organisms require for life. Earth is the only sustainable...
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Theory of Relativity and Black Holes: Time Travel Might Happen Some Time in Future

When you look up at the sky in a clear night, you see a bunch of stars shining in the sky. All the starlight are unknown worlds waiting for us to study. After reading The Illustrated Brief of The Time by Steven Hawking, I saw the mysteries of the space and time. Albert Einstein’s formula E=MS shut the door of time travel down. It means that we need more energy to reach higher speed. Time travel requires light speed to...
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Role of Astrology in Diagnosis of Cancer: Analytical Essay

Role of Astrology in Diagnosis of Cancer Abstract: Someone rightly pointed out ‘Health is Wealth.’ It is very important to take care of good health. There are various branches since the ancient era who started to study on disease and the causes to occur diseases’. In India, Ayurveda is the oldest branch that started studying medical science. Moreover, we can say that since the ancient era, India is having study and medicine in Ayurveda. Turmeric is the best antibiotic- is...
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Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus: Descriptive Essay

Catch wind of this- Venus has it all when it comes to extreme weather conditions, and high temperatures, the atmosphere is literally crushing insane lightning storms and on top of all of that super powerful winds, space probes have been sent to Venus successfully since the 60s but due to the extreme weather can only gather data for a few minutes before having to leave the winds flow 50 times faster than the Earth rotates and it’s been found that...
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Fundamental Aspects of the Solar System: Essay on Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Earth, Venus

The Planets Jupiter Jupiter is a gaseous planet made up of about 75% hydrogen and 24%helium. The largest planet in the solar system at 69,911 km radius, a diameter of 139,820 km, and a mass of 1.898 x 10^27kg Jupiter orbits the barycentre and not the sun as the sun lacks a gravitational effect on Jupiter. Jupiter is the only planet to not orbit around the sun Takes 11.8 years to complete its orbit Has the shortest day in the...
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Descriptive Essay on the Essence of Astrology

There are many places today where you can check the daily horoscopes in newspapers, magazines, and online websites. The astrologers carefully research horoscopes by analyzing and interpreting the position of the planets and the stars during a specific day. The study of constellations has contributed to the growth and resulting knowledge in the astrology field. Astrology has evolved over the years and analyzing the relationship between constellations and horoscopes shows that they share the same history and future. Have you...
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Essay about Moon Phases

The moon represents many things to the Witch; goddess, divine feminine, feminine power, and cycles of energy. You may well have heard the term ‘Drawing Down the Moon which is an important ritual in many pagan traditions. Where the spirit of the Goddess is invoked. Harnessing the power of each moon phase can help connect with your powers. And makes for some beautiful spells and rituals. The moon is our closest neighbor. Our ancestors would have gazed up at its...
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Story of NASA During the Space Race in the Movies ‘Apollo 13’ and ‘Hidden Figures’

NASA has been a very influential organization for this generation beginning with the Space Race. More people seem to be looking up at the stars and wondering how can they get to one of those specks. Right now, our destination is landing on Mars but that is only possible because of the early programs NASA started in order to get us from the ground all the way to another celestial body, called the Moon. Two movies showed us this journey...
3 Pages 1355 Words

Why is the Sun Important To the Earth? Essay

First and foremost, the sun, moon, earth, and gravity all play crucial roles in our solar system. Second, the Sun is the primary star of the Solar System. Next, the Moon is the only true celestial satellite of Earth. Then, the Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only known astronomical entity capable of supporting life. Lastly, gravity, also known as gravitation, is a natural force that induces all objects of mass or energy — like planets,...
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How are the Moon and Earth Similar? Essay

This report is all about how God made the moon and how the moon contributes to making the earth habitable for us, Just imagine if we didn’t have a moon well there would be no light at night that’s for sure. Anyway let’s get started on some reasons on how the moon helps the earth be our home. In this report, I will tell you the three main reasons on how and what the moon does to make the earth...
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Role of Neil Armstrong and Moon Landing: Analytical Essay

One Small Step? Neil Armstrong, the first man to supposedly land on the moon, once said: “Every sight in space is spectacular.” The question is, did he and America really land on the moon? Or was it a broadcasted fraud? When looking at the scenery, timing, science, etc it is clear that the United States did not land on the moon on July 20, 1969. When investigating the logistics and other aspects of the alleged moon landing all signs point...
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Analysis of the Research of Center for Computational Astrophysics on Mini-Neptune

Researchers from the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the Flatiron Institute published a paper that may explain the mysterious gap in the size of planets outside the solar system. Planets between 1.5 and 2 times the radius of the earth are extremely rare. This new study suggests that the reason may be that a slightly larger planet (called mini-Neptune) loses its atmosphere over time and gradually shrinks into a ‘super-Earth’ whose size is only slightly larger than our own planet...
1 Page 668 Words

Essay on Solar System: Analysis of Uranus and Neptune

The solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago due to the gravitational collapse of a huge interstellar molecule cloud. Most of the system’s mass is in the Sun and most of the rest is in Jupiter. The four small inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are planets on earth, mainly composed of rocks and metals. The four outer planets are huge planets that are much larger than the Earth. The two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are gas...
1 Page 419 Words

Comparison of Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Techniques on 2001 Mars Odyssey, MESSENGER and Dawn: Verification of the Presence of Ice Water in Mercury

Abstract: Gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques have proven to be useful in mapping the surface composition of bodies in the Solar system. This paper reviews three space missions that made use of gamma-ray spectroscopy and their contributions to space exploration and planetary science endeavours. Keywords: Gamma-ray spectroscopy, 2001 Mars Odyssey, MESSENGER, Dawn, germanium semiconductors, neutron spectroscopy 1. Introduction Gamma-ray spectroscopy has proven to be extremely valuable in space exploration efforts – particularly in the study of bodies within the Solar system. A...
5 Pages 2320 Words

Essay on Planet Composition: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

There are 9 planets in our solar system, here they are going in order from the closest to the sun, to the furthest away from the sun: The sun is made up of hydrogen and helium. The sun is like a giant fusion nuclear reactor. the suns temperature is 6000 degrees Celsius on the surface but the atmosphere around the sun is one million degrees Celsius and has solar winds that radiate out into space. Mercury is made up of...
3 Pages 1532 Words

Planetary Comparison Paper: Analysis of Earth and Uranus

Introduction Solar system includes nine planets each of them is a unique space object which possess features that make them different from each other. Probably the most particular planet is Earth, which is the only planet where various forms of life co-exist. At the same time other planets are also interesting to explore and compare that will provide an opportunity to better understand the solar system at large, its origin and the processes it undergoes in particular. It is particularly...
3 Pages 1349 Words

Apollo 11 Mission: Details and Speculations

On July 20, 1969, Man took their first steps on the moon. This was an enormous triumph for NASA, but also the United States as a whole. It is a day in history that paved the way for many future space missions and discoveries, and it is one that will most definitely not be forgotten. In my essay, I will highlight the details and speculations of Apollo 11, the first manned moon landing. The three astronauts on the Apollo 11...
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