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The History Of Astronomy

Introduction In 1751, Rousseau wrote, that “Astronomy was born of superstition” [1], while this is a rational statement it does ignore other factors; such as weather, time keeping, and navigation. The early stages of astronomy, from prehistoric to ancient history, suggests religion primarily aids the advancement of astronomy with added motivation to record and communicate what was observed. [2] Many observations made can be associated with natural phenomena, giving the impression that the movement in the heavens controls what happens...
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The Role Of Astronomy In Different Spheres

Astronomy is the oldest natural science in the world. Since ancient times, humans look up to the skies to navigate the vast oceans, to mark the seasons, to measure time and to answer the unusual and unexpected. It has played a fundamental role in shaping our views and beliefs on the world surrounding us. It continues to revolutionize our thinking and to inspire our pursuits for the truth of the unknown. Science and Technology The scientific and technological developments in...
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Multiwavelength Astronomy: Tool To Probe The Universe

Abstract It is impossible to study all astronomical objects at a time, that is why one of the main task of astronomers is to search and find those particular objects that will provide a lot of understanding of the physics of objects and phenomena. In last few decades it is observed that we could see the universe in only one window that is optical. But now a day due to modern observing facility we can see the universe throughout all...
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The Secrets Of The Universe by Aristotle And Dante

There are many numberless stories of science and till to date most of them are demystifying, and out, darkness is one. So far, no one can decide what is darkness and from where it continues to exist and why rights are overbearing to remove darkness. Science does not solve many theories of English, and the probable energy associated with science is a part. It is still the mystery of whether darkness is energy. It composes the universe of so many...
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Why Universe Is Flat?

All celestial objects like planets, stars, and moons are mostly spherical. As gravity squeezes objects towards its core, objects will try to form the most compact shape possible which is a sphere. This applies to single interstellar objects only but what about a group of objects like our solar system or any galaxy we find in outer space? From observation we know that our solar system is almost circular and most of the galaxies are spiral, so does this mean...
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The Universe's End Or The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe

At the beginning of time, the universewas extremely small, billions upon billions of times smaller than an atom.Then suddenly, in an instant, the universe expanded trillions of times over. Matterand energy dispersed, dark matter and dark energy shaped the galaxies andstars and we come to the universe we see today. But it’s all fine and good to knowwhere we came from but what about the future.How will the universe continue to change as we move the time scale forwardmillions, billions...
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The Effects Of Astronomy In South Africa

The History of Astronomy and how it affects the society we live in Before we can start talking about how particularly Astronomy affects South Africa I would like to talk about the effects Astronomy has had on our society and its development of human civilization.Firstly if we you look at the tech- nology we use like cellphones have CCD’s in their camera and companies such as AT & T uses computer software called IRAF[International Astronomical Union 2012].The advancement of satellites...
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Finding The Constant To An Accelerating Universe: The Hubble Constant

Ever heard that the universe is expanding? We may just be floating into the abyss of space until the universe just tears apart. As terrifying as that sounds, scientists have been busy trying to figure out the rate at which the universe expands: the Hubble Constant [1]. This number has been debated since the 1920s which was when Edwin Hubble, along with Georges Lemaitre [2] discovered one of the most crucial aspects of cosmology – that the universe is expanding...
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Astronomy And 21st Century Culture

Astronomy is all around us. Not just in the sky but even is your pocket. Yes, your pocket. Your cell phone in your pocket has a camera which uses technology based on charge-coupled device or CCD, for short (Rosenburg and Russo). CCD’s are imaging sensors used in most astronomical instruments, used in the infamous Hubble Space Telescope, which is responsible for countless scientific discoveries (Lesser). The x-ray scanners at airport’s use gas chromatograph, which was made for a mission to...
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The Physics OF The Early Universe

Introduction Cosmology is a field that has worried humanity for millenia, trying to find answers to the questions about the origin, evolution and fate of the universe. Although in the beginning this could only be theorical, the development of new technologies has given us a way to probe these theories experimentally. This article is a review about how distant supernovae are used as standard candles, enabling us to measure the history of cosmic expansion. Given the current theories, the universe...
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Astro-Microbiology Or Exo- Microbiology as a Career

Abstract In this essay, I will be talking about the career I would like to pursue and how I am going to pursue it. In the future I choose to do Astro-Microbiology or Exo- Microbiology because I have always wanted to know what is beyond the earth and and if there is any life on the other planets around us. I also enjoy researching the different bacterii and viruses found on other planets which can be used to find whether...
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The Energy Of The Universe

Science has proved that all the matter in the universe is made of protons, neutrons, and electrons: energy that is always in motion. Because of this, many people have argued that every object in the universe, whether alive or not, is connected energy. Paulo Coelho subtly demonstrates this idea in his novel, The Alchemist, as the reader follows the journey of Santiago, a young shepherd in search of his personal legend. As Santiago becomes more aware of the energy of...
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Black Holes As The Mystery Of The Universe

The universe is a wide and complex place with billions of planets and stars, as well as countless theories and unanswered questions. Scientist may know most of what is going on in space. One of the few things, that until this day scientists cannot explain, are black holes. For years black holes have been a mystery to the people who have studied them. From the great minds of Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking, there have been several studies to try...
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Historical Development Of Astronomy

What is Astronomy? Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in the external parts of the atmosphere of the Earth including stars, planets and what they are made of and lastly how they move. Early indigenous knowledge lunar calendar solar calendar constellation star lore Astronomy is one of the sciences that having lived for a long time. Ancient civilisations globally observed over a period of time the night skies, noting the patterns they observed in the sky. These patterns are...
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The Mesopotamian Contributions To Astronomy

The Mesopotamian civilization was incredibly influential to the development in the human understanding of the functions of the universe, because they laid the foundations for the study of astronomy. There can be many parallels drawn between the conclusions on the workings of the universe that early Mesopotamian civilization drew and what later societies adopted in their own beliefs; most notably, the integration of religion and mythology into astronomy. The idea of years, months, and days was heavily influenced and defined...
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Ancient Astronomy Vs. Modern Astronomy

Ancient Astronomy Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences, dating back to historic period. Ancient astronomers had the ability to distinguish between stars and the planets. Stars remain relatively fixed over the years whereas planets move freely. Astronomy is arguably the oldest science. The night skies & astronomical bodies have been a source of wonder & speculation since the development of early civilizations. The term ‘Astronomy’ derives from an ancient Greek phrase meaning the laws or science governing the...
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How Our Universe Will End

Intro Ok cool Now raise your hand if you can name the planets in order of closest to farthest from the sun? “Hopefully not many”- remark about how little we know about space or at least care to know. Well that’s true in a sense for astronomers as well as they continue to debate our rules about quantum mechanics, how things are and aren’t, and how space just likes to say nah i’m good to any type of rule we...
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Out Of This World: Astronomer Caroline Herschel

Astronomy is, “the branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.” (Dictionary. Com). We are so advanced in science today that we sometimes neglect to educate ourselves on the scientists who paved how. It is astonishing that we have pictures of space and have physically landed on the moon! Astronomers, like award-winning astronomer Caroline Herschel, have observed and calculated data that enabled other scientists to advance in science to get us where...
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The Star Of The Show: Henrietta Swan Leavitt

Silent Sky, a play written by Lauren Gunderson, is a show about a young woman working in the Harvard Observatory where she is unable to fully express her genius brain due to her lack of rights as a woman in the early 1900’s. That woman is Henrietta Leavitt. Through hard work and pushing boundaries, Leavitt was able to make huge impacts in astronomy. In order to fully understand her as a character, it is important to learn fully who she...
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My Thoughts On The Origin Of The Universe

The three things that resonated with me in Professor Hawking’s lecture involved the word “why”. Sometimes when I’m deep in thought and start thinking about future, I think about life. I think about why things are specifically the way they are, why specific events of varying effects on people or places happen and how sometimes, reality seems too good to be true. So then, I ask myself the same questions Professor Hawking asked in his lecture. He would ask “Why...
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The Astronomy Of Ancient Egyptian

I address the Old Kingdom of Egypt in the lower Nile region in the following responses. As expected, astronomers observed the sky. They noted the rising and setting of celestial bodies and measured time by them (Ruiz 276). Certain religious rituals were held at specific times of the year as denoted by stars’ movement (Ruiz 276) and because of stellar importance, priests were often astronomers. Typically, there would be at least one priest specifically “representing stellar wisdom” and named “Horoscopus”...
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Astronomy As A Career Path

When you look up into the night sky you can spot thousands of stars, the moon and maybe other planets like Mars and Venus. This is the working place for astronomers and astrophysicists. Their job is it to solve the secrets of the universe, collect information and try to answer important questions (Department of Astronomy University of VIrginia) like “ Where do we come from?” and they try to find out the concept of the universe. But many people are...
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Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe rely mainly on intervention from inside than from outside. Despite this reason, the book will not be for everyone; however, Aristotle’s path into maturity and self-acceptance may find compelling and inspiring. When Dante’s father says to him, “Dante, you’re an intellectual. That’s who you are. Don’t be ashamed of that.” -Dante Quintana, Section 1, “The Different Rules of Summer” pg. 35. Comes because they were talking about religion and Ari always...
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Cultural Imprints Of India

In pre-vedic periods in India, Ayurveda was found according to Ayurvendantana, stated to be divine revelation by Lord Brahma. The valuable knowledge was imparted to Dakhsha prajapati and Lord Indra in the form of shlokas. This knowledge was learned by Bharadvaja from Lord Indra himself. Bharadvaja taught ayurveda to a group of assembled sages who passed down this knowledge to their students. It was descriptively formalized in Charaka Samhita and Sushruta samhita, used for the teaching of Ayurveda in the...
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Are We Alone In The Universe? Essay

Introduction The question of whether or not life exists elsewhere in the universe is one that has fascinated people for decades. Countless forms of media have tackled this question, in fact the two highest grossing movies of all time, Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Avatar (2009) respectively have a strong focus on alien life. Anyhow, the realistic answer to this age-old question is most likely “yes, we just haven’t found it yet.” [1: “Top Lifetime Grosses.” Box Office Mojo,] Now,...
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