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Abstract Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN) are decentralised and ad-hoc type of networks which can be set up easily in remote locations with the help of mobile devices or nodes. Nodes in these Networks senses and monitors the physical and environmental conditions of an area and send this information to each other or a remote location through co-ordination and co-operation methods of Wireless Sensor Networks. These networks plays a key role in many fields such as military and civil surveillance, health care...
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When you look up at the sky in a clear night, you see a bunch of stars shining in the sky. All the starlight are unknown worlds waiting for us to study. After reading The Illustrated Brief of The Time by Steven Hawking, I saw the mysteries of the space and time. Albert Einstein’s formula E=MS shut the door of time travel down. It means that we need more energy to reach higher speed. Time travel requires light speed to...
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Recently, the first event image of asupermassive black hole was taken in the giant elliptical galaxy of M87. This is agargantuan black hole with the mass of 6.5 billion suns and an event horizon widerthan our entire solar system. While the photo confirmed many things such as theappearance of an accretion disk around the black hole, it also confirmed that a supermassive black hole does indeed exist in the center of M87. You mightthink this is an obvious statement but...
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Normally we think of black holes as stellarblack holes, black holes formed from the collapse of a sufficiently sized star. And rightly so! They make up most of the black holes in theuniverse. We’re also familiar with supermassive blackholes which are generally located in the centre of most galaxies, getting bigger and biggerevery day by eating the matter that spirals into them in their accretion disk. And there’s also a class of black holescalled intermediate mass black holes, black holes...
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Abstract The super massive black hole present at the centre of most large galaxies emit large quantities of varying energy types, which affects surrounding quasars and seyfert galaxies (Nandra & Pounds, 1994). The gravity of the Super Massive Black Holes is another variable which affects surrounding bodies; wherein mass is attracted to the origin. Simulations using advance software has proven that the energy released from SMBH, as well as their gravity, causes both stars to form due to gas condensing,...
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INTRODUCTION Black Holes Black Holes are stranger than anything dreamed up by science fiction writers. It is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out of it.They have more matter stuffed into least space. They are too compact and has very strong gravity. In other words a Black hole is a region space-time where gravity is so strong that nothing, no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape from it....
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ABSTRACT Time is the basic unit of human. But most of the human even don't know what even the time is. Time is said as the fourth dimension of the universe. 'String Theory' tells us that, there are 11 dimensions in the universe, where 10 dimensions are of space and one dimension of time. These dimensions of the universe are connected to each other in a pattern or may be overlapping each other. String Theory is the theoretical framework which...
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The universe is a wide and complex place with billions of planets and stars, as well as countless theories and unanswered questions. Scientist may know most of what is going on in space. One of the few things, that until this day scientists cannot explain, are black holes. For years black holes have been a mystery to the people who have studied them. From the great minds of Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking, there have been several studies to try...
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Introduction Black holes are among the weirdest and least understood things in the universe. What do they look like? How do they die? And what happens if you fall into one? In this article, we are going to talk about the life cycle of Black Holes - from birth to death. Fusion of Stars Stars, like the Sun, are huge collections of mostly hydrogen atoms. In its core, hydrogen fuses into helium. This process releases an immense amount of energy...
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