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Engineering Ethics in Context of NASA Space Shuttle Disasters

Engineering ethics is the field of system of significant and moral principles that apply to the practice of engineering. The field examines and sets the commitments of engineers to society, to their clients, and to the profession. As a scholarly discipline, it is closely related to subjects such as the philosophy of science, the philosophy of engineering, and the technology. The engineers should be aware of the greatest merit in using their profession for serving society, attending to the welfare...
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The Importance And Work Of Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers are the key people for making the next step for humans to travel faster around the world and or getting us more advanced equipment us for getting to space. The definition of an Aerospace Engineering according to Google search is – The primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers work mostly in manufacturing industries and in the federal government. Furthermore, a select few aerospace engineers are chosen to work on the...
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The Development Of Space Science And Space Exploration

As the science progressed and enlightened many minds with knowledge beyond the limits of saying that it has a boundary, the level of questioning increased, and Humanity started to question their existence into this vast cosmos of what we know as ‘emptiness’ or in more comprehensive words ‘Universe’. At first we saw people sharing their ideas, in forms of different expressive cultures; dating back to 2nd Centaury AD, by the name of ‘A True Story’, Lucian of Samosata shared the...
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Singapore's Leading Role In Aerospace

Benefit from the tailwinds of increased global passenger traffic and aircraft demand, Singapore is the top one-stop solution provider in terms of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) demand. The aerospace industry in Singapore contributed nearly 10% of global MRO output. And it produced S$8.9bil total output in 2016, with 8.6% compound annual growth rate over the past two decades. There are over 130 aerospace services providers offering an array of services such as airframe maintenance, engine overhaul and avionics...
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The Development Of China’s Aerospace Technology

China is a big country with creeping fundamental problems. In the light of the 2000s, China has been rapidly renovating everything and conforming to the new normals of the world. Their aerospace industry has recently been encountering technological problems, causing international unrest, and allowing China to create many incredible goals for the future of the industry. China’s challenges that slow advancements in the aerospace industry require understanding. Even further, how China has charged along in creating its current aerospace industry...
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Innovations In Aerospace Technology

Aerospace technologies have an enormous effect on society and economics today as the numerous advances allow us to travel faster and efficiently. To think of a world today without air travel would be almost unimaginable as we have grown so reliant on it. All throughout the 20th-century aircraft connected the world in ways never seen before, people could get to another continent in hours. Vacations to other continents became a true possibility for many of the people who could imagine...
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The Features Of Aerospace Propulsion

Abstract Aerospace engineering is so dependent on fluid mechanics because it is about spacecraft or aircraft in a flow of gas. Aerospace propulsion is using the fundamentals of fluid mechanics plus thermodynamics to study aircraft and spacecraft engines, and the common gas turbine propulsion systems and applicability determination of each. Aerospace propulsion engines are split into 2 main part which are breathing engines and non breathing engines and these 2 branches themselves split into many examples. This article talks about...
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