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Trolley Problem Essay

Technological advancements often bring many changes to our society and it often challenges and forces us to adapt to new ethics, morality, and social constructs. This paper intends to explore one of the emerging technologies – self-driving cars, and its application to one of the ethical dilemmas – the trolley problem. This paper/ I will start with background information on the trolley problem and self-driving cars. Then, I will provide justifications as to why it is potentially necessary to implement...
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Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons Essay

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort” (Owens). And that is what most self-driving car companies have done, with the help of artificial intelligence and professional engineer, and the great effort put in by them, we can get in a car and go to destinations without doing work. Self-driving cars are really beneficial especially for those with disabilities such as no legs etc., as...
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Self Driving Cars: Pros and Cons Essay

Driverless cars have great potential to become the biggest transportation method in the near future. While there are several benefits associated with the utilization of self-driving vehicles, there are some issues associated with this technology. In this essay, the pros and cons of self-driving cars are examined. An important advantage of self-driving cars is that, unlike humans, machines don’t get tired. Many accidents are caused annually because of the very fact that drivers go to sleep while driving their cars....
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Analysing Effect of Extra Wheels on Speed of Solar Car

Introduction: This report investigates the effect of wheels on the speed of a solar car. This is achieved by considering the effects of force and energy transformation and what happens if extra wheels are added. Force is the act of pushing or pulling on an object with mass that causes it to change velocity (e.g.: accelerating a car). Force is also a vector which means it has both magnitude and direction. Energy transformation aka energy conversion is the act of...
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Principles of Experimental Design Applied to Engineering: Analytical Essay

Experiments are conducted in order to observe how changing a single factor or multiple factors affect the response variable(s). The purpose of experimental design or DOE is to create an effective procedure to create efficient experiments to make it much more easier to reach objective conclusions. Experimental design has three basic principles and they are briefly described below. Randomization This is the first principle of experimental design. It is a simple process of randomly allocating changes to the factors. The...
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Innovation Planning and Design Paper

Abstract Design thinking is an analytic and creative process in which a person is encouraged to explore, create and prototype models, collect feedback, and rethink. The literature has highlighted some characteristics (e.g., visualization, originality) that a successful design thinker should have. The primary goal of this article is to summarise and synthesize design thinking research in order to (a) better understand its characteristics and processes, as well as the differences between novice and expert design thinkers, and (b) apply what...
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Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Leadership: Analytical Essay

This paper aims to explore the importance of leadership in the current innovative world, where many businesses are venturing into innovating new ways of doing business to grow. Creativity in any company does not occur by accident; leaders must drive the changes in structure, culture, and process to achieve growth. Therefore, creativity and innovation are what drives business success in any sector; leaders must collectively implement strategies that encourage change. They are vital to the entrepreneurship that makes new businesses...
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Essay about Creativity and Innovation

The objective of this report is to have a deeper understanding of creativity and innovation. By delving deep into both concepts, it is apparent that both are correlated and one cannot sustain without the other. It was identified that creativity and innovation require vivid ideas and the ability to see things from a different perspective. In this analysis, the discussion is done on the features of creative thinking and how to achieve it. It was found that one of the...
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Engineering Design Process Essay

This report contains the outputs of the previous planning phase which are unchanged and the outputs of this design phase. The process design outputs consist of; A Design failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA) that was completed with the information currently available to analyze and prioritize the different levels and areas of risk included in the project. Design for manufacturability and assembly is also reviewed. Design verification has ensured that the product is designed according to intentions. The design verification...
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Global Outsourcing and Innovation: Analytical Essay

Question: Analyse the ‘Strategic Outsourcing at Bharti Airtel Limited’ case applying insights from the module to answer the following questions “I declare that this work is entirely my own in accordance with the University’s Regulation 11 and the WBS guidelines on plagiarism and collusion. All external references and sources are clearly acknowledged and identified within the contents. No substantial part(s) of the work submitted here has also been submitted by me in other assessments for accredited courses of study, and...
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Essay about Hybrid Car

Hybrid Cars are Better for the Environment Global warming is now recognized as a serious concern. Virtually every government on the planet is creating policies to reduce emissions immediately. It is also estimated over one billion cars and trucks run daily over roads and highways around the world contributing to global warming. It is time to take immediate action to promote alternative sustainable sources to power hybrid vehicles and reduce emissions. Technology has been developed to send man-made vehicles far...
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Wright Brothers and Their Invention

One of the most fascinating and important exhibits at the Smithsonian Institute would be the Canard Biplane built by the Wright brothers. This beautiful piece of work was very simple in design but got the job done. Basically, it had a small 12 horsepower engine to turn the propellers and a sprocket and chain transmission system. The airplane design itself was just bare bones because the idea was that you would need enough power to propel a craft that big...
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Position of Women in Engineering

The position of women can be carefully traced through history to be able to divulge social ills through which societies have misplaced the position of women. This takes us to look at how the community views gender and sex. Sex is viewed as the biological distinction between men and women’s genital setups but gender is a socially built set of ideas that define the roles and values which distinguish between masculine and feminine (Little, 2016). Men have been viewed as...
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Invention of the Airplane

Wilbur and Orville Wright were American inventors and founders of aviation. Through much trial and error, they were able to achieve the first powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight in 1903, and the first fully practical airplane two years later. The airplane transformed the 20th century, as people were now able to fly, resulting in a change around the world. Women were responsible for many ‘firsts’ in the aviation industry, despite being faced by constant animosity. Arguably, the invention of...
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Importance of Ethics in Engineering

As an engineer, there are a variety of products you could be designing or manufacturing. Above all, though, an engineer’s job is focused around safety- safety of those making the product, as well as those using it. Depending on the type of engineering you are doing, the work can and will look different from say, a design engineer for a medical device vs. a civil engineer making a bridge. However, engineering ethics will be executed in both of these hypothetical...
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Importance of Ethical Codes in Engineering

Engineering ethic is the set of rules and guidelines that engineers adhere as a moral obligation to their profession and to the world. It is closely related to subjects such as the philosophy of science, the philosophy of engineering, and the ethics of technology as a scholarly discipline. In definition, professional ethics are the accepted code of conducts or rules and regulations that govern a professional body. Engineering ethics are vital to the profession as they define what engineers should...
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Impact of Computer Application in Industrial and Engineering Field

The impact of computer application in industrial and engineering field has both positive and negative side. Whereas engineering field can be defined as scientific field too. Computers plays big major roles in this field to build things to solve the problem. In today’s era, many engineers rely on computer software to ensure the accuracy of their work. Today, engineers rely on the computer to perform most of the steps they need to perform. This is because they can create products,...
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Grenfell Tower Fire as a Tragic Engineering Disaster

The recent Grenfell Tower fire of 2017 was a tragic engineering disaster resulting in the devastating loss of 72 lives. At 00:54 BST on the 14th of June 2017 a fire broke out in Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, West London. The fire rapidly grew from a fourth story apartment kitchen, with the source being found ‘in or around’ a malfunctioning fridge-freezer. It spread rapidly up the building’s exterior, bringing fire and smoke to all the residential floors, covering all...
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Stava Tailings Dam Engineering Disaster: Research Study

This research study on was conducted in order to evaluate what parts of certain incidents or disasters were caused by engineering flaws. In July 19, 1985, a tailings dam located near the small village of Stava in Northern Italy collapsed, causing catastrophic consequences. In order to find out what engineering faults were made that led to the disastrous events, previous academic researches on the said historical incident were reviewed. The dam, built on the year 1961, was situated on a...
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Leadership and Management in Field of Engineering

The scope of this paper discusses and reviews the research areas and subjects covered in engineering management research and how it applies to technical skills in the larger context of answering the leadership and management questions which face the technical organizations today. There are various subject matters under the umbrella of engineering management. They are as follows: 1) leadership and organization management, 2) operations, operations research, and supply chain, 3) management of technology, 4) new product development and product engineering....
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How GMOs Will Save the Human Race? Essay

Genetically engineered organisms could have a massive impact on humans. They can do almost anything. They could solve thousands of problems that plague the human race. Genetically modified organisms will benefit the human race in innumerable ways. They will likely be the cure for cancer, an inevitable food crisis, and the organ crisis. They can produce insulin and will make transplants more available and much easier. Genetic modification or genetic engineering is the altering of the genetic material in a...
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FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse as Engineering Disaster: Case Study

The report is on a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University, Uni Park, Florida, US. This bridge is a 174-foot-long bridge connecting university and student accommodation which is crossing Tamiami trail (US Route 41) with an estimated cost of 14.2 million USD. On 15th March 2018, this bridge collapsed causing 6 deaths, 8 injuries and crushed 8 vehicles. Case Study and Research Background FIU footbridge was being constructed on a main road line which makes people easy to cross the...
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Ethics in the Field of Engineering

There is no such course in my university career except engineering ethics. I have learned a lot of things especially regarding to dilemmas how to handle if I have to face such kind of dilemmas in my future carriers. Following are some points which I want to highlight: Obligation to something is greater than on self; Self-respect but humility self-discipline and acceptance of self-responsibility; Respect and carrying for others; Caring for other living things and environment. Engineering is definitely not...
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Essay on Engineering Ethics

All occupations have social responsibility. The engineering profession is no exception. However, there is a wide range of views within the engineering profession about what these social obligations involve, with perspectives varying between sub-disciplines of engineering as well as across countries and cultures. Engineers have a wide range of ethical duties to society and the environment. This area of research has recently been dubbed macroethics, yet these professional social duties may conflict with engineering’s financial side. The vast majority of...
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Engineering Management: Current State and Future Prospects

The changes in the industrial requirements of the professionals is a never-ending task, and you will never be able to know what the industry would expect from you tomorrow. Regardless of your profession, you are stuck in a continuously rolling wheel, and you should remember that you are supposed to be moving so as to allow yourself to move forward with the wheel rather than get crushed from it. Engineering management is one such opportunity that has been created to...
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Engineering Ethics in Context of NASA Space Shuttle Disasters

Engineering ethics is the field of system of significant and moral principles that apply to the practice of engineering. The field examines and sets the commitments of engineers to society, to their clients, and to the profession. As a scholarly discipline, it is closely related to subjects such as the philosophy of science, the philosophy of engineering, and the technology. The engineers should be aware of the greatest merit in using their profession for serving society, attending to the welfare...
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Essay on Engineering Ethics and Its Significance

Ethics are the basic principles that guides our behaviors in a moral sense. It is especially important that they are respected and are followed when working in the engineering industry as it is the ground rules that prevents the well-being of those who enjoy the services provided by the industry from being deprived. However, there have been quite a lot of cases where engineers in the industry have failed the code of ethics in their practice, causing harm to individuals...
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Engineering Disaster: Explosion at the Chernobyl NPP

The world of engineering has been forever changed since the Chernobyl disaster. The blast of Chernobyl nuclear plant paved way for the modern engineering to adapt safety as a priority and that irrespective of any consequence, condition or situation, safety of the people shall never be compromised. Consequently, engineering fields such as safety engineering have been derived where safety engineering is defined as: “Safety engineering is the process of designing workplaces to prevent accidents. Engineering safety concepts provides detailed approaches...
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Engineering Code of Ethics Vs Hippocratic Oath

Engaging in enterprises ethically is important to a company’s success in the market. Clients, providers and personnel will now not aid a corporation that is involved in fraudulent, dishonest or unethical practices. placing excessive requirements of integrity in business relations and promoting their adherence by using personnel will allow the corporation to advantage the self-belief and support of its customers and the general public at massive. Ethics is the moral behavior that courses our movements; it motivates us in our...
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Engineering and Its Marvels

Humans are social beings; they have been on this planet for the past 2.5 billion years. They have been adapting to the conditions which has helped them survive. With this, humans have been very curious and innovative animals. Along with completing their basic needs, they have been inventing things for the past many years. They have built things which are hard to imagine and were ahead of their time. This fondness of inventing things has been in us since early...
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