Essays on Technology & Engineering

Dangers And Disadvantages Of Genetic Engineering

360,000 babies are born every single day. Now imagine each one of them the exact same. That is what genetic engineering will result in. Gene therapy is the genetic engineering of humans, where defective genes are replaced with effective ones. There is much debate surrounding...
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Design And Development Of Electric Vehicle

Abstract Electric Vehicles can be seen as the cars of the future as they are free from carbon emission, noise pollution and very low running cost as compared to the internal combustion engine vehicles. The main challenges for electrical engineers are the selection of propulsion...
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The Importance And Work Of Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers are the key people for making the next step for humans to travel faster around the world and or getting us more advanced equipment us for getting to space. The definition of an Aerospace Engineering according to Google search is – The primary...
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Electric Vehicle Lcd. Display Sytem Based On Can

Abstract The proposed display system has a great reliability and stability in addition to it’s given function in an Electric vehicle. To transmit a message signal in practical conditions under poor environment is difficult, so reliability and stability are most important factors. This system mainly...
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The Impact Of Technology On Car-buying Behaviour

Customer Requirement With the pace of technology change continues to increase nowadays, it leads to everyone taste keep changing. Therefore, every organization need to keep innovate something to fulfill the satisfaction of customers. However, almost all people also have the unlimited demand and need to...
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