Essay on How Did James Watt Contribute to the Industrial Revolution

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James Watt affected our World and Industrialization in the late 1800s and early 1900s as he improved the steam engine, created jobs for the people, and invented ideas that improvised business movements and methods for the factories during the Industrial Revolution. With the provisions of the Steam Engine, James Watt changed the world and its fast production all over the world.

Early on in life, James Watt was Homeschooled for many years. His parents taught him Greek, Latin, and Mathematics. He was mainly interested in Mathematics and Science at the time because he liked to problem solve and he was very exceptional at it. This explains why he was so successful in his future in becoming a master in fixing mechanisms and small motors. Sometime later at about the age of seventeen, Watts's Father became the Treasurer of Greenock in Scotland. About a year later his father bought a ship that was docked at a Port in Scotland. James used this to his advantage for his hobbies as the ship contained a forge, a bedroom, and a workshop. This was the spark of James Watt's success since he could work on re-creating and inventing objects that could make people’s lives easier. A year later, Watt started his own company within the ship, as he fixed and invented ship parts for the locals at the pier. Within the business, he forged machines and tools, made Barrel Organs from scratch, and also became familiar with the ship’s parts as time went on. After deciding that this business wasn't his cup of Tea, he became a mathematical instrument maker for a business when he turned eighteen. After finding out that this business wasn't for him, he then found himself establishing Mathematical Instruments on his own and learned a lot during the process. All of these early pushing factors of inventing, fixing, and creating products early on pushed Watts's ideas into another dimension, as he invented many more tools, and improved machines that changed the future of the upcoming Industrial world.

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With the start of the Industrial Revolution in 1760, came the significance of the Steam Engine. The original Steam Engine Was created by the man that goes by the name of Thomas Savery, a mechanic designer from England. The Steam Engine played a very important role for the factories during the Industrial Revolution as it ran all of the electrical products present in the factories and Mines. As “Elizabeth Palermo” says in her Article on the Steam Engine, “Without the invention of the Steam engine our lives today would be very much different and more difficult” ( This was true because it ran every machine and electrical component in the Factories and Mines, and without this invention, who knows how our lives would be impacted, either for the better or for the worse. Back to the history of this machine, the Steam Engine was originally Introduced in the early 1750s and was improved many times, but was only “successful” by Savery himself. The Steam Engine has a simple job and that is to convert steam back into water, to move the pistons to produce energy and efficiency for machines. This was just the start of a new era and still needed many changes for it to be efficient, for it was slow and was still not fast enough to produce enough product to satisfy the economy.

During the year 1776, James Watt walks in as a new idea pusher for improvising machines and tools throughout the factories. The Steam Engine was a tool for the factories at the time since it ran all of the Machines that were present in them, and it ran some of the lighting systems that they had during that time era. During this period, many of the factories couldn't work at their full potential due to the slowness and work of the original Steam Engines. James Watt realized this and started a business with his friend Boulton and they would improve the Steam Engine and this made production quicker in all of the factories in London during the Industrial Revolution. He figured out how he was going to improve the Steam Engine and that was to add a separate condenser to the Machine. “This was important to the industrialization of the World since it lowered costs of production, reduced machine troubles, and improved the production speed in the manufacturing businesses” (Interesting Without the improvised Newcomen Steam Engine our world could be much less advanced and production speed may be way slower without Watt’s powerful improvisation of the Steam Engine. With this new Steam Engine, factories were to quadruple the Speed of production, make production more economical, and lastly hire more workers as the working conditions improved significantly. So you could consider the man a Genius and King during this era due to this simple, but very effective addition. This may have been one of the most significant inventions and improvisions that we have seen in history, because if Watt hadn't created the new part who knows what our future may look like today? Watt has impacted the Industrial Revolution so far but he wasn't done with his significant ideas and creations as he pushes ideas of the Watt and Horsepower into our lives.

Now knowing that he has pushed one of the biggest ideas in our history with the improved Steam Engine, he has also evolved his ideas and came up with the idea of the Watt and Horsepower. This is very important to think about because this idea is still looked over today as we use Watts and Horsepower to measure energy in certain machines and tools. As ScienceABC says, “That one Horsepower equals 33,000 foot-pounds of work power per minute” (Science This quote shows that the Steam Engine’s horsepower was very effective as his machines could work five times harder and faster than the average Draft horse during the 1700s. This was very impactful during the time and was interesting because the horsepower and Watt are still used today. Usually when an idea has lasted for more than 2 centuries, it must be pretty important to our lives and futures. Saying this, James Watt has improvised and made our lives easier with a simple idea. Not only did James Watt impact Industrialization with the Newcomen Steam Engine, and the Idea of Horsepower and the Watt, but he also came out with some inventions that impacted everyday life for people all over England later during the Revolution.

With early knowledge of Mathematics James Watt was fairly destined and expected to design and create products for everyday life. He wasn't just destined for the improvising of the steam engine but he also created many mathematical instruments that made some sparks of Engineering life all across the world. Some of his mathematical tools consist of the Flexible Water Main, a letter copier, a Machine for copying sculptures, and a Micrometer.

Starting with the Water main this was used in all homes and buildings which is very significant during the time of the Industrial Revolution since everybody used these water Mains. The Water Main was a very much-needed product during the time since it pushed clean water into big cities such as Glasgow and supplied many of the sewer systems with water. This was one of the most significant inventions during James Watt’s time of living since it protected people from many diseases during the time. Before he invented the Water Main, most water lines were affected by some sort of disease or problem that would eventually harm the people who were near the water Sources. So like I said before this was a very much needed invention during the time era.

Another important improvisation of Watt’s was the portable letter copier. During his time working on this product, he struggled at first to create it, so he asked his fellow friend Matthew Boulton to help him create it. Eventually, the two figured it out and now the copier was able to be pressed against any article or letter and copy it for selling or personal usage. This had a very big impact later on on Newspaper companies that started to thrive in Cities all across London. This was a successful invention for James Watt and Matthew Boulton Since now Newsletters and notes could be copied at an insanely fast rate during the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Another impact that James Watt had on the Industrial Revolution was his invention of the Micrometer: as known for one of his most famous inventions, the Micrometer was used for many things such as measuring objects, simple working habits, and Drawing straight lines for blueprints and building projects. As the National Library of Scotland says, 'the Micrometer was a very essential tool for mathematics and measurements during the time” (National Library of Scotland). With the advancement of the Micrometer, this saved a lot of time and work effort on buildings. Watt tried his newly invented micrometer on his machines, and canal studies, in which turned out to be a very successful tool for the future as it worked perfectly for the Engineer, Watt himself.

Watt improved and advanced the Art Industry during the time of the Industrial Revolution since he came out with a machine that could produce and copy sculptures. With these machines, Watt could make hundreds of molds per day that could be sold and used by many factories and Artists that could make things to then sell to more people. Even today we still are finding some molds, that were once a part of James Watt’s Copying mechanism, which was very significant during that time Era.

Ever since James Watt was born, the world knew that he was going to be a thriving influential human being, as he showed early signs of engineering, Mathematical, and Mechanical skills. This was then used to his advantage later on in life as he started the Industrial Revolution, Invented the idea of the Horsepower and the Watt, created Clean water pipes for the safety of the people, and created many Mathematical and Mechanical Machines that would make life for the people even more influential and prosper for the future. James Watt was probably the biggest thriving human being that we have ever seen in our world history because you normally don't see anybody doing the things that James Watt has done in his past. He was a very pushy and thriving person, so this is why he was so impactful during the Industrial Revolution. After all Watts's ideas and motivations thrived in the Business Industry and took a toll on what our world looks like today. Without Watt in our history, we wouldn't have the productions that we see today in our world, but since he invented and idealized during his time of living, we have a very successful business industry today because of it, and we wouldn't take back any of his thriving creations during his time.

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