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How Did the Industrial Revolution Impact Slavery: Critical Essay

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Many people do not know that women did not start working until the nineteenth century. Before this woman's job was to take care of the children and make sure the house was clean. One of the major revolutions in the period of 1750 to 1914 is the Industrial Revolution. Many people do disagree and believe that the Atlantic Revolution was the most major revolution. But the three things that make the Industrial Revolution the most significant are child labor, the slave trade, and changing gender roles.

Many people believe that the Atlantic Revolution was the most significant. The Atlantic Revolution had many different places in a revolution at this time. The places that were in a revolution at this time were the American Revolution, The French Revolution, and The Latin American revolutions. Although people believe that the Atlantic Revolution was more significant, the Industrial Revolution was more major in history. The Industrial Revolution is more significant because it has a lot of things that changed the world more to what it is today.

A big part of the Industrial Revolution was child labor. Child labor was where they would have children even as young as five work in factories. Many factories would hire kids for certain jobs because they had small little fingers they could use to get in between small spaces. At the time they did not see what was wrong with this and they just wanted someone who could work for certain things and make them money and still not have to pay them as much. Usually, the kids that would help around the house started working semi-skilled jobs. The article states, “Children outside of stable families, including orphans, had little choice. The poorest children were often forced into apprenticeships or indentured labor”(Elshaikh par8). Many families relied on their children to work and would not be able to pay for certain things if they did not. Later on, they slowly started to get replaced with machines and started going to school instead of work.

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The slave Trade is one of the biggest things that happened during the Industrial Revolution. Some places abolished slavery earlier than other places. The places that abolished the slave trade “early” was the United States, Denmark, and Britain. They abolished slavery way before then other places did. They abolished slavery because they believed it was against Christianity. The article states, “Equiano has baptized a Christian after his capture. In his autobiography, he used the Bible to show how the disciple Paul had clearly stated that slavery conflicted with Christian belief. His book was one of the most powerful abolitionist texts of the day, and he spoke against slavery all across Britain”(Getz par 13). He spoke out how slavery is precisely against Christianity and it should be stopped. Even though slavery is abolished today it never really went away and is still around today but it is against the law to have any participation in slavery.

Finally, in the nineteenth century, they started to change gender roles. Women started to have more rights and abilities to do more things. The source says, “As a result, gender roles began to shift and change. The labor-intensive Industrial Revolution brought many women out of the home to work in factories”(O’Connor par 3). Before this in many places it was the man’s job to work for the government or factories and the women’s job was to work in the houses. Depending on where you were the more rights or least women had. The article states, “Gender roles are different in different places, cultures, societies, and social classes”(O’Connor par 1). People in different societies had different opinions on women so they would give them more or less rights than a place that would be right next to them. This is when gender roles started to shift.

Is the Atlantic or Industrial Revolution more significant? There are three main reasons why the Industrial Revolution would be more significant and they are child labor, the slave trade, and changing gender roles. Even with these three main reasons some people still do not agree that the Industrial Revolution is more significant than the Atlantic Revolution.

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