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My copious exposure to the disciplines of mechanical engineering and the learning accrued throughout my undergrad program has left me with no doubt that pursuing a master’s program in the same is the best way forward to further my vocational aspirations to groom myself as a qualified mechanical engineer and contribute in my capacity towards the rapidly changing Indian manufacturing industry.

I unfailingly pursued my studies in a diligent fashion which aided me in procuring an overall aggregate of 80% & 65% in senior and higher secondary school. Having an uncanny ability to comprehend the enigmatic subject matters of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics kindled an appetence to pursue a four-year undergrad engineering program in mechanical engineering where I became well conversant with disciplines such as Advanced Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Machine Drawing, Fluid Mechanics, Electrical Machines, Machine Design, and Control Systems. I meticulously assimilated the core notions of the aforementioned disciplines which inculcated an ability to design and conduct experiments and equipped me with the understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and social context. The learning cumulated throughout the program and my appeal for innovation amalgamated into me to embark upon academic projects. I presented my work on “Fabrication of gloves using abrasive material for the de-burring process”. The intent of taking up this assignment was to enhance the limits of the glove for varied dimensions of drilled holes and to find ways to cut down the cost of the de-burring process. To further upgrade my skills I commenced working on a project called “Enhancing fault diagnosis of automobile system using machine learning” for which I devised a prototype consisting of various sensors to detect faults based on a few parameters. I believe learning is an essential trait that should never be ceased and one should always seek opportunities that can enable you to provide international exposure to the field you covet to excel being the reason I participated in the France student exchange program at INSA Rouen Normandie. I spearheaded a team of three other students on a research project, “Composite batteries used to increase engine efficiency” for three months for which I also got endowed with a certificate and appreciation from revered faculty members for our contribution to the project. Having gained a colossal conceptual understanding of the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering compelled me to carry out an internship to have hands-on experience that is why I interned at the prestigious Indian Institute of Astrophysics where I got the opportunity to become acquainted with real-life problems that engineers encounter whilst working on complex projects. I thoroughly enjoyed my intensive training and comprehended the functioning of satellites and various machinery as a neophyte.

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The four-year undergrad program has not only equipped me with stout fundamental knowledge but also motivated me to assimilate more and provoked me to carry on with research-related activities. It is my vocational objective to pursue a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as the exhaustive course curriculum of the program will prepare me with the in-depth, contemporary instruction and prowess that I require to compete in the field of Mechanical Engineering which will unbar abundant opportunities for me to take up assignments with pioneering corporate players. The choice of a reputed university with faculty dedicated to improving the pedagogy and research along with an atmosphere conducive to learning thus becomes extremely necessary. After my diligent research I contemplated that by acquiring a slot in the Master’s program of mechanical engineering at your globally acclaimed university, I would be able to venture out into various domains which are still unexplored to me. It will also help me to learn global standards in the field of mechanical engineering with the help of the ultra-modern laboratories that your university possesses. The rigorous course curriculum for the Master’s program of Mechanical Engineering at your university provides pliability in taking up the modules of your choice, which I believe would be advantageous for me to emphasize particular modules of my interest. The University is also renowned for its association with globally acclaimed companies which equips students with a better understanding of industrial processes whilst pursuing the course. The student-faculty ratio is also balanced and the university owns top-notch technical infrastructure which will aid me in excelling in the field quickly and efficiently. Besides that, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at your university has various international collaborations with other esteemed institutions which will allow me the opportunity to comprehend the arcane notions of mechanical engineering by world’s world-renowned faculties which will not only embellish my technical skills but also provide me a rich experience of diverse cultures. I strongly believe that I can match the high standards of the institute and contribute fruitfully to the mechanical engineering endeavors at the university. I have chosen (country name) to be my next study destination because of its high academic standards, practical job-oriented courses, and learning in a multicultural setup. Although I observed from my extensive research that the teaching approach institutions of (country name) follow emphasizes a practical approach to yield better results which has been lacking in the Indian educational system I feel that the practical approach is a prerequisite for handling and success of a project which drove me to opt for education in (country name).

I am aware that you would have received a lot of applications for the aforementioned course but I hope I have represented my purpose and intent in a precise and determined manner. Therefore I solicit my application for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at your coveted university.

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