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According to McLeay et al. (2018), Hybrid cars (HEVs) are gasoline automobiles that adopt electric motors and high-powered batteries to increase energy efficiency. It is different with Plug Vehicles which use both gasoline and electricity or solely electricity to generate the motor, hybrid cars do not need to be plugged into an electric grid for refueling. The researchers found that...
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Hybrid Cars are Better for the Environment Global warming is now recognized as a serious concern. Virtually every government on the planet is creating policies to reduce emissions immediately. It is also estimated over one billion cars and trucks run daily over roads and highways around the world contributing to global warming. It is time to take immediate action to...
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There are several motivations, both indirect and direct for hybrid electric vehicles for number of military application. Military application can include the use of direct vehicular application which are related to the vehicular propulsion and indirect application of this technology in the form of using electrically operated arms. The cost of fuel is important factors that foster the use of...
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Introduction The hybrid engine is, essentially, an engine that combines the principles of combustion and electric engines which allows a more efficient power output, depending on the scenario presented to it. They are used in a wide variety of modern machines, in the present time mostly within cars; ranging from an everyday family car, to a high-performance race car. The...
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Introduction A new electromagnetic power-split hybrid electric vehicle is introduced in this paper. This system, which has a dual-rotor brush motor, was developed with the aim of combining all the advantages of an internal-combustion engine and two electric motors in an optimal way so as to improve the power performance and the fuel economy. This system can be used as...
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Abstract— - Energy is essential for the economic growth and social development of any country. The world facing the problem of power generation. The fossil energy sources are limited and needed to use properly. This power generated increases the greenhouse effect. The used of the combined solar and wind power system can be more benefits in order to make useful...
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ABSTRACT Now a days the environment is going to polluted in a large scale, for this pollution one of the major cause is the vehicle pollution. Majorly in metro polition cities there is large scale of pollution due to the vehicles to over come this problem (or)to reduce the pollution in the cities we are going for the nature free...
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