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Is The Big Bang Theory Valid?

BIG BANG THEORY The Big Bang is a hypothesis of how the cosmos began, which then created the stars and galaxies that we see today. The Big Bang is the term used by physicists for the most popular explanation of the universe from the very early stages to the present day. The universe started as a very hot, thin, and dense super force (the combination of the four fundamental forces), with no stars, atoms, shape, or structure. Instead space grew...
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The Origin Of Big Bang Theory

The origin of everything is important and worth knowing. You will know where, when and how everything around us began and formed. Where exactly did it all start?. When did this happen?. How did this happen?. Most people say that Big Bang Theory is the beginning of everything. Is it true that the origin of all is the Big Bang Theory that happened in n unexpected time?. Are there any other answers where is everything started that science couldn’t explain....
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Why Sometimes There Is Resistance To New Scientific Theories

New scientific theories are developed every day all around the world. For these theories to be accepted and recognised, it must go through a range of different testing. This testing allows for the theory to bring more facts which therefore bring more evidence and the more evidence you have from tests the more strength your theory holds. However, there may still be resistance to new scientific theories. This may be because of religious bias and belief, conflict of interest, lack...
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The Steady-state Theory And The Big Bang Theory

The whole universe is expanding in all directions; however, everything was closer together 13.8 billion years ago and at one point all the galaxies converged to a single point (Howell, E. 2017). It is said that the universe has expanded to get as large as it is now, and that it will continue to expand. When the universe started as one point, it was just hot, light and energy combined with miniature particles. Nothing like what we see now as...
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Life Cycle Of Polaris

What is the big bang? The Big Bang Theory was introduced in 1927 by George Lemaitre. The theory explains that over 13.8 billion years ago the world started at one small point, then it started to expand and stretch. The size of the small point continued to enlarge until it became known as earth. What evidence is there to support this theory on the origins of the universe? In 1929, after The Big Bang Theory was introduced a scientist named...
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The Big Bang Theory, The Steady State Theory And Creationism

There are thousands and thousands of explanations on how the universe was created or formed; the most popular one being – The Big Bang Theory. Although there are thousands of explanations, I will only be going over three. The three theories are: 1.) The Big Bang Theory, 2.) The Steady State Theory, and 3.) Creationism. First I explain these three theories in my own words, so that way you can understand them. After I explain them I will then go...
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Big Bang Theory Proofs

Background Information In stars the nuclei of Hydrogen and Helium is fused into heavier elements. It is also believed that the relative high abundance of Hydrogen Helium and Lithium is because they were all created during the Big Bang by something known as Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. Nucleosynthesis Elements heavier than Lithium are all synthesised in a star (Wollack, 2010) that means that the first three elements of the periodic table (Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium) were all synthesised before the stars...
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Race And Gender Biases As Portrayed In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom by three exclusive creators Steven Molaro, Bill Prady, and Chuck Loree. It is called a sitcom because they shot it in live spectators setting; the series has a total of two hundred and seventy-nine episodes all in twelve seasons.. The last episode of the series was released in May this year. It has five key actors and actresses and other supporting characters. The primary focus in the series will be on one...
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How The Universe Appears Due To The Big Bang Theory

We all live on a beautiful universe surrounded by beautiful stars and galaxies, but how did this happen. This will lead us to the Big Bang theory, that happened billions of years ago and created this beautiful universe. According to my knowledge about Big bang is the oldest theory that took place many years ago, it was a Cosmo that contained fundamental particles of electrons, protons, and neutrons and it exploded into the space and created this beautiful universe. Big...
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The Peculiarities Of Big Bang Theory

It has been theoretically calculated that the Universe would have originated from a single mass of about 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago. This single mass suddenly exploded and the fragmented particles flying in all directions as a result of this explosion formed stars, planets, and galaxies. This theory that explains the formation of the universe due to the explosions of a single mass is known as the Big bang theory. To begin with, there are major pieces of evidence...
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