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Essay on Planet Composition: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

There are 9 planets in our solar system, here they are going in order from the closest to the sun, to the furthest away from the sun: The sun is made up of hydrogen and helium. The sun is like a giant fusion nuclear reactor. the suns temperature is 6000 degrees Celsius on the surface but the atmosphere around the sun is one million degrees Celsius and has solar winds that radiate out into space. Mercury is made up of...
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The Peculiarities Of Venus Exploration

Introduction Venus, ‘the morning/evening star’ is an extraordinary planet with many similar characteristics to Earth such that it is often called Earth’s twin. Located next to Earth, despite the similar mass and composition, the two planets are also very different. Examples of this include, Venus being the only planet in the solar system that spins clockwise rather than anti-clockwise, its day being longer than its orbital period and is covered entirely in toxic, perpetual clouds preventing us from viewing the...
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The Possibility Of Habitats On Venus

Venus’ surface is uninhabitable by humans for many reasons. Not only does Venus’ atmosphere contribute to the huge amounts of air pressure, over 90 times that of Earth’s, but the dense, mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere traps a ton of heat. This sends temperatures skyrocketing to around 467 °C, hot enough to melt lead [1]. Together, these factors crushed many probes sent to Venus, including the USSR’s Venera 3, which didn’t even survive long enough to send over a byte of...
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The Challenges On Venus Planet

Venus has a very harsh environment. It has a reddish-brown surface caused by thousands of volcanoes and ancient lava flows. Venus is not a habitable place. Even though there may be some rain, they come in the form of sulfuric acid and not water. Hence, the atmosphere in Venus smells like rotten eggs. The surface temperature on Venus can reach to over 450 Celsius, hot enough to melt lead. The pressure is 90 times that that of Earth. Robotic spacecraft...
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The Features Of Venus Planet

Venus is a planetary hotspot in the solar system due to its thick clouds that prevent heat from leaving. Because of these clouds, astronomers cannot see into the deep part of the planet’s atmosphere. However, a team of scientists managed to take a peek at the clouds’ middle layer using infrared wavelengths. The new research of Venus’ clouds has been conducted by scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and collaborators. Their findings exposed the patterns and differences of clouds...
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Why Is Our World Is Dominated By Unrealistic Bodies

Bodies through society have been used in art like the Venus of Willendorf and others but they all share a common factor that they are all unrealistic which is why my thesis question is The range of bodies they have created is breathtaking, but yet they share one thing in common… none of these images resembles a real human being. The Venus of Willendorf was found in 1908 by archaeologist Josef Szombathy at a paleolithic site near Willendorf. Willendorf is...
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The Solar System: Venus, Mars, Jupiter And Ceres

THE SOLAR SYSTEM The solar system comprises of the Sun, the planets, the moons and all the other minor objects that circle the Sun, such as comets and space rocks. In spite of the fact that the essential picture of planets circling the Sun is known to all school children, earlier to the seventeenth century the broadly held see was that Soil was at the center of the universe, which the stars and planets all rotated around Soil. This see...
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The Correlation Of Moon And Venus Behaviours

“Venus” went through cycles similar to that of the moon (from fully illuminated to crescent shaped). However, in saying this, I want to point out at this stage that although the phases of the moon and Venus are in fact similar, from my understanding, the reason that Venus looks bigger during crescent shaped cannot be applied to that of the moon. Why? Well although it seems rather intuitive that we may be able to apply the same principles as did...
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