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Why Is Mars A Red Planet?

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For this Investigation we are trying to figure out what turned Mars red/how did it turn red. All BU had to create their own experiment with some of the teacher’s help. This experiment was called the “Her Deshar the Fire Star”. For the experiment we had to create a physically or a chemically change. Since we know that there could’ve been life in there and the sand is an alloy iron and oxygen it would be easy to say that water is the reason why Mars turned red. Than we had to collect the data of how the Mars turned red by doing the experiment.

The Achaeopteryx BU came up with an idea of making three condition that Mars could be red. The closest thing that we could’ve gotten as our “Mars Sand” is steel wool pads, so we filled up three with water, another three with nothing and the last three we filled up with water than froze it. We used thought of freezing it because research has found that rover collected some data and one of the data that the rover collected was ice, so this may just proof that was water billions of years ago. Fun fact, pictures on Mars has shown that there is dry ice on Mars right now.

The planet Mars is probably the most studied planet, other than Earth, in our solar system. Like Earth, Mars is a terrestrial planet, as opposed to a gas planet, for example Jupiter. Mars is referred to the Red Planet, due to the brownish-red colour of its surface caused by iron oxide in the soil.

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Other than Earth, Mars is the only other planet in our solar system that has polar ice cap. The northern cap is called Planum Boreum and the southern cap is called Planum Australe. Under both Martian ice caps, water ice has been found which helps substantiate the possibility of life having existed on the planet at some point. Being farther away from our Sun than Earth is means that Mars takes longer to go around the Sun than Earth does, 687days to be exact. Its orbit is much more elliptical than Earth’s orbit.

Mars is tilted on its axis just like Earth is. Mars’s axis of rotation is tilted 25.2 degrees like Earth which has axial tilt of 23.4 degrees. That tilt is the reason why Mars have seasons like Earth. However, the season on Mars last longer because it takes twice the time to orbit the Sun than it does for Earth. Dust storms on the Martian surface can be huge and can last for months, sometimes engulfing the entire planet.

Researches has found that the first person to see with a telescopic view of Mars is Galileo Galilei in 1610. Mars has been there for thousands of years with Chinese, and from the Aboriginal Australians to the Greeks, left observations of its wandering path across the sky. The ancient Greeks called it after the God of War, Ares while the Romans called it Mars.

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