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The Existence Of Water On Mars

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Why is earth the only planet that is suitable for living? After several researches and operations that has been sent to other planets to see whether if it’s possible for us human beings to live on them, but result are still vague. Since, other planets have scarcity in the essentials that humans need. Investigators are concerned that there aren’t any alternatives planets to earth and that human’s life is connected to it. And if anything was to happen to planet earth human beings could be extent. So, what is it that makes planet earth the exquisite for human beings? Scientists discovered that earth is the only plant that is the right distance from the sun and it is protected from harmful solar radiation by its magnetic field, and is kept warm by an insulating atmosphere, and it has the right chemical ingredients for life, including water and carbon. The processes that shapes planet Earth and its environment constantly cycle elements through the planet. This cycling sustains life and leads to the formation of the mineral and energy resources that are the foundation of modern technological society.

To begin with, there are some factors and criteria’s that makes a planet appropriate for living. So basically, the factors are the “Habitable zones”; for instance, the planet has to have stable stars around it, low mass, rotates and spins on its axis, molten core is required and has to hold the atmosphere. In addition, as mentioned in an article named, “What makes a world Habitable”, atmosphere has to have traps heat, shields on the surface to protect from harmful radiation and provides the elements needed for life; for example, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide; However, only solid planets and moons have a significant atmosphere which means, Earth, Venus and Titan are the only planets with substantial atmosphere. Moreover, be at a good space from the star that results in it reaching a proper heat so its shallow water is liquid and not frozen. Conclusively, Energy source is excessively important which means that, our planet has to provide energy to run lifespan development.

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Furthermore, Water is the prime requirement for the definition of habitable as “What Would make an exoplanet capable of supporting life?” stated. It turns out that numerous organic properties of water make it crucial for living organisms. Not only that, but water can dissolve nearly everything. Also, one of the scarce resources that occur as the three: solid, liquid and gas inside a reasonably limited variety of temperatures. Additionally, water is fundamental because it is Earth-like temperatures. Since it floods, water requires a capable way to move substances from a cell to the cell's environment. This is why Earth is so special, it is unusual because it’s an oceanic planet and water basically covers seventy percent of its surface. Additionally, after Earth, Mars is the most suitable planet for living due to many reasons; its soil contains water, has moderate temperature, enough sunlight for the use of solar panels, gravity is 38% which is adequate for the human body and it has an atmosphere. On the contrary, all the water on Masr today exists as ice , which makes it hard for living and scientists are still in the mission of figuring it out.

In conclusion, after several researches and data collected till now, Titan and Europa might have a slight probability in the future that they could be habitable; nevertheless, their oceans are buried under hundreds of kilometers of ice, so scientists said “It’s a challenging task” and they are not very sure whether there will be any changes in solar system or not.Conclusively, Earth is the only planet that is suitable for living. Likewise, the atmosphere of the Earth is made mainly of nitrogen and has plenty of H2O which helps us to breath easily. The atmosphere surface also protects us from meteoroids, which are the “Space rocks” in the universe.


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