Major Challenges Facing Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity has been growing rapidly since 2006 when cloud computing was introduced by most companies. Has a result more and more companies are spending more cash to improve their networks. There is no doubt that cyber has brought more problems with, however lack of training, unwarranted attacks, loss of property and human error have become a barrier that cannot be escaped within the cyber field.

With the Internet connections in a world where technology underpins almost every aspect of society, cybersecurity and forensics experts are increasing daily with a wide range of human error in real-time conditions. Is the company CEO's lacking knowledge of cybersecurity? A question that has been distinguished by consumers and throughout this essay, I will be discussing what needs to be accomplished and ague my opinions to human errors and lack of training to employees and consumers. How people apply the information online, also how they understand the concepts and responsibilities that come with errors and lack of training in the new technology.

Human error, one of the biggest anxieties raised in cybersecurity. In CompTIA's International Trends in cybersecurity research states: “52% of respondents felt cybersecurity issue was caused by human factors”. A key insider from Sony whose name is not mentioned argued human error can be eliminated by adding a layer of safety to existing security frameworks, browser isolation facilitates virtual browsing secessions in disposable Linux. With a lot of people gaining knowledge and finding ways to remotely break into the software's it's been a challenge for cybersecurity experts to reduce human error in today's technology. It is the role of users alongside platform owners to exercise vigilance and be accountable for understanding their platform this concept was argued by Wage CEO at Dallas cybersecurity conference. In 2016, security Boulevard stated, “often people are unaware of the actions they take are wrong”. Kayla Mathews director of cyber awareness at Alibaba argued in 2017 people are aware of the actions they take online, however, most of them still go ahead to insert their names, addresses and social security because they are ignorant of the small details. She stated companies that keep paperless records are more secure than those that really on data collections and storage devices. She went ahead to state: “The causes of cybersecurity incidents are often hard to pinpoint because there are various and not isolated to only one shortcoming”. Some companies are becoming so fixated on solving the human error that has led them to consider enforcing extreme punishments for individuals who do not follow policies. This practice has been taking place in the United Kingdom where humans are held accountable for their actions on their technology. The Information Commissioner Office CEO reported with the action being taken the number of human errors has dropped from 88% to 75%. This last major error caused by humans is due to poor user password practices. According to Wombat's 2018 user risk report, 66% of respondents who do not use a password manager tool admit to reusing 60% passwords across online accounts. Netwrix is one of the biggest passwords protecting the manager's bases. The CEO reported 3 out of 5 people worldwide will use passwords based on their marriage, date of birth, names, etc. for all their passwords, making their accounts vulnerable for hackers to access their information. Notpetyu reported people are ignoring the power of passwords and all the advertisements shown often about sites being hacked. Ray went ahead to state “if companies kept policies in place for people to change their passwords, we wouldn't be where we are today”. Humans only participate in what benefits them, not a company. If companies are not going to take the time to educate themselves on technology, the cybersecurity field is going to see a significant increase in human errors for years to come. In contrast, humans have become a major factor in cybersecurity. If companies are not going to take time to educate people on technology the cybersecurity fields are going to see a significant increase in human errors in years to come.

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Another major diversity facing cybersecurity is the lack of training. According to Experian's ‘Managing Insider Risk Through Training and Culture’ report, 66% of the data protection and privacy training profession that were surveyed labeled their employees as the 'weakest link' when attempting to safeguard their organizations from cyber threats. A general employee has up to two certificates in the cybersecurity sector, the vulnerability in today's security frameworks require a new approach, especially as the Internet continues to be engrained in all facets of a company operation. John Smith a manager from the Katy industry stated at a conference, employees in the cyber sector do not require additional training since they have met criteria to be employed within the department to work in the field for a quite number of years has, he argued. He went on to say new technologies have similar software and do not require employees to go for additional training. A study which was conducted by the Information Systems Security Association and analyst firm surveyed 343 cybersecurity professions. It came clear 67% of them claimed to lack the necessary skill sets to maintain systems. John Oltsik one of the leading cybersecurity engineers claimed 96 percent of companies do not provide the proper training and the 4% that do conduct the training too late. CISO's happened to be the only company to pass the test. A meeting held in China by NSC CEO; he said employees must take responsibility to train and improve their skills. Companies are only there to offer them jobs not to spend money on them to meet stands which they should already have to start with has he based opinions on a market standpoint. In contrast lack of training is a major problem which should be addressed by IBM. Training should be conducted to keep employees up to date to minimize the number of cyber threats.

Cybercrimes have exposed users to unwarranted attacks, loss of property, identity and online abuse. It is the role of all users, alongside with platform owners to exercise vigilance to eliminate these issues. Users are expected to be responsible and to protect themselves when it comes to technology usage. They need to report any issues that look suspicious and avoid falling to deliberate traps that lead to system errors. Platform owners, on the other hand, must abide by the set laws to help users understand their platforms and anything that may cause system treats. They need to invest in ensuring protection other users however that's not the case according to IBM reading research of the cyber field. They must involve the relevant experts in providing additional security, and they must take legal responsibilities that may arise from exposing their users to unwarranted cyberattacks by informing them immediately when the systems have failed. Faciolla (2013) has also expressed the concern of awareness and education to the masses to help them understand platforms. He believes a lot of media advertisement, education in institutions and other awareness campaigns need to be done to ensure that users are aware of their rights and regulations when it comes to technology. Further, he believes that this will help users to be more vigilant and avoid exposing themselves to risks. In contrast, unwarranted attacks and loss of properties occur occasionally and with training, it can help people understand the technical aspects.

In conclusion, human error, lack of training, unwarranted attacks have been challenges that will continue to trouble cybersecurity experts. It is the role of users, cybersecurity experts alongside platform owners to exercise vigilance towards the challenges facing cyber. As the Internet is booming worldwide these issues re increasing rapidly. The needs and involvement of every individual have different responsibilities to make a strong security system. The government should be involved to make sure that law enforcement achieves and take the time to evaluate security systems, such as military forces.


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