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Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? Essay

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Have you ever thought about how the Internet affects our cognitive abilities and changes our way of thinking? According to ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’ by Nicholas Carr, the Internet is affecting our process of thinking. The Internet is our ‘short way’ to answer which is causing us to decrease our independence. It’s affecting our professional and our personal life, which we can’t separate them to live a more balanced life. We are treating the Internet as an extension of our memory. The perception of knowing the interesting outcome’s database that people use the Internet. When searching on the Internet typically, we end up just to sift through the information, just capturing what is more relevant. It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole when you depend on the Internet. Engage in critical writing and reading be critical and not dismissive.

The Internet is often used for spending scanning headlines and posts and quickly surfing links, never spending too much time on any one thing. According to Carr, he finds “deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle” for spending a lot of time online. Since we have access to the Internet and with the click of a button, we can instantly find the information, therefore skipping the process of understanding the concept of our learning. We depend on the Internet for answers. It’s our short cut and without it, people wouldn’t know where to go to. The Internet also encourages people to copy the work of others rather than creating something original. Apparently, when we are faced with requests for information we do not know, our first impulse is to think of the Internet. The information retrieved from the Internet now arrives sometimes more quickly than what we can pull out of our own memories.

Also, in the article ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’ by Nicholas Carr, he introduces a media theorist Marshall McLuhan, that the media is just an entertainment not use for educational reasons. He states, “what the net seems to be doing is shipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation”. We just got to one thing to another so we lose focus on what we were doing in the being. Having critical thinking to concentrate on something more educational, will allow you to understand and address situations based on what you look upon the Internet instead of using a reliable source. Using the Internet, the web offers so many writings and ideas which make it harder to stay focused on the text. Reading makes a difference in educational performance, increasing general knowledge.

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People tend to not separate their personal and professional lives; they often use their personal life. In a Journal of College Science Teaching, ‘It Sais I Have a D how That Be’ by Connie Russell that “a frightening number of them (students) use IM abbreviation” because the student getting used to the way their ‘slang’ words, and when it comes to writing a professional email or essay, they tend to use them. Russell had stated that “are these types of corresponding more indicative of academic apathy, or do they indicate a lack of readiness for college”, which is causing the students an effect in our communication, access to our knowledge and social interaction. Also, according to the journal of college science teaching from Connie Russell, he mentions most “complaints from faculty about students use technology – off task texting or surfing the internet in class, short attention”. The Internet dissimulates on us think and learn how to evaluate sources. Having to do no work copying information and having to not think as much to worry about grammar and sources, when it’s all giving to us, no time will be wasted. Furthermore, being distracted.

Undoubtedly, the Internet has become a tool that we use on daily bases. Most of us can relate that the Internet is making us stupid. Most of us will probably admit that some points when we do projects, we’ll usually just skim through the Internet trying to find a specific idea or answer. We are not doing any critical thinking. We will just want to try to get it done since it was not time-consuming and it was given to us. But at-time we will lose concentration on what we will be doing but having the Internet cause us to constantly go through ads and go from one page to another. For example, Wikipedia is an unreliable source. It gives you other people’s opinions/comments some people don’t know, so that being said gets the wrong information.

So, that being said, getting information to use in our writing trying to prove something when is coming from another person when it could be wrong. Know the difference between facts and opinions get reliable sources. You have to put in the work and knowledge also not take other people’s writing without not giving them any credits try to make it authentic to be creative and add your point of view to try to relate. Critical writing is a challenge, but it takes time and practice and skilled it can feel out of place but at least you’re going to be creative. Reading and writing are about understanding why other people see it differently and what information is given. We lack confidence in our own judgment.

The Internet has a negative effect. The Internet may crucially change the way we think and certainly not for the better. The Internet is becoming an addiction is a very real issue with serious consecration people are becoming slaves to the internet that is supposed to make ‘life easier’. At the same time, the increase in demand is being higher in education and relying on the internet not being able to have something original. Always challenge your own thinking back it up with evidence and what is the main point you want to make. Critical thinking is valuable because it helps us to avoid mistakes. Why not take back what ours using our creative and critical thinking.

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