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How Cell Phones Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Mobile phones or cell phones are an essential piece of communication in an individual’s everyday life. In several countries, the use of cell phones is rapidly developing and over half the population owns a cell phone. They take pictures, record videos, play music, voice record and set alarms. Cell phones are a necessity for organizing your life, they have become a fundamental for everyday lives. This includes, being able to stay in contact with friends or family, being able to search up something on the Internet and keeping organized on a daily basis. In this generation, cellphones have evolved into a mini pocket computer with many additional features.

A phone is included with a useful application to access the web browser. Safari is the main Internet browser for iPhones. Almost everyone uses the Internet at least once a day to search up something. Since I am a student, I use the Internet to keep track of assignments for my classes and to do research. It is also convenient and fast when looking up directions to reach a certain destination. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix and in order to do that, I have to use the Internet to stream it.

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As life goes on, you make connections with people who come and go in your life. If I were to meet a new friend at a social event or school, I would want to stay in touch with them so we would exchange numbers and be able to contact each other whenever we are able to. Depending on the phone, Facetime is an application where you can video chat face to face and enjoy visual company of the person you are talking to. In case of emergencies, having a phone on you is an important factor. The authority or a friend can be contacted right away within a second.

As years go by, the expansion of applications that are incorporated on mobile devices continue to become more advanced and beneficial. On most phones, they have the ability to capture photos of amazing moments, play music, play games on spare times or a long car ride, set alarms and reminders, and many more. Being able to organize my life in the calendar application is very neat. I am capable of putting in appointments I have, or test days and I am able to set a reminder notification to remind me either hours or days before.

In conclusion, cell phones enlarge more possibilities to make our lives easier. They have created applications that allow people to communicate with each other from anywhere around the world, permitting individuals to search anything on the Internet whenever and wherever and to keep yourself organized using specific applications. Nowadays, no one has to carry around maps, a GPS, disposable cameras or a notebook since all of these essentials are included in a cell phone. With all this being said, I find myself to be very dependent on cell phones in my everyday life.

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