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Can Cell Phones Be Educational Tools? Essay

Learning can be done in several different ways, methods, and procedures. As what Marvin Minsky, an American computer scientist concerned with research of artificial intelligence, “You don’t understand anything until you learn in more than one way”. We are now in the 21st century a modern world full of vast technologies to provide wider platforms, and tools. Moreover, what is mobile phones? It is a cellular radio system without any physical connection or wiring that can be used to connect...
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Are Cell Phones Dangerous? Essay

In recent decades, mobile phones have become more and more important. The cell phone is a kind of communication tool with many functions. In this changing era, the advantages of mobile phones in some aspects even surpass other carriers such as newspapers, and it has become a prominent fourth media. More than 400,000,000 people in this world have a cell phone. People can do a lot of things easily through mobile phones like play games, call others, learn new things,...
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Cell Phones Are Dangerous to Health: An Essay

Are cell phones dangerous to your health? The answer to that question is ‘yes’; cell phones are dangerous because it can cause traffic accidents, germs and eye strain. The first reason why cell phones are dangerous is because it can cause germs if you don’t wash your hands very often. According to the article ‘Health Risks of Mobile Phones’ states that, “In 2011, researchers from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at Queen Mary University of London found that...
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Essay About Bringing Mobile Phone to School by Kids

A mobile phone is a portable device that is used as a tool of communication between people over a long distance. It allows people to make calls and send text messages. Nowadays, mobile phones are being used not only by adults but even the kids now are most likely having them. This leads some of the kids are heading off to the school while bringing their mobile phones along which creates an issue whether should or should not the kids...
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Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones for Children

Cell phone usage has always been a contradictory and immense topic to speak about especially with the impact on younger generations. In this paper the information will be addressing the use of smartphones relating to effects it can have on children of all ages. There are many aspects of the situation, but it recently has become quite a much broader issue now that the faces behind the screen are young children and preteens. I will be discussing both the advantages...
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The Negative Impact of Cell Phones: An Essay

I always wanted to talk about the negative impact of cell phones and explain my thoughts and opinions about it. No one can deny that phones are the most used technology these days. Why is that? And why is it so addictive? Mobiles phones not only bring lenience in communication, but also have many negative aspects that affect our health, children, and the lives of others. First, it has been proven that cell phones send microwave radiation, that is really...
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Cell Phones Should be Allowed in School: Argumentative Essay

A cell phone is an electronic device. The device has many uses including social networking, gaming, productivity and entertainment. Cell phones should not be banned for students, especially in 10th, 11th and 12th grades, because they can be used for school work and are a cheaper alternative for laptops. Banning cell phones for students will not stop them using them. One of the many reasons why cell phones should not be banned for students is because they can be used...
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Life Without Cell Phones: An Essay

Cell phones are everywhere these days. We see people of all ages — from toddlers in strollers to their grandparents — using cell phones, particularly the ubiquitous smartphone. We use cell phones to indulge in leisure activities and to work. It certainly seems to me that most people nowadays cannot, or dare not, imagine life without a cell phone. Among those who can afford it, the smartphone has become a status symbol, and for those who are concerned about projecting...
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Essay on the Impact of Cell Phones

The prominent areas, where impact of cell phones is obvious include business, education, health, and social life. Mobile technology has drastically changed the cultural norms and individual behaviors. The impacts are both on the positive side and also on the negative side. Today, cell phone reception has improved greatly due to the use of satellites and wireless services. As cell phones improved and became simple to use, the importance of cell phones increased accordingly. Cell phones are the perfect way...
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Essay on the Positive Effects of Cell Phones

Cell phones have become, indisputably, a part of everyday life. They have done so much for the world and will help raise a new generation of resourcefulness and fluidity. Cellphones have made life better for everyone by helping us stay connected, meet new people, make planning easier, created more jobs, and make information more accessible. Cell phones have become a major part of our lives. Cell phones have made information more accessible for millions. Now information can be found in...
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Why Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed in School

In this essay, I am going to discuss why cell phones should not be allowed in schools, and how banning cell phones in schools will benefit us in many ways. Students, according to this new rule, will be required to switch off their phones and store them securely in lockers from the start of the school day until the final bell. When emergencies occur, parents or guardians can reach their child by calling the school. Cell phones will be banned...
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Effects of Excessive Cellular Phones Use for Teenagers

Most teenagers are obsessed with their cellular phones and as time passes the number of teenagers who are fully engaged with their phones are slowly increasing and it is very alarming. Back in the older times where life was simple the only means of communication are through the word of mouth and letters but as our society improved so did our ways of communication. In the present time, with the help of technology, communication is now made easier with the...
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Should Students Be Allowed to Use Cellphones in School Essay

Technologies of Information and Communication have produced important changes in almost all aspects of modern life, and education, of course, is also under pressure to take advantage of innovative resources and to prepare talent with technological capabilities for the future. It implies the introduction of changes in the learning environment and methods of teaching and learning, however, technological gadgets and especially mobile phones could generate distractions and lack of concentration in students, which could produce an underperformance of participants in...
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How Cell Phones Affect Our Lives? Essay

Mobile phones or cell phones are an essential piece of communication in an individual’s everyday life. In several countries, the use of cell phones is rapidly developing and over half the population owns a cell phone. They take pictures, record videos, play music, voice record and set alarms. Cell phones are a necessity for organizing your life, they have become a fundamental for everyday lives. This includes, being able to stay in contact with friends or family, being able to...
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Dependence on Cell Phones as a Pressing Problem of Modern Society

The feeling of leaving your cell phone behind at home is one of the most terrorizing experiences because without our cell phones we feel lost and hopeless. Cell phones are one of the most popular devices that has shown evolutionary remarks throughout the world. Cell phones started out being huge then turned into minimal sizes, but now they are even bigger and better than before. Cell phones, otherwise known as smartphones now are owned by many in the world. Smartphones...
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Cell Phones Are a Distraction in Elementary School: An Essay

Technology is everywhere nowadays and the most common type is in a phone. They are one of the things that people rely on a daily basis. Sometimes, you see young kids, elementary kids holding a phone in their hand, even a kid that doesn’t even know how to walk. Young kids are using a phone not to pay attention to their daily life or school work, but rather using them for distraction. Many believe that this is helping young kids,...
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Cell Phones Are Crippling Our Youth

It is my belief that cell phones are crippling and incapacitating the majority of our youth. The advancements in technology have created a world where everything is literally at our fingertips. Cell phones undoubtedly play a vital role in simplifying our lives and they have become a necessity in the fast-paced world in which we live today. However, much of today’s youth tends to far exceed the use of cell phones to the point of it becoming an addiction. While...
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Are Cell Phones Harmful to the Human Race? An Argumentative Essay

There is a problem that plagues our society, unresolved it could be our downfall, it challenges our future as a civilization. What is this problem? Our technology or rather our overuse of the technological marvels that we carry around with us every day, mobile phones. We’ve all heard the claims that phones can contribute to a reduced attention span but did you know that overuse can also lead to infertility and much more, or can they? Some would lead you...
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The Evolution of Cell Phones: An Essay

In the last 40 years, technology has progressed in ways no one could have imagined. The cell phone is conceivably one of the most optimal inventions known to man. Continuously integrated with technological advancements, the cell phone has had a major influence on the lives of people from numerous lifestyles. Even in the last few years, there have been changes to the hand-held device that have unlocked a myriad of windows to events happening all around the world. Cell phones...
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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Essay

Technology has made a huge impact on our society over the years. Numerous inventions have reformed how we work, live and interact with others but at what cost? Before cell phones came into existence many could testify that their social lives were more delightful. One might find it hysterical that a gadget which was supposed to foster communication between individuals from several part of the world only ended up putting more distance between people? Not only did it affect people’s...
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Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Relationships: An Essay

According to Meredith David and James Roberts (2017), “It is ironic that cell phones, originally designed as a communication tool, may actually hinder rather than foster interpersonal connectedness”. Even though this wonderful device was initially created for communication can create a communication gap among users. Hence, cell phones hurt as well as help friendships. Relationships and technology are far two different concepts. One is emotional and requires feelings whereas the other is technical and more logical. The growth in technology...
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Screen Time Essay

In recent decades, digital technology has developed at an exponential speed, computers have evolved to small handheld sizes and cell phones have developed to small-sized can fit into a pocket, along with the availability and extensive usage of the Internet, both of which cause a phenomenon that children spend increasingly more time watching a screen. Screen time is not only the amount of time spent on television viewing but also means time spent on smartphones, computers as well as different...
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Argumentative Essay on Banning Cell Phones in the Workplace

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. With the development of technology and the advent of new social networking sites, people have been increasing attached to these tiny gizmos. It’s as if a part of them/ their extension that cannot be neglected and that has to be looked at every now and then. Actually, to say, there’s no fault in cell phones. They are just superbly created, excellently designed and perhaps the most extensively used gadget today....
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