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Essay on the Impact of Smartphones on Students

On every street and on every corner you can see people focused on their phones. Because you can use it anytime, anywhere, the use of phones has skyrocketed as technology has improved. Speaking about the field of education and the impact of smartphones on students, it should be noted that this technical achievement has both advantages and disadvantages. This essay is devoted to this topic. For education, smartphones help students to learn information and have access to educational videos and...
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Smartphones and Their Significant Impact on People's Lives

Smartphones are objects found in one’s everyday life and utilized for various reasons. It has become one of society’s technological advances, which has significantly changed the lives of those individuals who own one, myself included. If you own a smartphone, you find yourself bringing it with you everywhere you go; whether it may be school, work, gym, or simply places where you find leisure, smartphones are the one object that you’re accompanied by. Individuals can be seen to be physically...
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Why Phones Should be Allowed in School Essay

Phones have become a big part of our life no matter who we are. They are part of our lifestyles from the moment we wake up to the moment we close our eyes. It is already a major gadget that if it is taken away will just cause a major shift in people’s lives. Their phone is part of their daily life and can’t be taken away just like that knowing 90 percent of teens have a phone, a University...
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Essay on Smartphone Addiction Problem and Its Solution

Smartphone, the Internet-enabled device incorporated with computer applications and software, has become an inevitable part of life. Because of its portability and user-friendly nature, this device has attracted more and more people. According to Statista (2020), 3.5 billion people in the world use smartphone, which translates to 45.04% of the world’s population. Smartphone helps people to work, study, acquire or share information. It also helps people to maintain social relationships and enjoy leisure activities. Education is another field, which benefits...
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Essay on the Negative Effects of Smartphones

The majority of the innovations across the human history have been constrained by the functions they performed. However, the smartphone exceeds these limitations. It has become more than just a gadget but also a companion. This essay will argue that the comprehensive adoption of smartphones by most people is a cause for concern. It will discuss the negative effects of excessive smartphone use on the body, such as its physical and psychological effects that outweighs its benefits. Firstly, the psychological...
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Essay on the Impact of Smartphones on Society

Ring, Ring! The never-ending sound of your cell phone ringing. According to Pew Research Center, about three quarters of Americans own a smartphone. A prediction of the growing use of smartphones was made by the author of ‘Fahrenheit 451’. Although smartphones have become very popular and effective, they have negatively affected our society in many ways. Smartphones have affected society by limiting our ability to communicate face-to-face and empathize with people, affecting sleep patterns and health, and creating a new...
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Community Service Reflection Essay

I have been a volunteer at this community service, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, which is giving food and drinks or providing health services to the homeless in two places. Before I went to the community service, I found information and know exactly what I will do in this place, such as bringing children to take their food and drinks and issue biscuits and drinks to the homeless. Going through this community service led by Datuk Munirah has let me improve my...
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Smartphones for Our Mental Health

The introduction of smartphones has been proven beneficial in many aspects, tremendously changing our lives. It allows us to gain access to virtually ‘anything’ we could ever need such as entertainment, a camera, music, communication and web surfing. However, this access to just about ‘anything’ is short-lived. Notwithstanding the fact of convenience, one thing that smartphones cannot provide is support for our mental health. Although the introduction of the smartphone has brought about an undeniable amount of benefits, it cannot...
2 Pages 899 Words

How Are iOS and Android Similar? How Are They Different?

iPhone and Android implement their capabilities very differently, and there are some surprising variances between the two. You can download thousands of free programs for your Android phone. When an Android app crashes, a user may quickly look up the issue number and learn how to fix it online. iPhone users may have to wait for a bug repair or delete the offending app until the maker releases a fix. Unlike iOS, which is a ‘closed’ system that is difficult...
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iPhone Vs Android: Essay

We live now in era where almost everything comes down with a smart phone, from a common activity such as communication until now, we can even order a cab or taxi from our phone. It almost impossible to see persons not having a smartphone or even use the old-type phone. No wonder, ever since the industrial revolution 4.0 or even the starting point of millennial era now a smartphone becomes a primary need for everyone. The fact is that today...
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Essay on the Impact of Smartphones

With the progressing move of smartphones towards close pervasiveness, quite a bit of society has come to underestimate these do all gadgets. In defeating oddity of smartphones, a significant number of us have lost our one time feeling of wonderment at this innovative, and have stopped wondering about the impact it has on our general surroundings. Be that as it may, it is obvious that smartphones have applied a colossal and multifaceted effect on society, and keep on doing as...
3 Pages 1494 Words

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smartphone for a Teenager: An Essay

Today technology makes our life easier than past. And smartphones are one of them. A smartphone is multitasking device. It’s normally used to communicate with friends, relative and colleagues. Nowadays more than half of the teenager aged between 13 to 19 uses smartphones, not to just call their parents but also to listen music and do lot of stuff. No wonder, smartphones are very useful and become important part of our daily life, but they have a great negative impact...
2 Pages 689 Words

Mobile Applications and Their Importance in Our Daily Life

Smartphones have become one of the most central parts of our lives due to mobile apps development. Technology growth had made our lives busier so it is difficult for us to be organized while multitasking. The growth of mobile apps had made our day-to-day life easier and well organized. Starting from entertainment to business, everything became more compact, accessible and less time consuming with the help of apps. People can download any apps from Google Play Store. There are many...
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IPhone Essay

Apple just became the first American public company to cross $1 trillion in value. Apple’s core product, the iPhone, has ranked amongst the top five smartphone vendors in the world since 2009. It was January 9 2007 when Steve Jobs took to the stage of the Moscone Center in San Francisco to announce the arrival of the iPhone, which went on sale on June 29 of the same year. Since then apple has made 19 different iPhone modules. The progress...
2 Pages 1055 Words

Smartphone Addiction: An Essay

“Why don’t you ever put that phone down?”, “Smartphones are ruining your generation”, “Why are you constantly on that thing?”. These are just a couple of things that I hear from my mom on a daily basis, complaining about how me and my generation are addicted to our phones. There is no shortage of adults that scold younger people about their phone usage. Yet anytime I am out in public everyone I see is glued to their screen, regardless of...
2 Pages 986 Words

Dependence on Cell Phones as a Pressing Problem of Modern Society

The feeling of leaving your cell phone behind at home is one of the most terrorizing experiences because without our cell phones we feel lost and hopeless. Cell phones are one of the most popular devices that has shown evolutionary remarks throughout the world. Cell phones started out being huge then turned into minimal sizes, but now they are even bigger and better than before. Cell phones, otherwise known as smartphones now are owned by many in the world. Smartphones...
2 Pages 919 Words

Essay on Life before and after Smartphones

Was life better before smartphones? What was daily life before almost everyone had smartphones? First smartphones were invented in 1992. There are several differences between life before and after smartphones, they also have some similarities. Speaking of similarities, the first thing to note is that people could make calls before smartphones were invented. They used other kind of things to communicate each. For example, people made use of radio wave phone, rotary telephone and telegraph. All of these phones still...
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