Essay on the Impact of Smartphones on Students

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On every street and on every corner you can see people focused on their phones. Because you can use it anytime, anywhere, the use of phones has skyrocketed as technology has improved. Speaking about the field of education and the impact of smartphones on students, it should be noted that this technical achievement has both advantages and disadvantages. This essay is devoted to this topic.

For education, smartphones help students to learn information and have access to educational videos and applications. Their many uses and advantage of smartphones in our life it helps us to see things in a positive way and believing that our works become easy and we don’t waste time on finding someone or things using phones. Smartphones have also an application to find meaning quickly and easy like Merriam-Webster, Dictionary and a lot more, than can help the student find the right meaning or the right language of the words. This statement shows that phones greatly help a student user for his/her educational uses and may help him/her to excel in academics.

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Aside from these, students also seek entertainment and social connectivity which helps in their social skills and knowledge. They also contain applications that ease daily activities and offer specific functionalities.

Phones can also be used for emergency purposes when needed in school. Simply put, the advancement of technology applied in smartphones has provided many advantages for a student.

Smartphones also have disadvantages for students who are too much exposed to it. The use of smartphones decreases productivity in students who are consumed by it. Students who are attached to their smartphones can be easily distracted from doing their homework and finishing their projects. A study done in 2014, revealed that students do not utilize their smartphones for learning purposes and more for using the Internet and social media apps. They prefer to use their smartphones to search information up on online search engines as opposed to going to the library to find resources. Students are found having a difficulty in balancing study life with the constant urge of being on their smartphone 24/7.

The physical health of the younger generation is being compromised. The apps on their phones disrupts their sleeping schedules which result in later bed times and fatigue in the morning. Adolescents have a high-risk potential of feeling musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, headaches and eyestrain. During a period of 2 hours or longer on the phone, resulted in increased lower back, neck and shoulder pain within youths. Staring for long periods of time at a screen can also lead to eye damage with the blue violet lights our phones are emitting. This can lead to more headaches and migraines.

Although communication has become easier with the development and rapid changes in technology, however, it has also become a factor influencing communication styles between people. The downside is the limited face-to-face interaction people have and the increase in messenger communication in social engagement. A study showed that a decrease in face-to-face interaction had negative effects on one’s quality of conversation, closeness and connection when having a conversation about sensitive topics. A study done in 2015 showed the significant relationship between people’s dependence on smartphones and social needs. Social anxiety and social stress are factors that lead to poor quality relationships. Social stress refers to an over excessive use of one’s smartphone. Habits can be formed by users who become attached to their phones, these habits can include unintentional urges to check one’s phone constantly. This can lead to an addicted behavior where they can start developing anxiety or stress when their phone is not in sight.

In conclusion, the smartphone has become an integral part of one’s life. It has brought an overwhelming change into how the world functions since its debut in 1992. It has changed the lifestyle of its users, how they interact through the numerous platforms available at their fingertips and gives access to anything and everything the smartphone offers. It has made keeping track of one’s life easier and more enjoyable. One can search up anything they want to know within seconds with the vast number of search engines available to them. The power the smartphone has over one’s life depends on how often one checks their phone. The era of smartphones has brought positive impacts, especially in the education field. The negative impacts outweigh the positives when it comes to the younger generations social, educational and mental health. An overuse in smartphone can result in higher levels on depression, anxiety and loneliness. It can cause distractions in the learning process and can negatively impact academic performance and life satisfaction. An addition to one’s smartphone can lead to negative effects in face-to-face conversation quality, connection and closeness. The phobia ‘nomophobia’ the fear of being without a phone was coined when the demand for smartphones was growing bigger and bigger. Students’ physical health can also be impacted by their smartphone use which can leader to body pains and poor eyesight.

The power of smartphones is neither good or bad, it is how one uses it that can determine how it can impact their life.

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