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The Internet and Its Impact on Society: An Essay

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What are the most populous large mammals on Earth today? Humans, that’s who, and probably in all of geological history. We continue to inhabit the Earth causing more harm than good, humans’ number in the vicinity of 7.5 to 7.6 billion individuals. How does the Earth manage to manage to accommodate and support the needs of so many human beings? It does not have a choice and I fear that in time our resources will be diminish in quantity leaving. With the earth being so overpopulated you may wonder how does communication occur on such a vast platform especially between people who are in different countries or different ethnic groups. The Internet, being that it was at first was just a small concept at first by Nikola Tesla.

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. With the invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer the Internet has set the stage for this exceptional integration of capabilities. The Internet is at once a world-wide mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium or channel for interaction between individuals and their computers with little to no regard for geographic location. So, no matter where one is there is always a chance for communication as the Internet seeks to have no bounds whatsoever. We are part of a society that is much more connected than ever before. This is due to the use of the Internet. Connected through our smartphones, social media, and other outlets. As a result, we are much more data-driven than ever before hence moving us into a technologically dependent era.

The Internet affects everything in today’s world. It has become the controller of our world as. What the Internet depicts as the next ‘trend’ must be obeyed or one will face possible risk of exile from various social groups. The Internet is the greatest reflection of humanity and so it contains both good and bad. The future of mankind has become a pressing issue in regards to the Internet. The Internet has created brobdingnagian amounts of value and opportunities for people the world over, everywhere in the world. Firstly, the global economy has changed dramatically because of the Internet opportunities are easily available now as it has become the most used form of mass media. The conjoining of Internet communication technology and renewable energies in the 21st century, will perhaps give rise to the Third Industrial Revolution. Secondly, how the Internet benefits global education seems fairly obvious, but it hasn’t come without disadvantages. Information is such an important detail of everyone’s life and it is now easily accessible at their fingertips. Furthermore, individuals have never had so much erroneous information at their fingertips as well. In the digital age, learning how to filter information has become a skill that is of utmost importance for global citizens who wish to be educated as well as to further themselves in life.

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I think the Internet may also, both directly and indirectly, be corroding our mental and physical health. Then again, the Internet doesn’t inherently cause these health problems, we do even though awareness of the situation has come to light. Dependent is what we have become an obsession has developed and we humans are in no hurry to break these chains of infection that has been given to us. On a superficial level, the Internet has eased our lives in multiple ways. While ideas which have an intrinsic merit are not affected by rudeness, it is easy to deride and ridicule people who hold farce opinions and it assists in reaching the truth quickly.

With the advent of Internet, humanity is on a fast-paced irreversible trajectory towards a greater collective intelligence breaking through all social, political and religious barriers and with that the Internet now holds a very important role in history. What has happened to our habits that took decades to form and our cultural sense of who we are? These things happened slower in previous eras, letting humans adjust more readily to be able to assess the impacts and adjust. That is simply not true anymore. Intelligence is what made humans the dominant species on the planet is also what lead us the human race to discover the Internet. Intelligence is the most powerful instrument around.

Still, they are seven billion of us on the planet, all seeking a connection with the world and with each other via product choices, online activities, sources of news and information, and our notions of the world, and all of this is on display in our digital world, easier to both access and manipulate more than ever before. There is promise, but the risk of being vulnerable has become present. So, as we think about the future that is already all around us, what is this future about? The Internet offers a vast amount of diversity as a majority of the world does not speak English, even though most of us tend to believe that the English is the chosen language of the world. This being said, there a need to for a way that we all can understand each another through the use of the Internet as our languages will need to be understood. People will allow the transfer of data, information, thoughts, business proposals, and ultimately interconnectedness across space. Diversity can be used to describe the Internet as a plethora of people have come to use this global computer network to communicate.

The future of the Internet seems to be very interesting as there are many possibilities available. Security measures will have to be implemented as well as make sure that it remains an open network for anyone to be able to use. We should be careful that it isn’t exploited to allow the rich to become richer and keep others in poverty. The Internet more definitely adding to the human experience and, more importantly, what they’re subtracting from the human experience.

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