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In the current competitive world, advertising has become an essential strategy for many businesses in winning over market share and gaining a competitive advantage over peers. This has resulted in rapid growth in online advertising, consequently leading to the generation of large data volumes on targeted customers. Data mining applications such as customer behavior analysis, a recommendation system for e-commerce,...
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Databases are everywhere. In the ever-emerging Internet age our daily interactions with databases and cloud storage have increased in ways we can barely imagine and will only continue to increase in the future. With the rise in the collection of raw data, techniques must be developed to sort through and find the usable data. This is where data mining comes...
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In computer science, software engineering plays part in the design and analysis of projects for computer and other electronic gadgets. In software development processes, the work is part into particular stages with specific tasks in each, with the aim of improving planning and management. The most usually utilized procedures incorporate waterfall, prototyping, iterative and incremental development, spiral development, RAD, extreme...
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Data mining is primarily used today by companies with a strong consumer focus - retail, financial, communication and marketing organizations. It enables these companies to determine relationships among 'internal' factors, such as price, product positioning or staff skills, and 'external' factors, such as economic indicators, competition and customer demographics. And, it enables them to determine the impact on sales, customer...
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The concept of data mining is generally concerned with finding and looking up for relevant information or knowledge previously available in data. Data mining is applied in many fields, one of the hottest fields is healthcare. Since healthcare data is stored in electronic format, the storage of the data will be huge and complex, which make it a fertile environment...
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Data mining can be referred as the process of mining hidden knowledge from large volumes of raw data previously stored in data bases or as excel sheets. Data mining also enables the organizations to uncover and understand the hidden patterns in vast databases by using their current reporting capabilities, which are then further built to data mining models and applied...
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In the yesteryears, it was highly expensive to store and maintain information. However, due to the progression in the area of information gathering and WWW in the last couple of decades, it is a fact that, vast volumes of information or data are obtainable in electronic format. To store such huge volumes of data or information the database size is...
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