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Essay on the Future of Computers

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In nowadays, the technology that has more impact on human beings is the computer. The computer had changed our lives dramatically in the 20th century. How the computer affected our society, well, our generation strives to be a fast-paced society in which every task must be done speedily. The computer technology we use, our daily life, has a magnificent advantage to satisfy our desire which is the computer can execute multiple tasks in a short period spent. To compare with history, today’s society is the fastest society that humanity has ever lived, and it will be faster as time passes on. Before computers commercialized to the public, the telephone was a vast and dominant technology to use for communication. When the computer became a common technology for the public that everyone started to possess their computer, it has changed our communication system in our life.

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Modern computers are found everywhere around (homes, offices, businesses, hospitals, and schools etc.) that modern society become highly dependent on computers. Many people feel frustrated and unconscious when computer system is down or malfunctioning temporarily. Because of high dependency on computer, it figured as an essential tool to have in modern society. Today’s computers are smaller, faster and cheaper than the past. Future computer promises to be even cheaper, faster, smaller and smarter than current computers. People make questions on how the computer can be smarter than what it is now, since we are able to implement machine learning and artificial intelligent. Is it even possible and necessary to have smarter computer? To answer to the first question, we can’t easily conclude that we can build smarter computer. But we are on processing to invent new computing system called quantum computing. Before giving a brief description of what quantum computing is, let’s talk about how the current computer functioning. Classical computer or computer that we use daily in our live carry out logical operations using definite position of physical state. These are called binary, meaning its operation are based on one of two positions (on or off also known as 1 or 0). However, the quantum computer is quite different than classical computers. Based on the definition from science alert magazine by Vladimir Timofeev, “Quantum computers perform calculations based on the probability of an object’s state before it is measured…they have the potential to process exponentially more data compared to classical computers”. Classical computers take long time to solve complicated math problems, which means it can be a huge impact on scientist and mathematicians. It will be useful in medical area also to analyze DNA more efficient and accurate. Therefore, it will lift our lifestyles to higher level such as adopting quantum computers that will solve problem faster and more accurate than conventional computers. It boosts up scientific research process and we can find new scientific theory that human could not solve in past.

Summing up, we can say that the computer has brought us various aspects of our lives and has increased the quality of our lives more effectively. The computer has created the fastest growing society in the history of mankind. And the future of computers looks very promising.

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