An Essay on Preparing for a Career in the Computer Industry as a Computer Engineer

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Since 1936, computers have been one of the most important machines ever created. Computers are the staple of society as they can do anything such as solving math problems to finding people the love of their lives. Computer engineering is a subpart of engineering that puts together the two fields of computer science and electronic engineering which are used to develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering, software design, and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. The career of computer engineering is a very skillful job that requires a lot of knowledge but can pay very well. Computer engineers must be involved in all common hardware and software areas of the computer. This would include CPUs, processors, graphics cards, OS processing software, and circuitry. Computer engineering will also focus on how computers work but also how the human mind uses the computer and specific algorithms that will make computers easier to use. The common tasks for an engineer would be designing certain chips, circuit boards, and specific Linux operating systems. Computer engineers should also be fit for other computing processing like robotics which is based on internal and external system controls and digital system controls.

In most colleges and universities, computer engineer understudies are permitted to pick zones of inside and out the investigation in their lesser and senior year, in light of the fact that the full broadness of information utilized in the plan and utilization of PCs is past the extent of a college degree. Organizations may require building understudies to finish a couple of long periods of general designing before pronouncing computer engineering as their essential center.

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Computer engineering started in 1939 when John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry started building up the world's first electronic advanced PC through material science, arithmetic, and electrical design. John Vincent Atanasoff was previously a material science and arithmetic educator for Iowa State University and Clifford Berry’s previous alumni under electrical designing and physical science. Together, they made the Atanasoff-Berry PC, which was also called the ABC which took 5 years to finish. While the first ABC was disassembled and disposed of during the 1940s a tribute was made to the late creators, an imitation of the ABC was made in 1997 where it took a group of analysts and designers four years and $350,000 to assemble. The cutting-edge PC developed during the 1970s, after a few achievements in semiconductor innovation. The primary computer science certificate program in the United States was set up in 1971 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, there were 250 PC building programs in the U.S. Computer building and electronic building programs incorporate simple and advanced circuit structures in their educational plans. Most will include, designing controls and having sound information on arithmetic and science is fundamental for computer engineers. Computer designing is alluded to as software engineering and building at certain colleges. Most section level PC designing occupations require at any rate a four-year certification in computer building. You may not think math is needed but to be successful you must become familiar with a variety of arithmetic, for example, analytics, polynomial math and trigonometry, and some software engineering classes. Equipment builds regularly work with computer programming frameworks, a solid foundation in code writing and computer programming is important. Indicated by BLS, “Computer engineering is like electrical building yet with some software engineering courses added to the educational program”. All enormous firms or concentrated occupations require a graduate degree. It is very significant for computer engineers to stay aware of quick advances in innovation to get ahead of the game. Along these lines, many keep learning all through their professions which can drag some people down. This can be useful though, particularly with regards to adapting new abilities or improving existing ones. For example, as the general expense of fixing a bug in software expands the further along it is in the product improvement cycle, there can be more prominent cost reserve funds ascribed to creating and testing for quality code at the earliest opportunity all the while, and especially before discharge.

There are two ways to stand out from the rest of the engineers and become even more successful in the field of computer engineering: equipment and programming. Computer work for computer equipment companies had a normal ten-year development from 2014 to 2024 with an expected 3% with a sum of 77,700 employments that equivalent year. This surprisingly went down from 7% for the 2012 to 2022 gauge. This is also surprisingly down from the 2012 to 2022 gauge of 22% for programming designers. Developing worries over cybersecurity means putting PC programming building high over the normal pace of increment for all fields. A portion of the work will be redistributed in remote nations. Because of this, work development won't be as quick as during the most recent decade, as occupations that would have gone to PC programming engineers in the United States would rather go to programming engineers in nations, for example, India.

Computer engineering careers have greatly shot up over the past couple of years with a great spike in new technological advances are paving the way for easy access for anyone to boot up a computer and learn how to do it all. Google is the highest paying company in the computer engineering industry with employees earning an average of $124,000 per year, which is 21% higher than the average computer engineering salary in the United States. A senior engineer at Google can earn up to $285,000 or more. The average salary of computer engineers in the United States is $102,450 per year, which is 106% higher than the average U.S. salary. The latest research found that new college graduates can earn an average salary range of $61,000 to $76,000 per year. Most computer engineers have tremendous job security compared to other professions. Computer engineering jobs have been on an increasing spike for the last 20 years and there is no stopping anytime soon. The job growth anticipated for software developers is 24% over the next ten years. Information security analyst positions should grow by about 28%. Of course, there won't be the same type of demand for all computer engineering positions like web design which will stay at the same average pace. One huge perk of being a computer engineer is that anyone with a track record as a computer engineer can basically choose to live wherever he wants, within some limits. Silicon Valley is a great choice for anyone with a taste for the California lifestyle. Most large companies have their own on-staff engineers managing their computer networks and databases. If you really enjoy traveling though, you may want to consider a different career such as a consultant, with a specialized skill, such as information security. These consultants help companies ensure that their data is protected from cyberattacks. You can literally fly in, work for a company for a few months, and then fly off to another destination when the project is done.

Now this career might seem like it’s for you but remember like most professions, computer engineering isn't a career that everyone will like, and it does have its drawbacks. If you don't enjoy learning, and keeping your skills up-to-date, for example, then an environment in which constant innovation is a constant, would not be a benefit at all. The jobs are often quite boring, requiring you to sit at a desk for several hours at a time. However, if you believe the pros outweigh the cons, then this is likely a great career choice for you.

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