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Why I Want to Be an Engineer Essay

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“The scientist discovers a new type of material or energy and the engineer discovers a new use for it.” This was given by Sir Gordon Lindsay Glegg, British engineer. The term engineer is derived from Latin word ingenium, meaning “cleverness” and ingeniare, meaning “to contrive, devise”. Word Engineer tells us how he/she can change the world. From childhood I was fascinated in logical thinking, application of basic scientific principles in our lifestyle. Engineers are the people who use the brain to apply their knowledge to come up with solution. Scientist discover new type of material, energy or pose new scientific law and come up with new theory. But Engineer uses this to come up solution for a problem. If scientists are the soul, then engineers are the body.

Engineering is the field that helps us in solving problems in world by inventing machines, applying fundamental to come up with a new idea. Often when I got chance, I use to take screwdriver remove all parts even though I was never able to put it together. Children are very much excited about their new toys but only lasts for maximum of a month, after that children start to open up their toys. Often, I had curiosity various technological elements and learning how they work. I think it helps me in evolving and doing things differently and uniquely. No matter what background of engineering we are studying, every background eventually has to work together. For example, we take machine, what materials we have to use and what should be the composition of materials whether it reacts with chemicals or products generated, Metallurgical and Chemical engineering come to place. For electrical components, circuits and for communication of the device with us we require the knowledge of Electrical, Electronics and Communication. For designing the machine and knowing the mechanics and coding we require the knowledge of Mechanical and Computer engineering.

As engineers keep on changing the world with inventions which affect everyone’s life. Being an engineer is fun because everyday we get to learn something new.

Engineer is always a student; unlike schooldays the books doesn’t define the syllabus. Engineer always needs himself/herself to be up to date because we don’t know with what idea we can come up with to solve one’s quest. Engineer always have urge to solve and help with people’s problem. No matter where we are, we always think and try to come with alternate solution. Engineer always have the chance/talent to change the face of world. Even engineer get to travel all across the globe and explore many places. Engineering doesn’t mean always to work hard.

But rather I think engineering is joyful. In this we never get bored. every field offers non-stop and ever-changing challenges. Every project is never the same so you always will have problems to solve. Engineering provides a very promising career. Engineer never have to worry a lot but instead they can focus more on their work. It also provides a very high-grade pay-scale. They never have to worry about their pay-scale. Instead we have to always try to improve our skills and keep on thinking. It provides plenty of career opportunities. It isn’t single field. There are many specializations can be pursued by us depending on our interest. Engineer are very well respected in society and also pride of doing something great also gives us the job satisfaction.

When I was child, I always used to dream to design cars, spaceships and rockets.

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As I grew up my interest towards robotics and machines grew. I often found myself surfing in internet about latest unmanned vehicles, automation and also tried to attend as many tech fests possible. My father often used to take me to his exhibition where I used to see many innovative things. My father being an automation engineer, used to bring his work home and would try explain his work automation and designing part. Even though I hardly understood anything, I always liked what he uses to do. I can say that My Father might be the major reason why I choose engineering field. Most members of family are engineer majors. Engineering flows in our bloodline.

I always used to take part in various exhibition but never won one. I don’t know it didn’t demotivate me. In upper education I use to participate in NCSC (National Children Science Congress) and many times my group got selected to national round.

It is competition in which is quite similar what a engineer does. In this, we have to examine the problem, conduct surveys or examine the present day scenario and we have to put a theory or model for the problem. For theory or model, we use research in internet and do various experiments. We also used various devices for

analysing the problem which helps us to understand the problem fully helps us in recommending practical solution to the problem. In my higher education, I had presented a laser spirograph as my project which helps in creating moving hologram. Laser Spirograph is a device which uses principle of rotating motor with mirror fixed to axle and when laser light is projected on the mirror it creates particular pattern with single light source. In this we can create smaller hologram of person or object with one light source. Main principle is that rotating motor we used was around 150 rpm and so when light projected on mirror for infinitely small time, angle of refection changes which helps in moving light.

This project was made basic of optics along with higher level of integration. This is what engineers do. Engineers use basic and advanced level of subject to create machines and to solve the problem. This was also reason to become a engineer.

I always had a passion for maths and physics. They were my strength for JEE Advanced. I could easily use basic and advanced from different topics to find the solution for a problem. I enjoy myself to think out of the box and apply them in real world problems. It also excites me to pursue a professional career which will give many opportunities. Best thing of engineering is that it provides you many chances. Even if you fail, you will have as many tries you like. And I think I have that much of patience, logical skills and communication which are the major aspects of engineering.

In conclusion, I want to become a robotics engineer because my love for maths, physics and critical thinking and also logical thinking. My family, especially my father helped in growing my interest in automation. I think can easily mix basics and advance concepts and can analyse the problems, which helps in finding new methods to solve a problem. Most important of engineering is that we have to never worry whether we will fail or succeed in it. Famous Amercian Engineer, Henry Petroski said “Failure is central to engineering. Every single calculation that an engineer makes is a failure calculation. Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail”.


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