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My chosen area of graduate employment aspiration is to work as business manager in the retail sector. In the role of business manager I will be in charge of designing the business strategies and managing everyday operations to ensure company's efficiency, profit and success.

Being a business manager requires strong interpersonal and leadership skills which are vital for this role and stupendous teamwork is essential for any business success. The job of a business manager requires both excellent written and verbal skills of communication as it necessitates the ability to identify growth opportunities.

Apart from the employment as a retail business manager, the other employability opportunities for business manager can be: actuarial analyst arbitrator, business advisor, business analyst, business development manager, chartered management accountant, corporate investment banker, supply chain manager.

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My degree in Business management prepares me for a career where I can apply to any business sector/industry as there are immense choice areas you can work in with this degree and aim to get relevant work experience.

The work of a business manager inspires and influences the day to day success of a company, and business manager plays a key role in upholding the company's key business values, ideals, culture with the clients and other business stakeholders.

Responsibilities of a business manager include:

  1. Identifying and assessing the every latest growth opportunity in current and prospective markets of the business.
  2. Strive for the company's goals and objectives.
  3. New employees recruitment and training
  4. Performing employee evaluations from time to time regularly and to advise them their areas of improvement.
  5. Working on targets, designing business strategies, adhering to company policies and meeting company goals and standards.
  6. Ensuring the availability of sufficient resources such as personnel, material, equipment in the company/business.
  7. Ability to perform periodic budget analysis and develop company budget
  8. Ensure the company activities cohere to legal policies and terms.
  9. Evaluation and estimation of company performance on a gross scale.

The key role of a business manager is to provide employees with the resources to deliver world-class quality of work and ensure company success at an optimum level. Business managers may supervise a specific department within in a large business organization, in smaller companies they may handle multiple departments. Business managers act as pilot of the plane by enforcing and supervising where necessary certain operations, objectives to ensure smooth flow of daily activities in a company business. The role of business manager demands master leadership skills and vision for business productivity and growth. In their day to day duties business managers should foster relationships with appropriate business partners. Estimating cost parameters, gauging P&L profit and loss of this company departmental division relies on the business manager, they shoud be keen enough to forecast sales and target sales plan.

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