How to Be an Effective Manager: Essay

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A manager may be one that administers to associate organization by allocating resources amongst subordinate levels. The term ‘effective’ suggests that one is self-made in manufacturing desired or meant results. Effective managers communicate job expectations through appraisals, develop personal growth opportunities, and build a legal work surrounding for workers. Organizations want effective managers to realize their goals because the modern geographical point is various, comprehensive, and evolving. The question arises, how to be an effective manager?

Firstly, as leaders, managers need strong people skills, allowing them to act as coaches. A skill like good communication is good as the ability to get along with others, persuade others, get others to listen to your ideas, and the clarity of what you say. Managers should know themselves well enough to detect and work around their blind spots as they seek to build teams. Another thing about strong people skills is trust. Being a manager is all about trust. You must trust your team members have the business’s best interest at heart. You must trust that they will work together to complete any task that comes their way. And finally, you must trust that all of this will happen without your constant supervision. This can be seen in successful managers. As such, I strongly think that managers need to develop strong people skills in order to be effective.

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Secondly, “self-management should be the manager's number-one priority”, says consultant and executive management coach Lisa Baker. “It is important for a manager to understand how his capability for self-management impacts either positively or negatively on his abilities to manage his role, function and build relationships”. Without effective self-management, you will find it difficult to assess and manage your own workload well enough to effectively delegate the right work to your team, which could lead them to feel micromanaged or that you're not empowering or developing them. Without effective self-management, you could lose credibility and your team's respect as it will be difficult for them to take seriously any instruction, direction, leadership, or (heaven forbid) correction from someone who can't apply the same principles to his or her own initiatives or work habits. Managers must know themselves, their values, strengths, weaknesses, and personal desires. Without an honest assessment of these things, it will be difficult to give real purpose and meaning to your work. So, to be an effective manager, it is important to learn to manage stress and conflict in order to achieve the emotional stability necessary to function well in all areas of life, not just on the job.

And finally, communication. Managers need to spend more time talking to others informally if they really wish to find out how others really feel, for example, about the project, the project manager, or other team members. To just talk and communicate well is not sufficient. Active listening is part of effective communication. Managers need to make more time to listen carefully to what others have to say. They need to use techniques such as paraphrasing to play back the message received to ensure the message sent equals the message received more effectively by becoming more people competent and by displaying appropriate behaviors that go with these. Managers of the future need to understand their company culture better and apply this knowledge through good people project management to achieve better results. Effective managers need to bring people together who do not want to work together. They need to become skilled negotiators, hard on issues, and soft on people. They need to show their own behavior in a caliber and quality that others can respect. Managers need to have better training in skills in working with people so they understand the people side better and communicate to others more effectively what project management is all about. They need to understand much better how people are made up, for example, how they might react to the project manager's approaches and how they themselves need to change their approaches towards people. Good managers need to have good effective communication skills with people at all levels of the organization. For communication, managers must also have good relationships with coworkers, patients, competitors, distributors, investors, and others. Relationships offer opportunities for mutual growth, collaboration, innovation, information sharing, and new business development, but they also pose challenges in these respects. The distinguishing factor between a successful manager and an ineffective leader is the ability to effectively manage relationships, so this skill should be developed.

Summing up all of the above, in order to be an effective manager, one should develop strong people skills, self-management skills, and effective communication skills.

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