Differences Between a Manager and a Leader and Their Role in an Organization

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This work will look to explain what management and leadership is and how it works in an organization. It defines the term of manager and leader, it will present the differences between a manager and a leader, their role in an organization.

The importance of management resides in the fact that it meets personal needs. Since ancient times people have watched to achieve their goals and increase their livelihood through cooperation. In the course of time, the organizations in which collaboration between people are channelling into the achievement of objectives agreed by all members of the community have been made. Management can be viewed as a way to control activities that lead to the achievement of the organization's objectives.

All organizations are built and rely on an effective management, this implies the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. No matter the size of the business the managers have the same responsibilities, they must make sure that the things are done. Another duty of a manager is to think about what will happen in the future, to anticipate the things. Many people do not see the difference between manager and leader, other suggest that the differences are as big as the size of the business (Ebert and Griffin, 2013).

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Management represents the systematic coordination of an organization by a member in an efficient and profitable way. The one who practices management is a person who is responsible for controlling, coordinating and planning in the administration of an organization. A manager depends on the management function within the organization, he is followed by subordinates due to the hierarchical structure, has the ability to execute a vision. It adapts the vision of the company. A manager is a good administrator, he is the one who respects the procedures and rules in an organization, focuses on systems, sees only titles and organizational charts and has a short-term vision. The manager appears with stability and focuses heavily on the process itself (Hall et al., 2008).

Sometimes it is difficult to see any differences between management and leadership in a company, a manager is a leader as a result of the role he plays. There are some distinctions due to their abilities. When we think about a leader, we see abilities like the art of inspiring, he has vision and trust, has a positive attitude, good communication skills, open-minded, enthusiastic and transparent, encourages others, assumes responsibility, delegates tasks, motivates their team. A manager is disciplined, is committed to work, puts in practice the decisions, has competence and patience, coordinates and plans, manages, complies with procedures, allocate tasks.

Leadership represents a quality of a person to influence people in order to make them fulfil the objectives, the purpose with passion. The one who practices leadership is a person of vision. He is a person who has the ability to inspire his followers, so that they can be found in his vision. It comes in support of them as a guide through encouragement, collaboration and own example. Help them create a strategy for achieving their goals. A leader must not necessarily hold a leadership function unlike a manager. A leader is pursued because of his beliefs, behaviour, and personality. The leader learns from the past, knows where he is now and knows which is the place to which he is headed. He manages to inspire his team in creating a direction. It's the one that creates the vision (Heller, 2018)

The leader is the one who changes procedures and improves them. He is not afraid to challenge a situation in fact, allowing himself to do things differently and think differently. The leader focuses on the human side and has long-term forecasts, he appears with the change and deals mainly with the results obtained.

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