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Negative Impact of Computers on the Environment and Human Health

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We all know that computers are a very important part of our modern life, but they do have a negative impact on the environment and human health, and in this article, I will try to explain these negative phenomena.

First of all, attention should be focused on the negative impact of computers on the environment. The first negative is about the chemicals from the electronic components inside your computer. When you throw away your computer parts, they end up in a landfill, where they then go through a process to recover things like gold, silver, and copper. But in order for them to be able to do so, they need to burn these components, which releases hazardous smoke into the air. Toxins are also released into the air and can affect our health, like polluting our water, which causes some health risks when people drink this polluted water. The second negative is the unnecessary usage of paper. Now this is the result of most businesses needing to print lots of documents, emails, and other resources from the Internet. Now this is a huge waste cause in order to make paper we need trees, and when we print out so much, we are wasting so many trees, which hurts the environment. The last negative effect is on power consumption. We all know that we leave our computers running all the time, which is a major waste in electricity. This causes more fossil fuels to be burned in order to be able to generate that electricity, which like the first point releases toxins in the air. Now the way to preserve power that our computers are totally wasting is to put them into sleep mode, that way they are not consuming as much power as they would be if we’d just left them running 24/7.

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Now that I have finished discussing the environmental effects of computers, I’m going to be talking about the health risks associated with using computers. The first point is about radiation. Now, what is radiation? The term is very broad and covers a large number of wave energies to which we may be exposed to. But the focus of this discussion will be non-ionizing radiation. This can have some serious effects on people, especially if you are pregnant. The second point is about musculoskeletal disorders. Currently, the main way in which people can develop MSD’s is by the enormous amount of typing on the keyboard that we do at our workplace or at home. Now like every other point that’s been made here the way to prevent it from happening is to take breaks. The third point is about eye strain: this is usually the result of us looking at our devices for very long periods of time. This can have devastating effects on your eyes mainly not being able to see objects from far distances. The main method to prevent such a thing from happening is to take periodic breaks from looking at your computer or laptop screen. Now realistically this can also apply to a lot of other types of electronics that have screens but it’s good to take periodic breaks when it’s needed. The fourth point here is the behavior problems due to social isolation. The main reason why these effects occur is when you spend long periods of time at the computer and do not communicate. You will not be able to cope with society from social isolation and behavioral problems, which can also lead you to having mental health issues. Ways to prevent this are to limit the time you spend on your computers or laptops, or any devices that you spend a lot of time on.

So, in conclusion, in this essay I’ve talked a lot about the negative effects of computers, both in terms of environmental issues, as well as the possible health risks and how to avoid them.

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