How Will Global Warming Change Affect Airports In The Future

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Most of the world's airports were designed before when the global temperature was not as high as it is now. In order to reduce the disturbance to human daily life or avoid natural obstacles such as mountains, many airports are built near the coastline or River Delta. Other airports have shorter runways because of space constraints. In the past, airport designers rarely considered the impact of extreme temperatures on aircraft and airports. Climate change is forcing airport designers to rethink it. Airports at low altitudes are increasingly vulnerable to storm surges. Higher temperatures may cause the tar to melt, limiting takeoff weight, or requiring heavier aircraft to take off later in the day. How will global warming change affect airports in the future? In social news, it is not uncommon to see tens of thousands of people stranded at airports due to fog, freezing and heavy rain. The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has implemented the management measures for climate feasibility studies since January 1, 2009, listing the planning and construction projects for climate feasibility studies, including airport construction. The importance of meteorological factors in airport site selection and layout design is evident. And around the world, climate change is a profound influence to the built in the past, almost no airport extreme meteorological factors: low altitude airport is more and more susceptible to the influence of storm surge, the airport runway surface increase, flooding or terminals, airport runway pavement concrete may burst because of the extremely high temperature, extreme high temperature to the normal plane can't take off !

More waterlogged airports. While global warming hasn't gotten much attention, most of the world's airports aren't designed to take into account the humble factor of extreme heat. Many airports are located near coastlines or river deltas to minimize disruption to everyday life or to avoid natural obstacles such as mountains and hills. rising sea levels and storm surges are closer to airports than climate risks such as rising temperatures, and that even small increases in water levels can lead to flooding of runways or terminals at low-altitude airports. So a lot of airports are in danger. Some airport designers are aware of the crisis and are taking action. Japan has the world's first reclamation airport, Kansai Airport, which has also become an important transportation hub in Asia. However, with the passage of time, the airport began to sink due to various reasons, and designers made predictions as early as the design time. With global warming and rising sea level, Kansai Airport is facing the threat of being submerged.

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A hotter track. Climate scientists predict that the number of hot days and heatwaves will increase globally this century and that climate change will push airport infrastructure to the limit of its operating capacity. Runways in northern Canada, for example, have been damaged by melting permafrost, forcing circuit international airport in Canada's frigid region to conduct permafrost research before a $240 million restoration project can begin. Concrete runways at some airports could burst due to extreme heat, and asphalt on runways and tarmac surfaces could melt. In addition, the aircraft itself is also affected by high temperatures. The maximum operating temperature of an aircraft depends on many factors, such as the altitude of the airport, but when the temperature climbs to 37.8 ° c, the airline will temporarily stop certain types of aircraft. Large aircraft, unable to land on a 2,501m runway in hot weather, need more fuel to wait for landing at a private airport with a 3,602m runway. Infamously hot countries such as Kuwait, where extreme heat is the biggest obstacle to aviation development, aircraft have to stay on the ground during the summer and daytime because their electronic devices have switched off automatically.

Higher airline costs. As a major global business, the world's airline industry carries the equivalent of half the world's population in one year. The heat has made flights less dense and lighter, forcing airlines to either lighten their loads or move flights to cooler temperatures. This can cause long-term economic damage to airports, especially those with humid climates, high altitudes or short runways.

Climate change is bound to have a profound impact on airports, and inevitably. So I think a comprehensive assessment of the existing airport is inevitable and urgent. For the future and new airport, we need to reconsider the impact of global warming on the airport, so as to adjust the corresponding technology to deal with.

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