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Multitasking Information Behavior And Information Task Switching: An Exploratory Study

Objectives The aim of this study is knowing the nature of an information seeker’s multitasking information behavior and information task switching. The researcher wants to scrutinize the way information seeker carry out multitasking information behavior, to look into the model of multitasking information behavior and information task switching, to check the mix techniques of data collection such as observation, diary, and interview. Design A Qualitative, exploratory study using observational, diary and interview Setting: 1 Public library (2 visits) Subjects/Participants: A...
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Multitasking’s Role In The Learning Of Young Students

In this modern time in history, multitasking as many tasks as possible within a set time frame has become a necessary trait to be more efficient. Through the influence of technology, many believe multitasking is enhancing valuable skills that help with effective learning. However, in reality, multitasking is destructive to young students. Multitasking dilutes a person’s focus whilst trying to complete tasks simultaneously. This results in lower quality and greater time taken to complete all the tasks, making multitasking inefficient....
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Multitasking As Essential Aspect For Office Workers

Multitasking could be described as the capacity to deal with different task at the same time. David Silverman, the author of In Defense of Multitasking, states that multitasking” is crucial to survival in today’s workplace” (599). However, Silverman does not deny that occasionally single tasking may improve the nature of work, diminish our feelings of anxiety and become increasingly viable. Alternatively, its overpowering to abstain from sending messages or talking in live while working at the PC or read press...
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Surveys And Experiments In Social Sciences

Background Snacking while working is an increasingly common phenomenon amongst those that lead desk-bound lifestyles, namely students and white-collar workers. The proliferation of this work habit is actually a basic form of ‘multitasking’. The prevalence of multitasking in society today has transformed the way people take on daily tasks and is widely considered as a valued skill set for productivity. However, contrary to popular understanding that multitasking is valuable, scientific evidence suggests a different story, sparking debates regarding its true...
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Attention, Education And Media Multitasking

Introduction Attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things(Citation). We use our attention when processing a thought and making a decision. However, unfortunately, there has been speculation on how attention and different functions in the human mind changes through the addictiveness of digital screens, especially our smartphones. If attention is affected, and the brain generally, increasing symptoms of depression, anxiety, bullying, etc, are likely to occur. On a daily basis,...
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The Effects Of Media Multitasking On Young Adults

Social media has become an integral aspect of individuals’ lives including young adults. With the rise in the use of technology, young adults have been noted to use a form of a. social media while performing a cognitive task which is known as media multitasking. This can be seen as college students listen to music while they study or have a social media website open on their laptops during class. Lack of attention retainability, susceptibility to errors, and memory distortions...
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The Ability Of Students For Multitasking

In the article “Can students really multitask? An experimental study of instant messaging while reading” by Bowman et al., (2010) the researchers, say that students are multitasking with electronics often while doing work. They conducted an experiment where college students read a passage and got an instant message before or while reading. The purpose was to see if the instant messages had an effect on reading comprehension. This article is interesting because the results from the experiment show us how...
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Multitasking As Major Source Of Distraction

Besides those positive effects of technology on education, there are a few negative effects too. Nowadays, students became dependent on computers to complete their homework and assignment. They need network connection to the internet to surf for information. However, while they are surfing for useful information online, they tend to surf other irrelevant websites such as YouTube for entertainment. Students are also easily distracted by the power of social media by looking at their phones whenever receiving a notification from...
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Does Multitasking Take More Time?

Introduction In this fast-forwarding world, it is essentially important for one to manage time and do tasks simultaneously to manage the workload. Task achievement is the first thing one should aim for. Completing the task efficiently makes the results brighter. Quality and time given to the task performed is also important outcome for one to multitask and give their best. Thus, it can be concluded that task achievement and management of time is vital for everyone to complete the assigned...
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The Illusion Of Multitasking And Its Positive Effect On Performance

In the past, the need to multitask wasn’t as demanding as today’s needs. People are using their phones while executing and juggling multiple things. How can we discern if were multitasking? Do we just think that we are juggling multiple tasks? Switching back and forth between multiple tasks is more likely what’s going on. What people think is multitasking is actually pretty fluid. People who think they are multitasking and view it as such tend to do better than a...
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