Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smartphone for a Teenager: An Essay

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Today technology makes our life easier than past. And smartphones are one of them. A smartphone is multitasking device. It’s normally used to communicate with friends, relative and colleagues. Nowadays more than half of the teenager aged between 13 to 19 uses smartphones, not to just call their parents but also to listen music and do lot of stuff. No wonder, smartphones are very useful and become important part of our daily life, but they have a great negative impact on social life. It makes life simple, more easy and secure, but on the other hand, it also used for wrong purpose. Now, teenagers are so dependent on the phone; some study shows that it could be affecting teen’s brain. Therefore, now it’s hottest topic for researcher to check whether the use of a smartphone at a young age is justified or not. So, let's evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a smartphone on a teenager.

Advantages of a Smartphone for a Teenager


One of the biggest arguments is that a smartphone is helpful when it comes to security. It makes easier to track location, if someone stuck somewhere. If he/she is in trouble they can call security or police for help. It is more useful in case of emergency and we have to call ambulance or any other agency for help. That’s why it is more important to carry phone whenever we travel. It makes more convenient to reach each other.


Most parents give their children a smartphone because it is very important tool for learning. If anyone wants to know something, they can search it on Google and find the relevant information. It helps to enhance their knowledge. If they have any doubt in class they can reach to teacher and classmate through e-mail or any other social site app.


A smartphone helps a teenager to develop their creative abilities due to its function. More and more teenagers use smartphones, it develops creativity. The smartphone has lot of functions which needs knowledge to use them, the same thing leads them to develop their thinking ability and imagination skills.

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The most liked feature of smartphone use are social sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Teenager become more socialize, they make new friends and follow them on several social site. It brings them together no matter how far they live. Which helps them to become more socialize, and keeps them to be updated about any event or anything happening all around the world.

Innovation Skills

There are a lot of applications on Internet, which help teenager to innovate new ideas and share them on social networks. So, more and more teenagers are using these sites, it can bring new ideas or thoughts, that they want to share with other people. It also helps them to take various information for doing they school homework or any studying project from the website.

Disadvantages of a Smartphone for a Teenager

Effects of Smartphone Use on the Brain

Recent studies have found that smartphone use affects the brain. In one research, presented to the Radiological Society of North America, researchers suggest that teenagers with Internet and smartphone addiction actually indicate imbalance in brain chemistry compared to a control group.

Smartphone Keeps You Awake at Night

Using your smartphone at bedtime can keep you awake at night, not only because you’re checking you email, Facebook, any news feed or playing games instead of sleeping. In a recent study, published in the National Academy of Sciences, they conducted an experiment on some people for five consecutive nights they told them to use they a smartphone or iPad before sleeping at night. The researchers found that reading on an iPad before sleeping showed a decrease in melatonin, a hormone that rises throughout the evening and induces sleepiness.


So, I would like to say that the smartphone has both a negative and a positive impact on teenagers. It's all about how you use such a device. I think this has more of a positive effect than a negative one, but we shouldn't neglect the negative impact of smartphones. We must teach young people to avoid the negative use of smartphones and use them to make life more convenient and easier.

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