How Are iOS and Android Similar? How Are They Different?

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iPhone and Android implement their capabilities very differently, and there are some surprising variances between the two. You can download thousands of free programs for your Android phone. When an Android app crashes, a user may quickly look up the issue number and learn how to fix it online. iPhone users may have to wait for a bug repair or delete the offending app until the maker releases a fix. Unlike iOS, which is a ‘closed’ system that is difficult to customize, Android is an open system that allows you to customize your device by integrating it with third-party software. For example, the Facebook Home software allowed smartphone users to turn their phones into Facebook-themed devices, but iOS users were unable to integrate the software and add it to their iPhones. Because Android is a Google-developed operating system, practically all Android-based smartphones have access to Google's most popular services, including Gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs, and Hangouts (Palmer, 2021).

In another words, iOS and Android are alike. Swiping, flicking, pinching, and zooming are all supplemented on these phones' screens and also music player, the ability to enable third-party apps, and a software keyboard. There are types of android devices like watches, smart glasses, home appliances, cars, homes, cameras, smart TVs, DECT phones, game consoles and also mirrors (Petrovan, 2012). When Apple launches a new product version of iOS, the vast majority of customers update their devices right away. Apple products comes in variety devices, such as iPhone, AirPods, iPad, iMac, iWatch and many more. iOS includes a number and unique features and there are many versions in it for instance.

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Battery life is one of the most frequent complaints among smartphone owners. Because the two platforms do not even share any hardware, it's difficult to compare both. Although iOS is constructed to get much more out of the battery per mAh rating, an Android device with a far larger battery will seamlessly outlast the iPhone. Both Android and iOS provide you a comprehensive glimpse of your battery usage by app, but only Android provides you an approximation of how much battery life you have remained. They also have power-saving features that can alleviate the problem you get something out of your battery by attempting to reduce performance, connectivity, and other energy-draining capabilities, but Android's is generally more customizable (Jansen, 2021).

When it comes to storage, Apple continues to trail behind Google's cloud storage. Users of iCloud will receive only 5GB of storage, but Google Cloud users would receive 15GB of storage as well as cross-platform support. Furthermore, iCloud storage is only compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS. Google charges $2 per month for 100GB of additional storage, while Apple charges $1 per month for 50GB. As a result, when it comes to extra storage, Android is likewise less expensive. This is one of the primary reasons for Android's popularity and, as a result, the demand for Android app developers.

True, the iCloud Photo Library is useful, but iCloud access across devices remains a challenge (Kapoor, 2021). Android phones include memory card slots, device storage is typically limited. When you try to install larger programs or games, you may run into issues. It also causes your phone to slow down (Costello, 2021).

People are fond of saying that Apple products ‘simply work’. The iOS interface is unquestionably user-friendly. However, the Android user interface is as well. To be honest, if you can use one, you'll have no issue with the other. Sure, when the iPhone originally came out and the competitors was Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian phones, the iPhone blasted them away. It was simply a lot easier to use.

I'm not a photography specialist, but I do know that Android phones have a huge spectrum of cameras. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S8, which employs essentially the same hardware as the Galaxy S7, appears to lag behind the iPhone 7 Plus. Both cameras, mind you, are excellent. Most things, in my uninformed view, the iPhone seems to be a little better at. The Galaxy models, on the other hand, are significantly better at selfies huge kudos to their wider-angle lens (Vaughan-Nichols, 2018).

Knowingly, iOS is made up in an apple in an Apple Corporation whereas the Android is provided by Google LLC which is a mobile operating system. Many prominent people transferred from iPhone to Android and many people also shifted from Android to iPhone because of the disadvantages and advantages of each other devices. iOS has a better quality compared to Android when it comes to camera, graphics, sounds and many more but aside of having many advantages in IOS, there are also disadvantages in using this device. For instance, the battery of this system isn't really long compared to Android and users also can't change any system permission and connect to another's phone except if it's an iOS. Whereas Android, it has many advantages and has a lot of factorial brands, such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and etc. It is an open system that can everyone can use freely and it also affordable in different ways than iOS because apple products are way more expensive compared to Android. Apple takes care to make the user interface appealing and well-designed. You can expect well-designed items across all iOS devices, and Apple does not disappoint. However, when it comes to customizing the appearance of widgets, Android smartphones give you more options. The most significant advantage of Android devices is the wide range of hardware options available (Cash, 2021).

Both iOS and Android mobile operating system platforms are very useful and has their own features and aspect. iOS and Android have their own advantages and disadvantages, and aside from that it has many benefits and help to many people especially students. iOS or Android, both are useful and functional either way. In addition, many people thrive in life and it also provided easier task in our daily lives especially to the students and employees nowadays.

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