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I have been a volunteer at this community service, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, which is giving food and drinks or providing health services to the homeless in two places. Before I went to the community service, I found information and know exactly what I will do in this place, such as bringing children to take their food and drinks and issue biscuits and drinks to the homeless. Going through this community service led by Datuk Munirah has let me improve my life by sacrificing my free time to help the needs and taught me so much that I cannot learn from books. I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I learned through this volunteering.

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Throughout my community service, I have the opportunity to develop my new skills, which are to let me be more patient and increase my communication with others. In addition, this community service has allowed me to meet people from various age groups from different areas, so it can let me have more opportunities to listen to their life experiences. The most meaningful lesson that I learned is the responsibility for our own food because there are many people who still stay hungry because of poverty. The impact that I have seen the most in community services is the grateful smiles from the homeless towards us. The unit outcomes that can be associated with my community service are showing how managers may influence people, organizations, and their environment to achieve their organizational goals. Pertiwi Soup Kitchen is not for profit organization, which is sponsored by Datuk Munirah to help the homeless people by providing the aid of food and drinks and influence people’s behavior by joining this kind of community service. Pertiwi Soup Kitchen has influenced the individuals by involving themselves or donating the money to help the homeless. When I joined this community service, this service let me raise awareness of the number of poverties in KL city and encourage me to be more active in volunteering activities. So, this learning outcome can be used inside my experience because it has influenced me to do the things that I will not do before, and in my future career, I will put this experience as a guide. Besides that, the second outcome is understanding the roles of planning in the management process and the reasons. Pertiwi Soup Kitchen is short-term activity to implement strategic plans, such as the budgets in Pertiwi Soup Kitchen have been planned according to the resources given to the homeless and for the operational goals, it is linked to the timetable and specific outcomes are clear to others. This goal being set is to provide the correct direction, minimize waste and redundancy and establish the goals. This learning outcome can be used in my experience because the operating goals in Pertiwi Soup Kitchen are really relative to our society. Through this second learning outcome, I did not change my understanding because the operational goals are mostly to be used in today’s society, and in my future career, I will be suggested the plans that can reach the company’s goals. Applying two learning outcomes to my community service experience has deepened my understanding of management theory. For example, in the first learning outcome, there are many ways that can influence people to do community service because when you see the grateful smiles from them, you will feel the tiring is not important and in the second learning outcome, the roles of planning in management process have two roles, but the most important is the operational goals, which is usually used in our business.

In conclusion, this experience has let me understand that managers have a direct influence to reach the organizational goals and the roles in planning management. If there has a chance, I will join this kind of activity to increase my personality.

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