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The camera took a great revolutionary part worldwide. The word 'camera' comes from the Latin 'camera' (vaulted room), which is a transliteration of the Greek word 'camara' (a vault, arched roof or ceiling, vaulted chamber; room). The word was also used as a contraction of 'camera obscura' (dark chamber; a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects), and thus it became the word for 'picture-taking device' ( The history of the camera can be traced...
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The invention of camera had changed the world entirely: creating image to spread across and later, the mass media. What is not a widely known fact is that Ibn al-Haitham (also known as Al Hazen) had made observation of the nature leading to the formation of theory that light reflects off an object and enters the eye, creating what we know today as sight. To prove his theory, he built the first camera obscura model ever called ‘qamara’. This became...
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Opinion Essay Newcomers to the professional commercial photography field often wander around in their minds if they have the appropriate equipment for the job. This isn't a strange thought since it's a paid gig after all. A client pays good money and expects professional results that match the value they are paying. So what professional equipment do commercial photographers often use? Different fields have a different niches and specialized types of equipment to serve the niche. A landscape photographer will...
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Executive Summary: Photography is an art of taking the light with the help of a camera; before smartphones, it was done by conventional or digital photography but when smartphones have come into existence then it affects the photography business in a negative way so some photography field needs some advancement to come back into the existence. The photography industry has improved a lot from the previous years and requires more improvement so that it can save its identity. Introduction Digital...
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What if you are always living in suspense while not knowing what’s going on back at home. Not having the resources to find out if something has gone wrong in your neighborhood or even your own home. There have been many incidents where home invasions have occurred and have caused trauma for all. Surveillance captures incidents where most people can’t, leaving people of the community worried about living in their own neighborhood not being well protected around their own society....
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Sorry, but police body-worn cameras (BWCs) are not the panacea to police performance. Rather, what was thought to prevent the police’s abusive use of power is turning into the means of reinforcing their authority and eroding the citizen’s privacy as it pairs up with facial-recognition technology. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly half of the law enforcement agencies had acquired body-worn cameras by 2016. Compared to the 25 percent of BWC utilization in 2013, the statistics from 2016...
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Should every cop have tiny video cameras? I think, they should, because you will be able to go back to the footage in case you need something to be proven. Also, to see how the problem started at first. Officers wearing tiny video cameras benefits the citizen and officers because everything is being recorded the moment you interact with them. So, when people see that your being recorded by a police officer you will know to not act crazy with...
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