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Essay on My Favourite Hobby Photography

In today’s society, it is very hard to find a job after graduating from college. Currently, today’s job market requires a very high degree of expertise and knowledge to be able to obtain a good, well-paying job. In fact, with this mindset, freshmen would usually pick a major with a strong workload and challenging classes. Some of these classes would not help them in their field of study and are basically, in my opinion, a waste of time and extra...
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Photographic History and Theory: Analytical Essay

Question: Compare and contrast the work of two photographers of the New Sachlichkeit movement: Karl Blossfeldt, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, August Sander, Albert Renger-Patzch, Alice Lex Nerlinger Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) was a German art, literature, and musical movement that was most popular within German society from the mid 1920s to the early 1930s. The work of predominately German residents fell within the Neue Sachlichkeit movement. This included the work of Karl Blossfeldt, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, August Sander, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Alice...
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Applications of Digital Photography in Advertising: Analytical Essay

For decades, digital photography has been a key feature in the campaigns of brands, big or small. Photographs are used to highlight the product or service that a brand is offering, and by applying various techniques, which I shall later highlight, to idealise the product in question. Brands use photography to give consumers an idea of how products appear when in use, for example, how a dress falls on a model, how foundation changes the skin’s appearance or how delicious...
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Advantages of Digital Photography

Executive Summary: Photography is an art of taking the light with the help of a camera; before smartphones, it was done by conventional or digital photography but when smartphones have come into existence then it affects the photography business in a negative way so some photography field needs some advancement to come back into the existence. The photography industry has improved a lot from the previous years and requires more improvement so that it can save its identity. Introduction Digital...
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Photography Is My Passion Essay

One of my greatest passions is black and white photography! Yet, I don’t think there was a defining moment that sparked my interest in photography, and now I cannot imagine my life without it. Several years ago, my parents graciously gifted me my first DSLR camera for Christmas, and to this very day, it has never failed me! When I explore new places, I document my journey with my trusty Nikon D3200. In my experience, photography is a means of...
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Photorealism: A Research Paper

Photography was invented and observed in the year 1839. Photorealism might also could have been a style manner of artwork that usually enclosed on portray drawings and exceptional photographs platform all through artists research an image, and so makes an attempt to create the photo as in any other medium although the time period can be used loosely to provide an explanation for layout in lots of diverse media it’s conjointly accustomed refer in particular to plenty of art work...
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Painting and Photography in the Art of Ben Shahn: Descriptive Essay

In 1947, Ben Shahn was given his first review show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This presentation assisted with building up him as one of the most well-known allegorical painters of his age and confirmed a pledge to his work when the gallery was advocating for the most part European dynamic methods of painting. James Thrall Soby, the caretaker of the display, intended to show an agent choice of Shahn’s work in an assortment of media,...
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Abstraction in Photography: Analytical Essay

Almost two centuries after its invention, artists are still grappling with defining and discovering the limits of photography. These limits are meant to be questioned. Photography is debatably one of the most confusing mediums. It has gone through extensive interrogation, and has dramatically transformed through technological development, more so than painting or sculpture. Photography is no more than a recording of light, and any attempt to label it further is simply wrong (Rexer). The medium is uniquely frustrating because it...
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Reflections on Dorothea Lange's 'Migrant Mother' Photograph

In this photo I see a poor woman holding and feeding her baby. They seem to be most probably refugees which need help. Moreover, they seem to a certain degree as if they have lost their hopes. The mother in this photo looks young. She might even be a teenager still which makes her life even harder. She needs to face the obstacles of life at a very early age. One of the strongest effects that this image has on...
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The History of the Photograph 'Migrant Mother' by Dorothea Lange

Lange was a photographer for the Resettlement Association. For the last fifteen years or so, she’d made her living taking portraits of the San Francisco elite. But after the Great Depression hit, she left her studio and began to document the effects of the crisis on the residents of the city. On seeing those photographs, Roy Stryker immediately hired her to work for the government on a project would involve documenting poor rural workers in a propaganda effort to elicit...
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The Life of Famous Documentary Photographer Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange was a photographer whose portraits of displaced farmers during the Great Depression greatly influenced later documentary photography. Her photographs focused on migrant workers during The Great Depression. Lange’s first exhibition, which was held in 1934, established her reputation as a documentary photographer. In 1940, she would also receive the Guggenheim Fellowship. Growing up art and literature were big parts of Lange’s upbringing. Her parents were both strong advocates for her education, and exposure to creative works filled her...
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New Photography and Painting: Analytical Essay

Despite the cheap and orthodox later works of the French realism artist Gustave Courbet, he has made some extraordinary and excellent paintings in his prime time such that the modern era reached the peak of realistic photographic paintings. Extraordinary to an extent as if they were from the lens of a camera. Anyone who calls himself confidently “The realist Courbet” was surely taken as someone with great skills and vision. However, we can say that during that time when Courbet...
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History of Photography: Essay

The history of photography is deeply rooted in a constant debate about its status as an “Art” or a “craft”. The history of photography is credited as beginning with the discovery of two fundamental principles. That of camera obscura and the observation that some materials are altered by exposure to light (Hirsch, 200). Photography, as it is understood today, can be thought of as beginning in the seventeenth century with Johannes Kepler’s understanding of the optics of camera obscura with...
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Impact of Gender on the Work of Photographer: Analytical Essay

Question: How does gender play a role in the making and reception of a work of photography? What kind of issues have feminist and contemporary artists prioritised in addressing this role? What feminist strategies of image production have they adopted? In the lecture from week 7, we explored issues related to how feminism uses the medium to perform in photography. This article will also examine the role of gender in photography and how feminism considers and addresses the rights of...
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Importance of Forensic Photography

Forensic photography Forensic Photography is nothing but photography of a crime scene. The replication and recreation of the actual crime scene to solve a crime is an important factor. To reconstruct the crime scene and recreates scenarios of the crime committed. A mixture of visual comprehension and criminal nature may be identified as forensic photography. Photographers of crime or accident scenes typically capture photographs in color, but often in black and white. Crime scene photography enables us to photograph the...
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Is Photography Art Essay

Argumentative Essay “May Photography Be Considered an Art?” “The ultimate role of photography as a contemporary language of visual communication consists of its capacity to slow down our fast and chaotic way of reading images.” Photography is the art and practice of generating durable images by recording light, either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light-sensitive substance and material such as photographic film. It is employed in many fields of science, business, and...
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Impact of Medical Photography on Plastic Surgery in Brazil

A 19th-century invention, photography today is often looked at as a way for people to take perfect pictures (blemish free) and serve as a memory of your life. However, photography has had a bigger impact than taking selfies (self-portraits) on a smartphone. What is often overlooked within photography is that it opened so many doors for the medical field, specifically with plastic surgery. The invention of photography allows surgeons the ability to see the success of the performance of their...
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Food Photography Essay

Opinion Essay Newcomers to the professional commercial photography field often wander around in their minds if they have the appropriate equipment for the job. This isn’t a strange thought since it’s a paid gig after all. A client pays good money and expects professional results that match the value they are paying. So what professional equipment do commercial photographers often use? Different fields have a different niches and specialized types of equipment to serve the niche. A landscape photographer will...
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