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Marilyn Monroe, the iconic American actress and model, left an indelible impact on society during her short but influential career. Known for her beauty, talent, and tragic personal life, Monroe transcended the realms of film and popular culture to become an enduring symbol of femininity, sexuality, and vulnerability. This essay will analyze Marilyn Monroe's impact on society, exploring her role in shaping beauty standards, challenging societal norms, and leaving a lasting cultural legacy. One of the key areas where Marilyn...
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Art has consistently been a prominent form of self-expression, even from the most primal to the most chaotic times in human history, as it depicts the most relevant topics and issues of the time. creations. One of these aforementioned modern forms of expression includes music, a platform on which singer Elton John has been known to speak his mind relentlessly. Elton John is a renowned composer and musician, born in 1947 in England. His music focused on the concept of...
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Introduction The 2015 film, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, portrays Marilyn Monroe’s family, work, social, and everyday life. The movie does a great job portraying the struggles she faced. It tells her story as it shows her growing up and how she got the jobs she did. During the entirety of the film, Marilyn is talking to her therapist about what her life has been like. The movie begins by showing young Marilyn talking about how she wants to...
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According to Brandon Gaille, “Of all the phobias out there, public speaking is considered the highest. It affects 3 out of 4 people or 75% of individuals suffer from speech anxiety” (Gaille, 2017). It may not have seemed like it but I, along with many others, suffer from speech anxiety. If I would have been able to overcome my anxiety sooner, I may have gotten a better score. When giving my speech there were many strong points regarding the content,...
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Introduction Celebrities are an important factor in our life whether we realize it or not there like political figures their image whether on the big screen of a movie theater or television is a representation of the power and wealth they possess which is what makes them famous in the first place to the people. One of the most famous celebrities is Marilyn Monroe she was a famous actress recognized not only for her theatrical work ethic but the beautiful...
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On September 15, 1954, Sam Shaw captured this famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe. this renowned photograph of Marilyn Monroe was caught by picture-taker Sam Shaw. The image catches the minute when a breeze from a tram going beneath Marilyn Monroe's skirt lifting it over her knees. In the Sixties it wasn't legitimate for a lady to indicate skin over the lower legs, however, as opposed to racing to pull her skirt down Marilyn grasped it and said ' isn't it...
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On September 15, 1954, this famous photo of Marilyn Monroe was captured by photographer Sam Shaw. The picture captures the moment when a breeze from a subway passing below Marilyn Monroe's skirt lifting it above her knees. In the Sixties, it wasn't proper for a woman to show skin above the ankles, but instead of rushing to pull her skirt down Marilyn embraced it and said “ isn't it delicious.” During this time, Marilyn was the star actress in the...
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Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jeane Mortenson, born in 1926 in Los Angeles, did not have a carefree childhood. She never knew her father, and she spent most of her childhood in orphanages, as her mother was not capable of caring for her. In there, Monroe stated that she was sexually assaulted. Monroe, fortunately, got out of the foster system by marrying her boyfriend at that time, but she had three husbands in total. When her husband was away because of...
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Roland Barthes is a French critic who distinguished two levels in which we can interpret signs. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39) says that in order to get meaning from an image we need to decode the signifiers into their suitable notions. The first level is the literal meaning of what the image is made up off. He (Barthes in Hall 1997:39) says that images also have “a wider, cultural meaning”. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39-40) explains what he calls “Level of Myth”...
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