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Essays on Visual Arts

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Reflective Essay on Workshop in Graphic Design

Graphic Designers have their own approach in order to deal with social issues and other societal, national and international aspects. It is seen that graphics have the power to demonstrate various aspects that are required to be taken in front of the people. This study...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Photography Is My Passion Essay

One of my greatest passions is black and white photography! Yet, I don’t think there was a defining moment that sparked my interest in photography, and now I cannot imagine my life without it. Several years ago, my parents graciously gifted me my first DSLR...
1 Page 426 Words

Photographic History and Theory: Analytical Essay

Question: Compare and contrast the work of two photographers of the New Sachlichkeit movement: Karl Blossfeldt, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, August Sander, Albert Renger-Patzch, Alice Lex Nerlinger Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) was a German art, literature, and musical movement that was most popular within German society...
5 Pages 2230 Words

Passion for Architecture Essay

My passion for architecture stems from my childhood when I was recognized as being able to express my thoughts through art. [review- needs to be stronger] This evolved into an ambition to use this forte to develop a career around it, one which would enable...
2 Pages 856 Words

Opinion Essay on Street Art and Graffiti

Abstract: Almost all people dream to leave their mark on earth after their death. Some of them leave Graffiti everywhere signed with their names as a special remark of them. Introduction: Street art and graffiti are two deeply linked words. The word graffiti is an...
3 Pages 1463 Words

Ophelia Painting: Analysis Essay

Millais paints a drowned Ophelia who is at one with mother nature and the river Unity, central focus, death. Colors: Natural, the contrast of bright colors. Her hands upturned as if she is asking a question The contrast between dark and light Half Submerged she...
2 Pages 919 Words

Abstraction in Photography: Analytical Essay

Almost two centuries after its invention, artists are still grappling with defining and discovering the limits of photography. These limits are meant to be questioned. Photography is debatably one of the most confusing mediums. It has gone through extensive interrogation, and has dramatically transformed through...
3 Pages 1198 Words

Nighthawks Painting Essay

Artwork, such as paintings, can be a very delicate thing to produce, imagine, and understand. Not everyone can make a wonderful masterpiece nor can we all make the same exact replica of one piece of art. Every piece of art is different and unique and...
5 Pages 2051 Words

New Photography and Painting: Analytical Essay

Despite the cheap and orthodox later works of the French realism artist Gustave Courbet, he has made some extraordinary and excellent paintings in his prime time such that the modern era reached the peak of realistic photographic paintings. Extraordinary to an extent as if they...
2 Pages 1126 Words

New Paradigms in Study of Art: Analytical Essay

Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. Other terms for this type of art include ‘independent public art’, ‘post-graffiti’, and ‘neo-graffiti’, and is closely related with guerrilla art. Common forms and...
3 Pages 1366 Words

Mona Lisa Vs Girl with a Pearl Earring

Two well-known artworks will be discussed: Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring. Both paintings come from two well-known artists. One in the Early Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci the Italian Painter, and the other was Johannes Vermeer the Dutch painter of the Baroque...
2 Pages 964 Words

Mona Lisa Humanism

There are pieces of art that are forgotten, others simple to understand, but there are pieces that remain alive and are still creating dilemmas; this masterpiece is well known throughout the world, and although it was created 1503-05 it remains as one of the most...
1 Page 678 Words

Mona Lisa Analysis Essay

Mona Lisa portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci has been described. Visual description: Creation: The subject is seen from a frontal position and is situated on a balcony. Her face emerges against two particular regions out of sight: a civilized landscape...
1 Page 443 Words

Modern Architecture Essay

The Nineteenth Century and the Modernist period was a time of rapid growth and development in almost every aspect of human exploration, shaping design in a monumental way and which still continues to have an influence on Architectural work that is produced today. Developed as...
5 Pages 2085 Words

Is Photography Art Essay

Argumentative Essay “May Photography Be Considered an Art?” “The ultimate role of photography as a contemporary language of visual communication consists of its capacity to slow down our fast and chaotic way of reading images.” Photography is the art and practice of generating durable images...
4 Pages 1942 Words

Is Graffiti Vandalism: Argumentative Essay

Graffiti art is an amorphous encompassing art that is inspired by the urban environment and a radical contemporary art movement that artists used as a social expression of protest that illustrates ideas from an environmental perspective to convey political or social opinions. It involves the...
1 Page 673 Words

Interior Design: Personal Statement

Undoubtedly, I have always been fascinated by the concept of art, and my desire to create has continuously guided my intentions and decisions in life. Interior Design, as a course choice is perfect for me, evidenced by my passion for design and fabrication, alongside skills...
1 Page 668 Words
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