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Material and Conceptual Practice in the Artworks of Ai Weiwei or Jackson Pollock

Material and conceptual agencies of the art world sustain a significant relationship which reflects the final outcome and concept of the artwork. Art has incessantly served to reveal the inextricable link between the artist, audience and the world through the material practice and techniques utilized in the artmaking process. In contemporary society and specifically, artists cultivate and communicate their social, religious and political standpoint and perspective or values through incorporating traditional techniques. Artists such as Ai Weiwei or Jackson Pollock...
3 Pages 1288 Words

Paul Jackson Pollock: Brief Biography of the Famous Abstract Expressionist Artist

Paul Jackson Pollock was a famous abstract expressionist artist who helped change the landscape of modern art. He was born January 28th 1912 in Cody Wyoming, the youngest of 5 sons. Through his early life he and his family moved often till settling in Los Angeles. A trouble maker, he was kicked out of multiple high schools. During this same time, he would often work with his father who was a land surveyor. This exposed him to Native American culture...
2 Pages 839 Words

Movement towards Freedom and Free-Thinking in the Works of Jackson Pollock, Beatrice Hinkle and F. Scott Fitzgerald

The embodiment of modernity through literature as well as artwork was extremely prevalent during this modern era. It represents the foundations of the way we live our lives today and shows the rapid shift in capitalism, innovation and overall ways of thinking. Modernity forged the nation forward for the better and reordered the way Americans lived their day to day lives. Moreover, artwork such as ‘Convergence’ by Jackson Pollock exemplifies an overall movement towards freedom and free-thinking which can be...
2 Pages 705 Words

Critical Analysis of Symbolism in Frida Kahlo's Paintings

Introduction Frida Kahlo, through her use of art as a vehicle for social and political comments, has been able to address world events and relevant social, political, economic, and cultural issues of the time. Not only was Frida one of the greatest Mexican artists and painters of all time, but she was also celebrated for her depiction of political and social issues as well as personal issues experienced. It is evident in her artworks, through the use of color and...
3 Pages 1196 Words

Symbolism in 'Girl Before a Mirror' by Pablo Picasso

Girl Before a Mirror (1932) – Pablo Picasso For this assignment, I have chosen to discuss the painting ‘Girl Before a Mirror’ (1932) by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (October 25th, 1851- April 8th, 1973). My reasoning for selecting this painting in particular was that a large portion of my micro/macro studio project involved investigating and exploring distortion. Picasso is a master of distorting objects, both the tangible and the intangible, infusing them with emotion and symbolism whilst allowing them to...
2 Pages 1035 Words

Essay about Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a very famous painter that still inspires many people today. He was one of the most influential artists in western art. In just over a decade, he created around 2,100 artworks. While Van Gogh seems like a super popular guy, he actually struggled with mental illness and remained poor throughout his life. He was not very famous until after his death, however, he experienced many different things in his life. Vincent Van Gogh was born on...
1 Page 610 Words

Analytical Essay on Frida Kahlo's Symbolism

Research the life of Frida Kahlo explaining how this impacted her artmaking Frida Kahlo was born in 1097 in Coyoacán, Mexico, and had seven siblings. She was extremely close with her father and grew up during the Mexican revolution, also contracting polio at the young age of six. After sustaining severe injuries at age 18 when the wooden bus Kahlo was traveling on collided with a streetcar, impaling her through her pelvis, Kahlo started creating art. At age twenty, she...
2 Pages 1124 Words

Reflective Essay on the Legacy of Andy Warhol

I was first introduced to Andy Warhol at my old school, Pathways. We were assigned to do some of his artwork on Adobe Photoshop and this is when I became interested in his artwork and the techniques he used. I chose to do my project on Andy Warhol to learn more about him. Andy Warhol was a famous artist born in America on August 6, 1928 and unfortunately he died at age 59 on February 22, 1987, leaving behind an...
2 Pages 690 Words

Reflective Essay on Impressionist Sunrise by Claude Monet

The Art of Claude Monet – Impressionist Sunrise Introduction I chose the art which is “Impression Sunrise” that made by Claude Monet French painter, that done with oil paint on a canvas. On first sight, I found this piece of art very attractive and unique. I personally love to make more deeply observation on this piece of art. It would be very interesting to know about type of art, it’s historical position in history, what makes this art more revolutionary...
3 Pages 1156 Words

Picasso and Sadequain: Comparative Analysis

Introduction From the beginning of the world till now there is no doubt that the world holds a huge number of creative artists who they sophisticated in art, but Pablo Picasso and Sadequain marked essential attentions in the art world. The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the comparison between life and the art work of Picasso and Sadequain accurately, juxtaposing their cultural differences for artistic similarities. Obviously, they create a new theme in either painting or drawing in...
5 Pages 2323 Words

Pablo Picasso Challenges Faced

The Life of Pablo Picasso Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso, also known as Pablo Picasso, was not only a Spanish painter, but also a sculptor, ceramicist, play writer, printmaker, poet, and stage designer (Pablo Picasso Fun Facts). Picasso was very talented even at a young age and his talent just continued to grow and grow into the artist we all know today....
5 Pages 2466 Words

Monet and Van Gogh

Introduction Claude Monet’s Bouquet of Sunflowers is an oil on canvas, portrait painting. The dimensions of the painting are 101 x 81.3 cm. Currently, the Bouquet of Sunflowers is on view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 819. Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is also an oil on canvas, portrait painting. Its dimensions are 95 x 73 cm and are considered one of his most famous paintings. This painting is currently in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Subject Matter and...
3 Pages 1190 Words

Michelangelo Vs Da Vinci

The Renaissance period began during the 14th-17th centuries and was known as a time of reform and growth highly influenced by the gifted artists of this era. Prior to the Renaissance, the artwork was 2-dimensional and was centered around the current struggles of society. Artists in the early Renaissance created a shift in the art world by focusing on creating more human-like art pieces. The Renaissance was a pivotal point for the art world. Artists began shying away from the...
2 Pages 997 Words

Michelangelo Personality

Understanding different developments and the timeframes in which they existed can empower an individual to more promptly recognize the more unpretentious subtleties of workmanship and the importance behind them. Workmanship thankfulness ought to be unique and interesting. One ought not to depend on the investigation or assessment of others while shaping their own viewpoint on a given piece. Thus, one ought not to feel as if one needs a supposition on each bit of craftsmanship one sees. A certifiable sentiment,...
3 Pages 1187 Words

Michelangelo Creation of Adam Humanism

To be human is to be both heroic and deeply flawed, self-sacrificing and selfish, competitive and giving. For the Greeks, the human body laid bare the divinity of beauty. The ancient Greek view of humanity is emphasized by the human body. Greek artists highlighted physical beauty and athleticism in their works. The Greeks see physical beauty as godly and divine. Ancient Greek art stands out among that other ancient cultures for its development of naturalistic but idealized depictions of the...
1 Page 475 Words

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Critical Analysis

Mary Shelley uses Victor Frankenstein’s creation as a warning towards classicism and rational thinking; something past the boundaries of societal and cultural norm. Firstly, Shelley shows this through each victim, namely Elizabeth Lavenza and Henry Clerval who both appreciate nature and its sublimity when Victor fails to do so as the novel progresses. Victor narrates this thought, as he states, “The delight of Clerval was proportionally greater than mine….,” and Clerval exclaims, “I could pass my life here…and among these...
2 Pages 879 Words

Kahlo Versus Hester: Comparative Analysis

Frida Kahlo (1907-54, Mexican) and Joy Hester (1920-60, Australian) are both significant female artists, exploring human emotions and the complexities of life in their work. Kahlo was a surrealist artist often illustrating her Mexican heritage and depicting the female experience through her self-portraiture. Hester was a modernist artist, and was involved in an innovative circle of artists who made great advancements in the development of Australian Modernism. She often created works exemplifying the pain and suffering of the world but...
2 Pages 1069 Words

Essay on John Berger Ways of Seeing

John Peter Berger (5 November 1926 – 2 January 2017) was an English art critic, novelist, painter, and poet.1 He is best known for his novel G. and his book and BBC series Ways of Seeing. His books’ ideas and arguments (Ways of Seeings which we have chosen for the presentation) are still relevant today. Berger takes us beyond the visible, towards a closer understanding of the world as it really is – capitalism. I have read two of his...
2 Pages 856 Words

Influence of Andy Warhol’s Religious Beliefs on His Art

In this essay I will address how Andy Warhol’s religious beliefs shaped and directed his art and why religion matters in the history of American Modernism. Andy Warhol was very much engaged in the material culture of his art and religion, particularly his Catholic faith. Andy Warhol, the modern artist, made hundreds of pictures of religious subjects throughout his busy and complexed career, especially towards the end of his life. More than 100 paintings and drawings, based on Leonardo’s the...
1 Page 660 Words

Importance of Creating and Preserving Memories through Architecture: Views of Maya Lin

Architecture is constantly associated with its functional purpose, physical appearance and its amenity. However, maintains a much more inadvertent role which surpasses far beyond the physical and material world in which we live and enters the intangible realm of our existential memory. ’A mental meditation between the world and our consciousness’ . Successful architecture is displayed in the completeness, credibility and the unquestioned prestige of experience. Memory is involved indisputably throughout this, between the space and experiencing person lies an...
4 Pages 1796 Words

Impact of Andy Warhol on the World: Analytical Essay

Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the Great Depression. His family was from Slovakia, a country in central Europe. As immigrants, his family struggled to support themselves in America’s time of economic distress. According to Biography, Warhol grew up immersed in his Slovakian culture (“Andy Warhol”). When he was eight, he was diagnosed with a disease called Chorea. Warhol suffered from impaired movement and balance along with physical imperfections. While he was limited of activities due to the...
1 Page 595 Words

How Did Michelangelo Contribute to the Renaissance

Mathematics is the science of pattern and structure, order and relation; evolved from the elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shape of objects. It is fundamental to physical and biological sciences; essentially anything to do with equations and calculations is categorized under mathematics. The Renaissance saw the advancement of symbolic algebra. In his “Artem Analyticem Isagoge” of 1591, François Viéte took the ideas of Ancient Greeks Euclid, Diophantus, and Pappus and sought to explain and clarify them through...
1 Page 546 Words

How Did Frida Kahlo Change the World

Frida Khalo, A Mexican Icon Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon best known as Frida Khalo was born on July 6, 1907, in the house of her parents, well known as The Blue House. Coyoacan at the time was a small town on the outskirts of Mexico City. Frida’s father, Guillermo Kahlo was a German immigrant. Her mother, Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez, was of Spanish descent. Frida’s parents were married shortly after the passing of Guillermo’s first wife during the...
2 Pages 1062 Words

Hiroshima John Berger Summary

“We can only approach it obliquely, from different angles that get closer to a central understanding but never quite touch it. We can only comprehend asymptotically.” Angelica Chong mentioned in her article on Hiroshima, Redux (Chong, 2016). She questions if we can ever understand atrocity and if we can never truly understand it, should we still be responsible for comprehending it? John Berger’s essay “Hiroshima” talks about how the atrocity of the Hiroshima bombing should be always remembered and the...
5 Pages 2240 Words

Garden at Sainte-Adresse Painting by Claude Monet: Critical Analysis

Monet spent the summer of 1867 with his family at Sainte-Adresse, a seaside resort near Le Havre. Claude Monet’s Garden at Sainte-Adresse initially appears to be a painting of leisure. The painting’s charming subject and brilliant colours disguise the more complex issues of pictorial depiction that Monet introduces (The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2000). Such that his piece does not only share the delight of looking–a passive or subconscious activity–but it also allows the audience to see–an act of devoting...
1 Page 475 Words

Game Changing Art of Andy Warhol: Argumentative Essay

Andy Warhol is one of the most influential artists of all time, spearheading the pop art movement, one of his most famous works is “Campbell’s soup cans” from 1962. “Campbell’s soup cans” is an artwork that is comprised of thirty-two 20 by 16-inch canvases, each canvas was hand painted, and they were all identical, save from the flavor of soup. There were 32 cans painted by Warhol in total, one for each variety of soup the Campbell’s soup company produced...
2 Pages 791 Words

Frida Kahlo Thinking about Death

Being born with a death mask is a weird concept. The artist Frida Kahlo made Niña con máscara de Calavera (girl with a death mask) in 1938. The painting was gifted to her friend Dolores del Rio, but right now it’s on display at the Nagoya city art museum in Japan. The girl is wearing a day of the dead mask and standing next to a tiger mask in an open field. The artist Frida Kahlo made the painting “girl...
2 Pages 758 Words

Frida Kahlo Theme

The theme of Identity incorporates several aspects in multiple disciplines. According to the Cambridge Dictionary Identity means who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others: IDENTITY In-text: (Identity, 2021) Your Bibliography: In Cambridge Dictionary. 2021. Identity. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2021].Research highlights that in most cases, identity refers to the way we perceive and express ourselves such as race, heritage, or sex. Many artists use their work as...
2 Pages 1123 Words

Frida Kahlo the Two Fridas Analisis

The work of the ‘Two Fridas’ is inordinately symbolic of her life, and the times of hardships and struggles she experienced. The surrealist work was painted in 1939 and is the largest scale work Kahlo had created. This work is an oil painting on canvas, 173 by 173cm. It is a symbolic piece; and Kahlo has clearly used the technique of symbolism, to convey the message of duality. She painted this like most of her pieces with a force of...
3 Pages 1180 Words

Frida Kahlo Essay: Analysis of Self Portrait along the Boarder Line between Mexico and the United States

Description In Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait there can be seen the artist standing on a stone/grave like pedestal with writing engraved on it, Kahlo is wearing a pink frilly dress that almost covers her feet, she is wearing cream white gloves that end just past her elbow, around her neck she is wearing a necklace that has red beads with three green leaf-like beads attached to it. Kahlo has her hair done up in a braided halo and is wearing makeup...
6 Pages 2582 Words
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