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Essay on Michelangelo and Religion

Introduction: Michelangelo Buonarroti, the renowned Italian artist of the Renaissance period, is known for his profound influence on art and his deep connection to religion. Throughout his career, Michelangelo's religious beliefs played a significant role in shaping his artistic endeavors. This critical essay aims to explore the relationship between Michelangelo and religion, examining how his faith influenced his artistic expression and examining the critical reception of his religious works. Body: Religious Themes in Michelangelo's Art: Michelangelo's art is permeated with...
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Essay on Picasso 'Weeping Woman'

The Weeping Woman is an amazingly successful artwork created on 26th October 1937 by a famous Spanish artist called Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was born on 25th October in Malaga, Spain, and sadly died in Mougins, France on 8th April 1973. The artwork shows her misfortune and distress through angles, lines, and colors. Pablo Picasso included many different elements of art and demonstrated other techniques in The Weeping Woman which makes the painting successful. The subjective frame in the artwork...
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Essay on Picasso Still Life

Cubism was a revolutionary new art concept developed in Paris at the start of the 1900s as a new way of understanding the world within the rapid change that was happening at the time. It was minorly influenced by Paul Cezanne’s slight distortion of viewpoints in his still lives. However, it was artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who paved the way for the cubist style in the 20th century. Cubism brought together the ability to view an object or...
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Essay on Picasso Vs Van Gogh

Van Gogh began to show signs of psychotic attacks and delusions in late 1888, the same year in which he cut off his left earlobe. In 1889, Van Gogh voluntarily entered an asylum in Saint-Remy, France in which he made his best and most famous works of art. 1899 was the year Van Gogh suffered the most from his illness and the severity of his mental disorder became more intense until July 1890 when he shot himself in the chest...
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Essay on Pablo Picasso Major Accomplishments

Pablo Picasso is considered as being one of the greatest artistic influencers of the 20th century. He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramics artist, etching artist, and also a writer. Picasso’s work matured from the naturalism of his childhood through Cubism, Surrealism, and beyond. Through his art, he shaped the direction of modern and contemporary art through the decades. Pablo Picasso was born in Spain and is the son of Doña Maria Picasso y Lopez, and Don José Ruiz Blasco....
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Essay on Picasso Cubism

At a young age, Pablo Picasso was recognized for his realistic techniques. During his adolescence, he had a gift of creating likenesses as he had the urge to grasp at every aspect of not only his facial features but of those who were most familiar models during this time such as his father and younger sister, in which he used to explore the limits of resemblance between his own family. In Paris, the formation of Cubism was originally practiced and...
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Essay on Picasso Blue Period

Pablo Picasso was born in October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Andalusia. Both sides of the family traced aristocratic lineage, but any greatness had faded by the time Pablo came along, and his father (Jose Ruiz Y Blasco) earned a modest living teaching drawing from Malaga Art School. Pablo was a budding artist who had been unwilling to study anything else. The earliest of his surviving drawings and paintings are those of a very competent child, comprising scenes of bullfights and...
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Essay on Matisse and Picasso

Weeping Woman Pablo Picasso was one of the most dominant and influential artists of the first half of the 20th century. He was born on 25 October 1881, in Malaga, Spain, and died on 8 April 1973, in Mougins, France. He established multiple movements including cubism. Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ is a multilayered piece full of emotion and by far is one of his greatest works. Picasso's insistence that we imagine ourselves in the excoriated face of this woman, into her...
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Essay on How Did Pablo Picasso Impact the World

Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 and died in 1973. During his life, he was a painter, sculptor, ceramics artist, printmaker, etching artist, and writer. During this time there were also two world wars happening whilst he was raising his four children. Although he lived the majority of his life in France, Picasso was Spanish by birth. Growing up in the town of Málaga in Andalusia, Spain, he was the first-born of Don José Ruiz y Blasco and María Picasso...
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Essay on 'Seated Bather' by Pablo Picasso

Krauss’s “In the Name of Picasso” starts by presenting Picasso’s Seated Bather, 1930, and Picasso’s Bather with Beach Ball, 1932. The two pieces share a similar style of painting, however, they express different moods. Picasso’s attraction to surrealism played a role in his artwork, in that both of his paintings resemble sculptural experiences of their separate forms. The change in the feeling of Picasso’s art, disregarding his cubist style, was based on his biography and the intimate relationships that he...
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‘The Olive Trees’ by Van Gogh: Analysis Essay

Introduction "The Olive Trees" by Vincent van Gogh is a captivating painting that showcases the artist's distinctive style and his emotional connection to nature. This essay provides a critical analysis of "The Olive Trees," exploring its composition, use of color and brushwork, and the underlying emotions and symbolism conveyed by the artist. Composition and Subject Matter "The Olive Trees" depicts a landscape scene with a group of olive trees in the foreground, surrounded by a vast expanse of fields and...
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Essay on Why Is Frida Kahlo Influential

More than a century after her birth, Frida’s influence remains alive and her transgressive vision of life is still relevant. Beyond the crown of flowers, Mexican folklore, and the populated frown, the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is not only one of the most recognized and quoted painters in art history, but her life, unique personality, ideas, and the image she projected have turned her into a reference point for feminine empowerment, freedom, and personal improvement. She was one of the...
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Essay on Frida Kahlo Impact on Society

Frida Kahlo is renowned for pushing the gender stereotype boundaries for women in her art. The artist confronts the traditional view of women in society and art, where she shows herself to be a confident figure pushing these patriarchal societal views of women. Many of her self-portraits show strong, self-assured women trapped in an emotional torment that has been long-standing in her life. Her self-portraits are her psychological response to the trauma happening in her life, to her illness, and...
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Essay on Why Is Frida Kahlo a Hero

The artworks and artists that I have chosen to compare and contrast are ‘Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’ by Frida Kahlo and ‘Golden Tears’ by Gustav Klimt. While they share similarities, there are many contrasts between the two. The similarities and differences involve the artist’s background, influences, technique, theme, and the elements/principles of design. Both artists are known as one of the greatest artists in their culture. For example, Kahlo was the greatest in Mexico and Klimt was the...
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Frida Kahlo Analysis of Work Essay

The painting Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair (1940) by renowned Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, invokes a feeling of emotion and gives off a bold statement with its perfectly constructed expression. A Spanish song lyric sits at the top of the canvas, draping the portrait below. Translated to English, it reads: “See, if I loved you, it was for your hair, now you're bald, I don't love you anymore.” Centered in the middle of the frame, Kahlo sits at attention, with short...
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Essay about Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who lived between 1853 and 1890. He was a disturbed artist who battled mental illness. In his ten-year career, he created around 900 paintings. He went to Paris to learn Neo-Impressionism and Pointillism. Due to his deteriorating mental condition, he hacked off a portion of his ear. He voluntarily entered an asylum after this incident and received treatment. He was allowed to take a chaperoned walk outside and paint in a separate studio...
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Michelangelo Contributions to the Renaissance: Synthesis Essay

Abstract In the center of Florence at Piazza della Signoria, stands one of the most iconic sculptures from the Renaissance, Michelangelo’s David. Daily looked upon by hundreds of tourists, its sheer size and beauty make it not noticeable. Although the one standing at the Piazza is a copy, the original statue can be found at Galleria dell’Accademia Firenze where it was relocated in 1873. While it is today seen as a tourist attraction, it had a deep political value during...
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Material and Conceptual Practice in the Artworks of Ai Weiwei or Jackson Pollock

Material and conceptual agencies of the art world sustain a significant relationship which reflects the final outcome and concept of the artwork. Art has incessantly served to reveal the inextricable link between the artist, audience and the world through the material practice and techniques utilized in the artmaking process. In contemporary society and specifically, artists cultivate and communicate their social, religious and political standpoint and perspective or values through incorporating traditional techniques. Artists such as Ai Weiwei or Jackson Pollock...
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Paul Jackson Pollock: Brief Biography of the Famous Abstract Expressionist Artist

Paul Jackson Pollock was a famous abstract expressionist artist who helped change the landscape of modern art. He was born January 28th 1912 in Cody Wyoming, the youngest of 5 sons. Through his early life he and his family moved often till settling in Los Angeles. A trouble maker, he was kicked out of multiple high schools. During this same time, he would often work with his father who was a land surveyor. This exposed him to Native American culture...
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Movement towards Freedom and Free-Thinking in the Works of Jackson Pollock, Beatrice Hinkle and F. Scott Fitzgerald

The embodiment of modernity through literature as well as artwork was extremely prevalent during this modern era. It represents the foundations of the way we live our lives today and shows the rapid shift in capitalism, innovation and overall ways of thinking. Modernity forged the nation forward for the better and reordered the way Americans lived their day to day lives. Moreover, artwork such as ‘Convergence’ by Jackson Pollock exemplifies an overall movement towards freedom and free-thinking which can be...
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Critical Analysis of Symbolism in Frida Kahlo's Paintings

Introduction Frida Kahlo, through her use of art as a vehicle for social and political comments, has been able to address world events and relevant social, political, economic, and cultural issues of the time. Not only was Frida one of the greatest Mexican artists and painters of all time, but she was also celebrated for her depiction of political and social issues as well as personal issues experienced. It is evident in her artworks, through the use of color and...
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Symbolism in 'Girl Before a Mirror' by Pablo Picasso

Girl Before a Mirror (1932) – Pablo Picasso For this assignment, I have chosen to discuss the painting ‘Girl Before a Mirror’ (1932) by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (October 25th, 1851- April 8th, 1973). My reasoning for selecting this painting in particular was that a large portion of my micro/macro studio project involved investigating and exploring distortion. Picasso is a master of distorting objects, both the tangible and the intangible, infusing them with emotion and symbolism whilst allowing them to...
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Essay about Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a very famous painter that still inspires many people today. He was one of the most influential artists in western art. In just over a decade, he created around 2,100 artworks. While Van Gogh seems like a super popular guy, he actually struggled with mental illness and remained poor throughout his life. He was not very famous until after his death, however, he experienced many different things in his life. Vincent Van Gogh was born on...
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Analytical Essay on Frida Kahlo's Symbolism

Research the life of Frida Kahlo explaining how this impacted her artmaking Frida Kahlo was born in 1097 in Coyoacán, Mexico, and had seven siblings. She was extremely close with her father and grew up during the Mexican revolution, also contracting polio at the young age of six. After sustaining severe injuries at age 18 when the wooden bus Kahlo was traveling on collided with a streetcar, impaling her through her pelvis, Kahlo started creating art. At age twenty, she...
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Reflective Essay on the Legacy of Andy Warhol

I was first introduced to Andy Warhol at my old school, Pathways. We were assigned to do some of his artwork on Adobe Photoshop and this is when I became interested in his artwork and the techniques he used. I chose to do my project on Andy Warhol to learn more about him. Andy Warhol was a famous artist born in America on August 6, 1928 and unfortunately he died at age 59 on February 22, 1987, leaving behind an...
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Reflective Essay on Impressionist Sunrise by Claude Monet

The Art of Claude Monet - Impressionist Sunrise Introduction I chose the art which is “Impression Sunrise” that made by Claude Monet French painter, that done with oil paint on a canvas. On first sight, I found this piece of art very attractive and unique. I personally love to make more deeply observation on this piece of art. It would be very interesting to know about type of art, it’s historical position in history, what makes this art more revolutionary...
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Picasso and Sadequain: Comparative Analysis

Introduction From the beginning of the world till now there is no doubt that the world holds a huge number of creative artists who they sophisticated in art, but Pablo Picasso and Sadequain marked essential attentions in the art world. The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the comparison between life and the art work of Picasso and Sadequain accurately, juxtaposing their cultural differences for artistic similarities. Obviously, they create a new theme in either painting or drawing in...
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Pablo Picasso Challenges Faced

The Life of Pablo Picasso Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso, also known as Pablo Picasso, was not only a Spanish painter, but also a sculptor, ceramicist, play writer, printmaker, poet, and stage designer (Pablo Picasso Fun Facts). Picasso was very talented even at a young age and his talent just continued to grow and grow into the artist we all know today....
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Monet and Van Gogh

Introduction Claude Monet’s Bouquet of Sunflowers is an oil on canvas, portrait painting. The dimensions of the painting are 101 x 81.3 cm. Currently, the Bouquet of Sunflowers is on view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 819. Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is also an oil on canvas, portrait painting. Its dimensions are 95 x 73 cm and are considered one of his most famous paintings. This painting is currently in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Subject Matter and...
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Michelangelo Vs Da Vinci

The Renaissance period began during the 14th-17th centuries and was known as a time of reform and growth highly influenced by the gifted artists of this era. Prior to the Renaissance, the artwork was 2-dimensional and was centered around the current struggles of society. Artists in the early Renaissance created a shift in the art world by focusing on creating more human-like art pieces. The Renaissance was a pivotal point for the art world. Artists began shying away from the...
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