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Jewish Citizenship in the Dutch Republic: Managing Religion and Diversity through Art

Write an essay that compares and contrasts two works of art that may have aided the Dutch in developing ways to manage some of the tensions of religious diversity. The intersection of art and religion is a topic of debate in Dutch culture, as a significant part of Calvinism involves a lack of idealization for specific images of religious characters or symbols. The increased migration of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in the seventeenth century complicated matters even further. Although the...
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Essay on Art and Religion: Analysis of Cultural influences on Rome

As Rome conquered the different towns in different places she did not only gain territory and subjects, but she also gained foreign ideas. Rome sucked foreign temples and obtained new ideas of religion and art. Those who were captured in war and were educated and civilized she made slaves and often Rome used them as teachers of Roman children and writers of books (Morey, 1901). In spite of the fact that Rome had many influences the most powerful foreign influence...
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Evolution of Sun Motive in Art and Religion through Ages: From a Fighter to a Prophet

As Empires fall and new empires evolve, new religions and ideologies appear. In order for people to adapt to a new belief system easier, there should be similarities between the previous and the new one. From early Egyptian times to early Christian times, several religious motives showed similarities. The Sun, one of the most used religious motives in art, was not an exception. One can see the Sun motivated in carvings, mosaics, and vases as a religious symbol throughout the...
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Influence of Art and Religion on the Character of Asher Lev by Chaim Potok

In My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, the main character, Asher, is born a Hasidic Jew with devoted religious parents. Since childhood, he was placed in a difficult situation where he was torn between following his religious views or pursuing his passion for art. Being a Hasidic Jew means abiding by the Torah and adhering to the lifestyle it suggests. Jews are strictly prohibited from drawing figures, yet Asher still became absorbed in the artistic realm. Despite the...
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Essay on African American Culture and Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Religion

Introduction The influence of religion in art has been abundantly documented throughout history. In the same way, all art is open to the audience’s perspective, the paintings and other projects created here are also. It is hardly unexpected that art and religion have a close relationship, given how influential religion is in so many civilizations. This is especially evident when examining artwork created by or about Caribbean-based artists and artwork created by Caribbean artists themselves. Indigenous populations across the Caribbean...
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What Is Art for You: Essay

For me, art is everywhere, anything or everything that surrounds us is a masterpiece-a work of art indeed, whether it’s an appliance, person, gadget, and all things, that is an art that was made by people, through the talents that god gave us. God gave us these talents in order to showcase our skills, emphasize the meaning of every artwork, and also to improve it. I’m going to make a confession sir. When I was younger I really hated art...
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Influence of Religion on Indian Art: Essay on Shiva Nataraja

Unknown Artist, Shiva Nataraja, Art of Asia, India 11th century. Bronze material 34 ½ * 28 ¼ * 9 ¾ in. Dallas Art Museum, Dallas, TX. Formal Analysis The time when I entered the Dallas Museum of art, I was so amazed by their artwork and paintings. It was tough work to choose one subject for my art paper, but there was one sculpture that caught my eye; it was Nataraja of Shiva (11th century) from Ancient Southeastern Art located...
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Impact of Religion on Art in Ancient Greece

Classical Greece was a period where war and conflict thrived, between the Greeks and the Persians to the Athenians and Spartans. Throughout this time the religious culture in Greece flourished. The Ancient Greeks were fixated on gods and goddesses which shaped their culture including drama, art, and architecture. Art pieces often resembled images of these gods and goddesses. Whilst there were many plays produced entailing the stories of gods and religion were represented in architecture through the designs and locations...
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Art and Religion: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Cummings, Brian. Mortal thoughts: religion, secularity & identity in Shakespeare and early modern culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. This text is a collection of various essays in which Cummings explores the role that religion played in early modern art. While his discussion addresses a wide range of issues, he gives special focus to the manifestation of religion in art and culture. According to Cummings, virtually no aspect of public life in the early modern period escaped the...
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Analytical Essay on Art and Religion

Through shifting perceptions, instilling ideals, and communicating interactions through time and space, art has unlocked gates into the realm of religion. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon, the Blue Mosque, and the Ellora Caves; are some of the most famous works of art enriched by the history of religion. Religious art or sacred art, using divine inspiration and motives, is shown to be artistic symbolism and often meant to lift the mind to the spiritual. Sacred art encompasses ceremonial...
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Role of Art Works in Religions

Introduction Art is the process of making or creating something different by using our skills, thoughts, and feelings. Art plays a crucial role in our society as it helps us to remember the events that had happened in past, identify one’s religion, and in understanding the various socially constructed concepts. Art can be expressed in paintings, sculptures, or any other visual form. Here, in this research paper, I would like to discuss the relationship between art and spirituality especially How...
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Difference between Spirituality and Religion in Art

For millennia, the soul has been interpreted as an immaterial entity and this duality has been reflected in art. Spiritual art doesn’t always mean religious, it can just be otherworldly or spiritual-seeking. Music, painting, and sculpture take on spiritual meanings when they explore the meaning of life, death, and the infinite possibilities of consciousness. Spirituality is defined as the awareness of a feeling, sensation, or conviction that there is more to being human than physical sensation and that the greater...
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Role of Art and Religion in Modern Society

Since the dawn of time moments, modern society has evolved over decades of history, ever-changing ever-growing, but some larger historical events and periods have aided the advancement and further development of modern society today. The Age of The Enlightenment was the dawning point of multiple subject shifts that can be traced to now such as Religion, thought, politics, science/technology, and even art. These changes in subjects it’s resulted in the blooming of culture and society. Religion and the church have...
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Art and Religion: Traditions of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism

Through shifting perceptions, instilling ideals, and communicating interactions through time and space, art has unlocked gates into the realm of religion. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon, the Blue Mosque, and the Ellora Caves; are some of the most famous works of art enriched by the history of religion. Religious art or sacred art (using divine inspiration and motives) is shown to be artistic symbolism and often meant to lift the mind to the spiritual. Sacred art encompasses ceremonial...
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Portrayal of Art and Religion in ‘My Name Is Red’ by Orhan Pamuk

My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk showcases the miniaturist tradition, in Istanbul during the 16th century Ottoman Empire, which navigates the fine line between Western and Eastern art, and that of art and religion. The novel also touches on societal problems that stem from the beginning of westernization starting from the Ottoman art style. The novel is about the Sultan`s commission of a secret illustrated book to honor the thousandth anniversary of the Hegira, prepared in the Western style,...
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Art and Religion across Time and in Modern Society

Introduction At only first glance, this artwork of Andres Serrano is seen to be very provocative and blasphemous. This controversial artwork is a photograph of a 13-inch crucifix being submerged into a yellow liquid, which is implied to be urine as the title would suggest, and it is most likely to be his own. For many, the Piss Christ became a symbol of the secular assault and hatred against the Christian faith as it is said to be an act...
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Offences of Art: Irreligion in Andres Serrano and Francis Bacon

The origins of art are as perplexing as the inception of language itself. Once upon a time, writes James Elkins in On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art, in every place, and in every time, art was religious; for about eight thousand years ago, Asia, Africa, and Europe were full of sculpted deities and totemic representations: “According to various accounts… people left offerings, built altars, and chipped at rocks and bones to make images of gods” (5). It...
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